Debate rages over Arizona immigration bill

President Obama

The Arizona immigration bill has been derided by President Obama as misguided. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Senate Bill 1070, also known as SB 1070 or the Arizona immigration bill, has caused a firestorm of controversy.  Allegations of racial profiling and discrimination, among other things, have been flung in the debate.  The President of the United States himself condemned it, while his former campaign nemesis John McCain has come out in support of the bill.  The Arizona immigration bill has also drawn the ire of the Catholic Church.  Despite protests on either side of the debate, the fact remains that Arizona will soon need debt management dealing with the problem.

President Obama slams Arizona immigration bill

The President has condemned the Arizona immigration bill, SB 1070, as being “misguided,” as reported by CBS.  He also said the bill could potentially “undermine basic notion of fairness that we cherish as Americans” and that it threatened the public’s trust in law enforcement.  The bill would allow police officers to ask for identification of anyone suspected of a crime they believed to be in the country illegally. The Mexican government has passed a resolution asking for Governor Brewer to not sign the bill, as they believe the bill will be an impetus for discrimination against Hispanics.

John McCain backs bill seemingly reversing course

Senator John McCain, according to a New York Times blog, has voiced his support of the Arizona immigration bill.  Senator McCain had previously adopted stances more favorable to immigrants, and this seems to be a reversal of posture.  In an interview on Fox News, he told Bill O’Reilly that he thought the state was doing what is believed to be the best thing.  The federal government, as he and others have pointed out, has failed to do much about illegal immigration.  The state of Arizona is on the verge of needing money now to deal with illegal immigration in the state.  Arizona officials deal with this problem more than almost any other state.

It all comes down to Gov. Jan Brewer

The Arizona immigration bill is set to go to Governor Jan Brewer’s desk for approval.  There have been repeated calls for her to veto the bill.  The Mexican government, the Bishop of Tuscon and the Archbishop of the Los Angeles Diocese are among the many who are calling for a veto.  Several Latino members of Congress, including Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva have denounced the bill as racist.  President Obama has announced that he will have staff reviewing the legality of the legislation, should it pass.

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