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Magic for your body or vacuum for your wallet?

He wants to shape his body. Will you tell him about Body Magic? (Photo:

He wants to shape his body. Will you tell him about Body Magic? (Photo:

Human beings are gorgeous creatures. There are few things as beautiful as the human form, even if the definition of what is “beautiful” varies greatly from one socioeconomic group to the next. Some relate to the runway model ideal, while others’ imaginations are fired by bodies with curves. Still more want to reach out and squeeze something big and beautiful. I could go on and on about this, but in most cases I prefer curvy roads. I like a feminine road I can grip.

Rather than fantasize, I want to focus on what’s real, at least at this very moment. I want to shape my body, but the will hasn’t been there (yet) to discipline myself into a total diet and exercise plan that fits my life. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’m also sure that I’m not the only one who is both intrigued by (and highly skeptical about) Body Magic. For distributors, they make it seem like instant money. But I’m a skeptic.

What is it, some kind of corset?

CNN reports that Body Magic is a new product that has potential when it comes to putting your best assets forward, but there’s an element of money making fanaticism that has people exposed to it jumping around like grasshoppers in a tarantula cage.

Is Body Magic dangerous? Some say it is uncomfortable, but there’s been no reported danger – unless you consider being curvy and well-proportioned dangerously sexy. Ardyss International, the Las Vegas-based direct sales company responsible for the product, makes a great deal of money off people’s willingness for sexy at the cost of some discomfort. At $140 a pop for the girdle-and-corset combo, I don’t doubt it. Instant money for them could mean instant curves for women or less belly for a man.

Be rich in body and bank

Depending upon your goals, Ardyss International representatives claim you can wear Body Magic and get thin… but you can also sell it and get rich. It’s a multi-level network marketing (MLM) system where distributors can make trickle down money from other distributors they’ve recruited. If that’s not a pyramid, I don’t know what is. Instant money for those at the top, less so for those far down the pyramid.

The FTC has no complaints thus far about Ardyss International on file, reasoning that not all pyramid operations are illegitimate. But the Better Business Bureau has a lesser opinion of the company. It’s been given an “F” rating, with 16 complaints in 36 months. None of these have prompted a response from Ardyss as yet.

Drop three sizes in 10 minutes

That’s the Body Magic motto. It doesn’t literally make the weight disappear, of course. Exercise is necessary for that to happen. It simply redistributes the weight and posture in a more attractive pattern. And since some users claim it’s uncomfortable and difficult to eat while wearing, the real Body Magic could be psychological, conditioning you not to eat through pain.

Robert Hayden, a chiropractor from Griffin, Georgia, told CNN that the posture-altering properties of Body Magic give the muscles responsible for proper carriage too much time off.

“The muscles that hold you erect will have no need to work,” he said. “They’ll go to mush” if Body Magic is used too often.

Putting organs “back in place”

She's deeply concerned about her own body magic. It's written all over her face (Photo:

She's deeply concerned about her own body magic. It's written all over her face (Photo:

Yes, that’s another claim Body Magic makes. Supposedly they align organs correctly and aid with other health conditions like bladder control. Some even claim Body Magic has helped them avoid surgery.

Ardyss executive and spokesman Mike Potillo gave a written statement to CNN that the company “makes no health claims, medical claims or any type of claims on any of our products in any way. If someone has made a claim on one of our products, we have internal policies and procedures in place to deal with that.”

Don’t buy into success stories sight unseen

HLN network money expert Clark Howard points out that a product like Body Magic is sold on the strength of enthusiastic distributors. “If people really believe in it themselves, and they go out and convince others, then that is in itself a legitimate multilevel marketing business… It doesn’t matter what the product is, what the service is, you always have the same thing: People talking about the hope, the dream and the money.”

Unfortunately, enthusiasm and belief don’t always equal truth. Having faith alone doesn’t make something real, no matter what anyone tells you. CNN points out Body Magic distributors like Dorothy “The Godmother” Cook, who claims she brings home more than $55,000 per month. Cook claims that if you “get there, God will take care of the rest.” Sounds great for Sunday school, but Potillo throws some cold water of reality on that act by labeling Cook’s earnings “an extraordinary experience, not the norm.”

What I find extraordinary is paying $299 for a starter kit

That’s how much you have to pay to become a Body Magic distributor. Senior distributors sell the magic with religious fervor (straight from the reptilian brain of humankind’s yesteryear), but the reality is that consumer protection groups throw up red flags when they hear this kind of thing.

“Anytime you’re asked to part with hard-earned money in order to ask other people to part with hard-earned money, you should be very nervous,” said law Professor Stephen Calkins of Wayne State University. He also advises people check into the FTC consumer alert and Direct Selling Association before getting involved in programs like Body Magic.

So what about the sexy body?

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Body Magic does appear to be able to give you that. So if you’re buying one to use, you may experience curves like you wouldn’t believe, but don’t throw exercise by the wayside quite yet. If you’re thinking of becoming a distributor, err on the side of caution and do your research. If something seems like instant money, you should slow down first to make sure you’re sure.

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This post has 15 comments

  1. Elliot Borkman says:

    Sorry for double posting. But it looks like my first comment did not appear.

  2. Elliot Borkman says:

    Ardyss is not a pyramid scheme. There is an actual product behind it. You will also find that most distributors use the body magic on a regular basis. See how our team works and the range of products we have here.

