Apple earnings boom for first quarter

Definitely not what Apple earnings look like.

This is not what the Apple earnings report looked like.

Since the iPod renaissance that followed a reclusive streak in the 1990s, Apple has been a growing empire, and the Apple earnings for the most recent quarter have blossomed.  The company has been shipping huge volumes of the iPhone, and with the iPhone 4.0 and iPad beginning to take off, Apple is set to never need payroll loans again.  Even though recessions mean that fewer people buy toys, Apple posted impressive gains for the first quarter of this year.

Apple earnings from iPhone up over 100 percent

From this recent post on Marketwatch, the first quarter Apple earnings were substantial.  The iPhone drove sales through the roof, selling over eight million iPhones when they were expecting to only sell seven million.  Apple enjoyed a 130 percent sales increase on the iPhone from a year ago.  Since so many people are willing to plunk down money now on one of the most popular technological phenomenons of the last decade, it’s no wonder that Apple should be raking in the cash.  They have become a true success story not once, but twice, as apparently they make some vastly superior products.

They sold some Macs too

The report of Apple earnings also included some heavy sales for Mac computers as well.  Nearly three million Macs were purchased over the quarter, showing a sales increase for their computer brand of about 40 percent.  Apple managed to also sell over 10 million iPods, though the sales for the ubiquitous portable media player were actually slightly down. However, the decrease was in units, rather than revenue (iPod sales revenue was actually up about 12 percent.) The iPod touch has been quite the popular item as well.

What about the iPad?

No official sales figures were given by Marketwatch, but CNN reports that Steve Jobs had told a conference that Apple had sold around 450,000 units for the basic unit alone. The Cadillac model of iPad, set to come out soon, may have access to the AT&T 3G network, instead of the current model’s use of WiFi only.  That will probably send Get started stock through the roof, though they don’t really need the help – according to the Marketwatch piece, Apple stock was trading at almost $260 a share.

So what’s next for the Apple machine?

What is next for Apple is the iPhone OS 4.0, which was involved in the recent Gizmodo leak.  The prototype was returned. The new model iPhone will likely sell a lot of units, and since the iPhone OS 4.0 will also mark the rumored debut of the Verizon iPhone, it is foreseeable that Apple earnings will shoot to the moon by year’s end.

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