Apollo 11 Moon Landing Hoax is Not Space Age Thinking Pt.II

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Apollo 11 Moon Landing Hoax rumors still circulating

photographic proof NASA faked the moon landing

Some people believe this picture is real...and we let them vote.

Ever since NASA announced that they had lost the back up tapes from the Apollo 11 moon landing, the conspiracy theorists and peanut gallery has been touting their belief that there is an Apollo 11 Moon Landing Hoax – in that NASA filmed all of it in a studio as a cover up.  Of course, the missing tapes prove nothing, but we’ll get to that in a minute.  (I’d give some fast cash to makes this and other ill-conceived conspiracies go away.)

The tapes were backups, get over it!

The tapes in question were telemetry tapes, meaning that they were broadcast from the moon with the video signal, audio signal, and the other information being relayed from the command module, and video and audio were transferred to two inch television tape in Parkes, Australia, and broadcast world wide. The missing tapes, in essence, were negatives – back ups – it’s a non-issue, but they are having the original tapes restored. Click Here, for part one of this series.

A Conspiracy of dunces

This is a widely popular subject, and there is an extensive page on Wikipedia about it. Now to the meat of the thing:

It first started with a book written in 1974 by Bill Kaysing, a former employee of Rocketdyne, who wasn’t an engineer; he was part of their publishing unit, and held a degree in English. (English is NOT a science.) Kaysing has been denounced every step of the way, and ultimately was told by his own publisher he was full of it.

As to the tapes: NASA Flight Director Eugene Kranz (Ed Harris in the film Apollo 13) has repeatedly admitted the telemetry tapes got erased and reused, as it was procedure back then.

The science of conspiracy doesn’t add up

Certain objections are raised from a scientific point of view – for instance, the flag appearing to be waving. Several pictures exist of the flag in the same position, with Buzz Aldrin in different poses. This is because the flag was crinkled due to being folded, and didn’t completely unfurl in a vacuum due to the crease.
Aldrin has been repeatedly harassed about the conspiracy, especially by one Bart Sibrel, who viciously stalked him, and when Aldrin made it clear that he wanted to be left alone, punched Sibrel in the face.

Also, it’s been announced that a lunar orbiter has just captured pictures of the remnants of lunar landing modules, which were taken a few days ago.

Also, the peanut gallery has yet to summon a response to the following – putting the moon landing hoax on would have been far more expensive and elaborate than actually GOING to the moon.  I’d give a cash advance to hear someone explain that one….

And now, for your viewing pleasure – Bart Sibrel Punched in the Face!

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  1. it`s is true says:

    i think kaysing is not scientist

    ven alen radioation is consist of alpha,beta ray

    alpha ray is can cover paper

    beta ray is can cover thin metal

    why many scientist is to be a liar?

    apollo hoax is not scientific

  2. Simao Fernandes says:

    How do explain the combustion produced by rocket engines when the LEM left the moon to return to Earth? I know it's possible to combine chemicals which burn without producing a visible flame, but it ISN'T possible to burn anything in a vacuum (i.e. on the moon). Also, when Neil Armstrong takes his One Small Step, how come we see the LEM on the left and Armstrong on the right? The cameraman is obviously already standing outside the LEM.

  3. roch brenson says:

    No Blasts Crator under the LEM. Pictures of Astronauts in the Shadow of the LEM, Lit up Brightly.
    We should have heard the Rocket Engine as the LEM was Desending to the Moon, all we heard was Armstrong talking.
    The Assent Module was never tested at any time or place, yet worked perfectly 6 times in a row taking off from the moon?
    The Assent Module took off from the moon and orbited the moon less than 3xs and hooked up with the Command Module perfectly? This I doubt very strongly. The Engine on the Assent Module was about the size of a 5 gallon bucket.
    This whole thing was a Fake. Get used to it , We Did Not Go To The MOON.

  4. Realitysurfer says:

    Please check out my Apollo 11 documentary DID WE GO?..Funded by the State of Ohio, the film is a one hour cross-country whirlwind of interviews with Buzz Aldrin, Gene Kranz, Gene Cernan , plus Laser ranging the Apollo site, and moonrock experts. Film premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

    There are six parts on youtube…follow the links…I have posted it all at no charge

    here is link to Part one


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