  3. Nay says:

    This is all I have to say to people..Research Mary Kay, Avon, Amway..companies have been around over 50 years.. Look like some of these BIG corps should take tips from the " un" pyramid scheme companies..I feel at least if I advertise a product that I wear and we advertise and refer Kodak, Kellogg, Johnson and Johnson, whatever we have use, try or consume either we like the product or not we advertise it and I don't see not one of those companies offering us to sale any of their products for a commission..And the whole point is if ppl want to to a chance then let it be their business..Not all businesses are for everybody but one thing for sure is that we live in a society where ppl ae going to buy and if you will buy Tide because you know it's name that doesn't make it a good company..

  4. Jalea says:

    In response to 't'…isn't that the point? Yes we sign others up to do this business to make money as well. It's not like they have been swindled into the business to make money for their upline. People are doing the business because the products are great and it pays well. As long as you work for others you will never be where you want to be. If anyone is in a pyramid scheme it's the everyday 9 to 5ers. Working all day to make the boss rich. Your paycheck never changes…unless the rare chance of a bonus or promotion comes along. It kills me how people will hate on a system that actually works but will stay in their position and complain because they can't make ends meet. Wow! Step out of the box and try something new, rather its Ardyss or something else. Like Michelle said, this business is not for everyone. You have to want more and want to change your situation to give anything a chance. The saying goes, i'd rather 1 million people give me $1 than to wait for one person to give me $1 million.

  5. Nina says:

    I have worked in Corporate America for years and was no closer to he top of the pyramid when I left than when I started. Business have folded and laid people off without notice (July 1, 2009 to be exact, for me). I don't think that people are skeptical about this company, I think that it is just so unbelievable because there have been so many schemes out there that it is hard to believe that this is really true. Ardyss International is not a fly-by-night company, they have been around for 20 years and in the U.S. for 2 years. I am very happy that God have placed such a tool like Ardyss International in my hand. I don't see anyone making claims about Victoria Secret and other such companies; and by the way, I am not knocking Victoria Secret. I am just using this for an example, because people have a tendancy to knock what they do not know or do not understand. It has changed my life and my family life and I just want to help others understand that all they have to do is trust and believe and "An Appointment With Ardyss will Change Your Life"

  6. Bryanna says:

    How old do you have to be to sell them?

    I'm guessing seventeen is too young?

    i want to buy myself one though.


    • Michelle says:

      Bryanna, I can assist you if you'd like to purchase your own garment. You would need to be at least 18 to become an authorized distributor. Let me know if you'd like to purchase a garment.

  7. Jalea says:

    Clearly you haven't done complete research on Ardyss International. I can understand anyone being skeptical, but once you hear the business opportunity or try on a garment you will find that some of what you have printed here is incorrect. But thanks for the free publicity, this will only make others become more curious and look deeper into what we do. Thanks for helping to grow our business! Visit my site and submit an inquiry for anyone interested in more info.

  8. Nadia Brown says:

    I have joined with this company in the last month because the bodymagic has indeed taken away the back pain. I took prescription drugs daily for years with no relief in addition to going to my chiropractor and I am not overweight. I have medical conditions with my back. In addition I have lost an inch from my hips and waist. I personally know friends who are making large double digit figures monthly and I am on the way to doing the same by offering a product that helps people with great nutritional products that are working for me personally. Membership to sell retail starts at $30. If you decide to go for more membership is free and you get products for the $100 or $299. you invest. That is not a give away.

  9. andrea says:

    Michelle what do I do to sign up.

  10. Michelle says:

    It's funny how the skeptics are turning their skeptism into hate! Ardyss International is indeed changing the lives of many people who put out the effort. It you want to lose weight in a healthy, natural weight…this is one of the resources. If you want to make some real money…this is one of your resources. Please do not hate. My check is easily over $16,000 a month and that's from doing nothing! I am just one of many people who have seen with their owns eyes and have experienced with my own hands this system and what it has done for many people. If you want to stay in the pyramid scheme called "corporate america" all your life then that's you. Keep your hating and negative comments to yourself until you are ready to make the bold change and joing Ardyss. I can sign you up! LOL!

    • t says:

      If Michelle makes 16,000 a month "doing nothing" it is because she has signed up enough people, and those people signed up enough people, to make it money of of referals and what those people sell. it is a pyramid scheme. which is fine, but i say call a spade a spade. If michelle signs you up she gets $80 dollars

      • Michelle says:

        Yes, that is correct. What I mean by doing nothing is that I conduct my meetings to train my team and showcases to provide transformations on people who want it. It's a wonderful life, however, it's not a pyramid scheme because everyone benefits not only the person at the top. It's best not to comment on things you haven't experienced for yourself. And if you are a distributor who called it quits, shame on you. However, this business isn't for everyone. As long as you are getting the training and applying yourself, you should be just fine. Ardyss pays you in 10 ways for the work that you and your team does. What more could you ask for. If you put the work in with integrity, it will pay off. The have a fool proof compensation plan that no other MLM can top! Anyway, I can go on and on but it's a waste of time.

  11. lesa says:

    the Body Magic is an excellent way to make money. Its just not about the garment we have other garments, cosmetrics, skin care and nutitional products.

  12. Susan says:

    So what are you selling instead…..the loan & $75 makeup kit…Mary Kay & Avon is cheper then that…who's kidding who now????

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