Brisbane floods set to worsen as Australia is pounded by water

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Flooding in Australia is worsening, especially the Brisbane floods which are already the worst in over a century. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The city of Brisbane is the latest to be affected by the deadly floods sweeping across Australia. The summer in the Southern hemisphere has produced a monsoon season, which has caused flooding in the state of Queensland. It is the worst flooding in living memory.

New round of flooding set to hit Brisbane

The recent floods in Australia are set to worsen, as more incoming water is due to the city of Brisbane, according to The Telegraph. Brisbane is the largest city in the state of Queensland, which is in the northeast region of the continent of Australia. The state of Queensland has been experiencing terrible flooding for over a month, as heavy rains continued throughout December after a very wet spring. Brisbane, a city of over two million and the third largest city in Australia,  has been paralyzed by recent flash flooding, which will continue throughout the week as the Brisbane river is still swelling with rainwater. Over 9,000 homes may end up awash with water, and power will be shut off in the city for safety. It is the worst flooding on record in over a century.

La Nina and hurricanes pound Australia

The Australian spring, which begins in September, saw heavy rains come with the La Nina weather system. Flooding began in early December, which was made worse by the Christmas arrival of Hurricane Tasha. The tropical storm lashed Queensland with rain, swelling rivers and causing flash floods throughout the state in northeastern Australia. Fully one third of Queensland is under a state of emergency. The affected area is roughly the size of Texas.

Brisbane braces

The entire Lockyer Valley region, which Brisbane is located in, is inundated with floodwater. The Brisbane river is swollen well beyond its banks, and high tides and constant rain mean the flooding isn’t likely to subside for some time. Flooding is set to continue in the third largest city in Australia, and recovery efforts could cost as much as $10 billion.


The Telegraph

Timeline of Australia flooding on the Telegraph

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