April Magolon sues Disney, accuses Donald Duck of groping

A family – not that of April Magolon – is greeted by Donald Duck at a Disney theme park attraction. Honestly, Donald appears menacing.

Donald Duck is your friend. (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/Nancy Nally/Flickr)

April Magolon would have a court of her peers believe that she was goosed by a duck. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the 27-year-old Pennsylvania woman claims she was visiting Disney’s Epcot theme park in Florida when a most fowl deed occurred. As April Magolon was standing around holding her child, Magolon says a park employee dressed as Donald Duck groped Magolon’s breast, then joked about it.

Judge rules April Magolon will have her day in court

While the incident reportedly occurred in May 2008, April Magolon claims that not a night goes by without nightmares, digestive problems and other conditions related to post-traumatic stress disorder. Now a federal judge in Philadelphia has ruled that Disney must defend April Magolon’s post-traumatic street suit in a Pennsylvania court, rather than a Florida court as Disney’s legal team was requesting.

Reports indicate that Disney theme parks have a documented history of fondling complaints. It is unknown at this time whether the employee who allegedly groped April Magolon has a history of such acts.

Giving Donald Duck a bad name

It appears the name Donald Duck is just destined for trouble. While April Magolon battles it out with Disney in court, a Donald Duck unrelated to Disney is in a different sort of trouble. A 51-year-old Ohio man named Donald Norman Duck was arrested yet a gain for DUI in July. Duck has blown a staggering five DUIs in and around Massillion, Ohio, making him a regular with area police.

“He’s a frequent flier,” said local police Capt. Joe Herrick. ”He’s got multiple previous DUIs, multiple previous no operator’s license and operating under suspension, so he’s not that good a driver.”

Though Donald Norman Duck is a documented bad driver, at least he doesn’t try to escape the fuzz — a good decision. However, his decision making skills appear to be lacking when it comes to carrying around bags of marijuana during drunken automotive escapades. A closer look at Donald Norman Duck’s rap sheet shows marijuana possession among his lengthy list of charges.



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Twenty-four complaints of questionable behavior since 2004


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