Walter Nixon

Senate removes Federal Judge Porteous from the bench

Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous has been removed from office by the United States Senate. Porteous was convicted on four impeachment counts by the Senate related to corruption charges. He cannot serve in public office ever again. Senate convicts Federal Judge Porteous Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous has been found guilty on four different impeachment

Workers get more pay day cash thanks to minimum wage hike

A small hike in the minimum wage in several states is going to provide some workers with a little extra pay day cash. Minimum wage differs between states, as some peg the minimum wage to inflation. There are seven states raising the minimum wage. Minimum wage going up in seven states Seven states are raising

February jobs report shows decline in unemployment

The February jobs report indicates that unemployment has declined slightly since January. The rate of unemployment declined .01 percent to 8.9 percent over February. It is the third month in a row that unemployment has decreased. Employers adding jobs The February jobs report was recently released by the Department of Labor, and it showed that
Scottish Thistle; photo from  Did we mention the painful spines?

Scottish Thistle | Worth Quick Cash to Preserve or Maybe Banish

The Scottish Thistle If you pay attention to Google Trends, you’ll see that people search for some off-the-wall things. One of the top searches for Wednesday, October 21st, was for Scottish Thistle. The Scottish Thistle means several things, in different contexts. It’s a plant, and an equally revered and hated species depending on who you
Ground Beef

Taco Bell launches ad campaign striking back at beef lawsuit

After a lawsuit was filed against restaurant chain Taco Bell, the company has launched a retaliatory ad campaign. The company is being sued over the beef content of its ground beef mixture. Taco Bell responded with a full page ad in major newspapers denouncing the claims. Taco Bell responds with ‘Thank you for suing us’
Senator Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter election results are not in his favor

The mid-term Pennsylvania election results in the primaries have been closely watched, especially the Arlen Specter election results. Arlen Specter, a longtime member of the Republican party, switched to being a Democrat in the last year. Some took it as a stab in the back, and others believed it was because Republicans had gotten too
Wall Street

Wall Street reform bill passes the Senate

The United States Senate has officially passed the Wall Street reform bill.  The Senate voted to quash debate and discussion earlier today, in order to move it to a vote.  It was expected to pass, as 50 of the required 51 votes were already pledged.  The final tally was a sweeping victory for the bill,
Bonnie and Clyde

Fugitives John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch taken into custody

Two of the most wanted fugitives in the nation, John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, have been taken into custody. People have been making comparisons between the two and Bonnie and Clyde. They escaped less than a month ago from Arizona State Prison, and have been on the run since. They were believed to be in
Police Handcuffs

Joran van der Sloot booked for murder again

Apparently some people don’t get the concept that maybe it’s better to just have a quiet night at home.  For the second time, Joran van der Sloot is under arrest for murder, only this time in Peru.  He was last seen leaving a bar with the victim, Stephany Flores Ramirez, who was found beaten to
Gasoline pump station

Americans feeling the pinch of higher gas prices

Rising gas prices are beginning to take a heavy toll on Americans’ personal finances. Recent data indicates that personal incomes and gross domestic product are beginning to be affected by the rising cost of fuel, as more money has to be spent at the pump. Prices are inching ever closer to the record high price

Federal probe into robosigning reaches initial settlement

A settlement is soon to be announced regarding the robosigning foreclosure controversy. Some of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders rubber-stamped foreclosure documents without looking at them and may have foreclosed on some people who didn’t deserve it. A legal probe into foreclosure practices has reportedly reached a settlement with those lenders. JPMorgan exec discloses deal

Credit card delinquencies and debts fall in 2010

Fewer credit card delinquencies are being reported, and the level of credit card debt is declining as well. Data released by credit bureau TransUnion indicates that more people are paying off debt and more credit cards are being issued. Falling delinquencies indicate many people are paying off holiday shopping sprees. 2010 the year of debt relief

Voters side against legalization as Prop 19 goes up in smoke

Many are asking “did Prop 19 pass?” The answer is no, it did not. Prop 19 in California, or Proposition 19, did not pass at the polls. So far the state has voted 54 percent against and 46 percent for. Few areas in California voted positively for the measure. Had the measure passed, it would

Serious carnivores love the Bacon of the Month Club

Serious meat maniacs may want to look into joining a Bacon of the Month club. The cultural fixation with bacon is still in full swing, as bacon flavored soda and vodka are both available. Gourmet food is expensive, but people are willing to pay to eat high on the hog. Bacon of the Month clubs
Kids in a classroom

USDA announces cost of raising a child is growing up

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released its annual report on the cost of raising a child, and the agency found that kids are getting more expensive. It was found that the cost of raising one child to age 18 has risen by more than $40,000 after adjusting for inflation. Pitter patter of little feet
A debit card

Swipe fee cap by Federal Reserve may be higher than planned

The Federal Reserve will soon make a definitive ruling on capping interchange fees, or debit card swipe fees charged to merchants by banks. The Fed was mandated to set a cap on the fees by the 2010 financial reform laws, but it may set the cap higher than anticipated. Merchants cheering prospect of lower swipe
Tuskegee study

Guatemala STD experiments echo Tuskegee experiments

There was a recent revelation that the U.S. participated in human experiments on Guatemalans. The U.S. government has issued an apology for the experiments conducted, which infected Guatemalans with syphillis. The studies echo the infamous Tuskegee experiments, where African American males were infected with the same sexually transmitted disease. The Tuskegee experiments ran for 40