Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Day coming up Monday, January 17

On Monday, Jan. 17, the annual observance of Martin Luther King Day will be held. The day is the celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a key figure in the struggle for civil rights for African Americans. It is a federal holiday, and most federal offices will close, as will banks.

Cost of vacations rising as theme park and flight costs are up

Every year, thousands of American families plan a fun getaway that often involves extensive travel and locations like theme parks. However, the cost of vacations is rising as things such as amusement parks and flights are becoming more expensive. Cost of Disneyland getting less enchanting Disneyland, the “Enchanted Kingdom,” is practically a Mecca for American

Queensland coast of Australia braces for Cyclone Yasi

The northeast coast of Australia is bracing for the landfall of Cyclone Yasi. Yasi is a tropical storm heading for the already battered state of Queensland, which recently experienced some of the worst flooding on record. The storm has roughly the same force as Hurricane Katrina. Cyclone Yasi about to batter coast of Queensland The

Scientists unable to find source of anthrax used in 2001 attacks

Scientists and investigators have been unable to determine the source of the anthrax used in the 2001 anthrax attacks. The anthrax spores used in the attacks are similar to a strain grown in the laboratory of Bruce Ivins but not completely identical. Ivins committed suicide before he could be prosecuted. National Academy of Sciences contradicts

Seven banks cannot meet capital requirements in Euro stress tests

After the Greek debt crisis began to wreak havoc in European financial markets, a series of stress tests were devised to see whether European banks could handle any further shocks. After the tests were administered, it was determined that seven major European banks could not handle further strains as they did not have sufficient reserves

Repossessions by mortgage loan lenders climb

The dismal saga of the real estate industry in America continues, and despite the occasional bright spot, there is still plenty of bad news to go around. Sales were boosted for some time by the home buyer tax credit. Foreclosures were barely helped by the loan modification program from the government. Not only did few
Coal mining

Payday advance lenders compete for price when allowed

Some people have the idea that the payday advance industry does not compete for prices. In fact, many suspect lenders collaborate to keep prices and profits high at the expense of consumers. This case has been argued, citing the near uniformity of the price of the typical payday advance. However, those who make these claims
Students in graduation attire

Students have a hard time paying off personal loans

It is getting harder for students to make payments on the loans they borrowed to pay for an education. The default rate on students’ personal loans is rising nationwide, and lenders, including the federal government, are not forgiving despite a tough economic climate. Loan payments not as expensive as having to lawyer up The U.S.
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Beef Recall in effect from the CDC | 2 Die from E. Coli

2 dead from tainted beef in New England The Center for Disease Control has issued warnings for people on the Eastern seaboard to watch out for a large shipment of recalled beef, as up to over a half a million pounds of ground beef have been found to be contaminated with E. coli.  The infected

Most Americans still believe in real estate as an investment

A recent survey indicated that most Americans think real estate is a good investment. The value of the average house has dropped by nearly a third since the housing recession began in late 2007, and nearly a third of all homes are worth less than the amount that is owed on them. Housing prices will
Income tax form 1040

Loss of tax loan funding causes Jackson Hewitt bankruptcy

Tax preparer Jackson Hewitt recently filed for Chapter 11 protection for a short bankruptcy. Hewitt and other tax preparation firms were dealt a heavy blow when changing regulations made it impossible for tax firms to secure funding for tax refund loans. Refund anticipation loans are often vilified alongside payday loans as preying on the poor.
Mississippi Capitol

Mississippi Congress stalls on payday loan legislation

The Mississippi state legislature has stalled a bill that would further regulate payday loan lending in the state. States have increasingly passed legislation regarding payday lenders, usually to reduce interest rates. The new regulatory bill is stalling as legislators cannot agree on terms. Payday loan regulation bill stalls in Mississippi legislature The state legislature of
Silvio Berlusconi

Rome and Moscow plagued by protests and riots

Over the past few weeks, Rome and Moscow became the latest world capitals to experience protests leading to riots. Protests and riots broke out in Rome as Silvio Berlusconi survived a vote of no confidence. Riots broke out in Moscow as soccer fans and nationalists clashed with minority ethnic groups. Rome erupts in violence as

Googlers again needing dictionary for vitriol

For those of us who pay attention these sorts of things, Google Trends and Google Hot Searches can be quite telling.  One of the big searches for Friday, April 2, was the term “vitriol.” Granted, it is sort of an obscure word. Some people put a lot of instant cash in them that their college,
Phot of Joe Leberman.

Joe Lieberman declines to run in 2012

Senator Joe Lieberman has announced that he will not run for re-election in 2012. After more than 20 years as a United States Senator, Joe Lieberman has decided to retire. After four terms, he has decided it is time to move on. Senator Joe Lieberman getting out after four terms Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has