Boyle’s Furniture Outlet America’s New Favorite

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Boyle’s Furniture featured on ‘Today’

Don't forget, even cheap furniture is expensive to ship. Image from Flikr.

Don't forget, even cheap furniture is expensive to ship. Image from Flikr.

It never fails. Any time a business is mentioned on the “Today” show, it suddenly becomes infinitely more popular as people seek to find the company’s web site, study it and book mark it so they will be able to find it any time they are trying to do the thing that “Today” suggested they use it for.

Today the lucky business is Boyle’s Furniture, a discount furniture store in North Carolina. The “Today” show ran a short segment this morning about saving money on furniture and other housewares such as wallpaper and fabric. Boyle’s Furniture was mentioned by name, and now everyone wants to know about this magical place where the “Today” show says you can get a $5,000 piece of furniture for $500.

The Boyle’s Furniture web site

I visited the Boyle’s Furniture web site, and it reminds me a lot of retail stores that sell brand name merchandise at discount prices. That is, the clothing isn’t super cheap like you’d find at a thrift store, but you can get expensive brands at regular prices. I would still have to take out cheap loans to get a new wardrobe at those places, but I could get fancier stuff than I’d be able to afford otherwise.

Most of the stuff I saw at Boyle’s Furniture cost about half of the retail price.  That means a $2,000 piece of furniture costs closer to $1,000. While that is a significant discount, the piece of furniture featured on “Today” was a $5,000 piece that was on sale for $500. This is very rare, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

Spoiled by online shopping?

There are two main sections of the Boyle’s Furniture web site. One is Discount Furniture Shopping and the other is Online Furniture Outlet. As far as I understand it, you can buy the discount furniture, not the outlet furniture, on the web site. The outlet furniture section shows things that are available in the Boyle’s Furniture show room.

I think the crazy, 90 percent off deals are only available in the showroom. I can’t exactly verify that right now because the Boyle’s Furniture web site is crashing. So here’s some information to prepare you for what you can expect when you are able to visit Boyle’s Furniture web site:

  • Pieces are mostly 50 percent off
  • Shipping costs extra
  • A lot of items are not available for shipping

Plan ahead, see the big picture

One of the people on the “Today” show commented that even if you did have to buy a plane ticket to go to a furniture warehouse where the merchandise was 80 to 90 percent off, you’d still save money. That is true. However, before  you go hopping on any planes to buy furniture, just remember you’re not going to be able to check an armoire with your other bags or stow an armchair in the overhead compartment.

You are still going to have to pay for shipping if you go to a furniture sale outside your area. The best way to save money on furniture if you live in North Carolina is to go to the Boyle’s Furniture show room and pick up the cheap stuff. Likewise, if you live somewhere else, search for a local furniture outlet so you don’t have to pay to have your furniture shipped.

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