Phot of Joe Leberman.

Joe Lieberman declines to run in 2012

Senator Joe Lieberman has announced that he will not run for re-election in 2012. After more than 20 years as a United States Senator, Joe Lieberman has decided to retire. After four terms, he has decided it is time to move on. Senator Joe Lieberman getting out after four terms Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has
test tubes

Pioneer of IVF treatment awarded Nobel Prize

One of earliest pioneers of in vitro fertilization treatments (I.V.F.) has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Dr. Robert Edwards was a member of the team that implanted the first embryo carried to term using I.V.F. fertility treatments. His prize comes with controversy, as the Vatican has condemned the use of I.V.F. treatments. The

Debt settlement relief companies ignoring memo from government

In the last few years, there has been a growing number of debt settlement relief companies offering to get people out debt. Some of these companies are on the level, but many are not and the government put rules in place to prevent dishonest practices. Many of these companies have not gotten the memo. Debt
California Poppy

A brief Memorial Day history lesson

Good morning campers; it’s almost Memorial Day and some of you, no doubt, are wondering just exactly what is Memorial Day history. You may want to know how it came about, how it was made official, so on and so forth. So, in advance of packing up to camp out at the lake, go to
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Kinsman, IL | Scene of FBI raid

Minuscule town raided by FBI Kinsman, Illinois is a sleepy little town with a population just over 100.  It’s about 50 miles southwest of Chicago, and there isn’t much there, not even a gas station or a single cash advance store.  All that’s in the town is a church, a Post Office, and a bar. 
Chase card

Debit card rewards next on the chopping block at large banks

The next customer perk to go on the chopping block at the nation’s largest banks is debit card rewards. JP Morgan Chase stopped offering debit card rewards to customers in February, and will stop giving rewards to debit card swiping customers entirely in July. The program was closed due to the ongoing battle over the
Carnival Splendor

Carnival Cruise Lines earnings to plummet after cruise ship fire

The Carnival Cruise Lines took a heavy blow to its image when the Carnival Splendor cruise ship fire broke out. The ship recently was towed to port and is expected to need at least two months of repairs. The Carnival company expects to lose up to 20 percent of its fourth quarter stock earnings. Carnival

Apple disciples will have to wait for iOS and iPad update

The next version of iOS has been delayed, and Apple zealots will have to wait for an iPad update. The pending version of iOS, or iOS 4.2, has been delayed because of a software problem that interrupts Wi-Fi connections. The release from Apple is now rumored to hit on Thanksgiving. No iPad update until Thanksgiving
Photo of two sons.

The Earth will not likely have two suns in 2012

There is yet another rumor floating around about the year 2012. This time, the rumor is that the Earth will have two suns thanks to a supernova. Betelgeuse, a large star more than 600 light years away, is starting to die out and will supernova when it does. However, because of its distance, Earth will
B of A

B of A buys bad guaranteed loans back from Fannie and Freddie

Bank of America has reached an agreement to compensate Freddie and Fannie for selling them toxic guaranteed loans. The largest bank in the nation will pay more than $3 billion to the troubled mortgage houses. B of A is expected to take a loss on the deal. Bank of America to make amends for bad
Grand Canyon

The Arizona ban and the financial reform bill

The state of Arizona recently allowed the licenses of payday lenders for the entire state to lapse. Payday loan stores are in the process of closing their doors all over the state and are moving on to different pastures. Currently, the financial reform bill is awaiting the president’s signature. Part of the bill will create
Definitely not what Apple earnings look like.

Apple earnings boom for first quarter

Since the iPod renaissance that followed a reclusive streak in the 1990s, Apple has been a growing empire, and the Apple earnings for the most recent quarter have blossomed.  The company has been shipping huge volumes of the iPhone, and with the iPhone 4.0 and iPad beginning to take off, Apple is set to never
Form 1040

Internal Revenue Service to stop cooperating with RAL lenders

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that it will no longer provide certain information to tax preparers issuing refund anticipation loans. More than once has the product been decried. Opponents have contended that they can be worse than payday loans. An RAL, or Refund Anticipation Loan, is a loan product that depends on the tax
Bank Check

You would be surprised at who needs guaranteed loans

The functions of personal finance and high corporate finance are different, but believe it or not, the two are not completely dissimilar. The companies which need some guaranteed loans at some time, or at least a line of credit in case they need a short term loan are some of the biggest names out there.
Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Nicole causes floods in Carolinas

The remains of Tropical Storm Nicole have caused mudslides in Jamaica and will be lashing the East Coast of the United States. North and South Carolina flooding has already begun. North Carolina has declared a state of emergency. There are flood warnings in effect from the Carolinas to Maine. Tornado advisories are in effect from

Jobs blasts RIM and Android at Apple earnings meeting

Steve Jobs recently participated in an Apple earnings press conference. During the discussion of how well Apple Inc. stock is doing, Jobs took time to let loose on RIM (Blackberry) and Android platforms. He touted the fact that Apple sells more units of the iPhone than either platform and has better software to boot. An
A Dutch Colonial home

If you like Dutch Colonials, try the Amityville Horror House

Looking for real estate?  How about a three story, six bedroom Dutch Colonial with a gambrel roof? It also has a swimming pool and a boat house right on the water. The house is located in a small sleepy Long Island suburb. It’s right on the Atlantic Ocean so the beach is never far away.