Allianz 4000 hybrid street sweeper cleans up New York City

Street Sweeper

Street sweepers contribute to in-city air pollution, but the Allianz 4000 can help with that. Image: Flickr / exalthim / CC-BY-SA

In an effort to meet new emissions standards, New York City has purchased several Allianz 4000 street sweepers. The Allianz 4000 street sweeper will save up to 45 percent on fuel cost. These hybrid street sweepers put out less carbon than any street sweeper before them.

Allianz 4000 cuts out one motor

The Allianz 4000 street sweeper uses a combination of a diesel engine and lithium ion batteries to run. This combination engine system drives the street sweeper function without an auxiliary engine. Having a combination engine not only means fuel savings, but carbon savings. Most street sweepers run two diesel engines at high RPMs. The Allianz 4000 runs one at low RPMs. The additional cost of an Allianz 4000, according to the company, can be easily made up in just a few months or years of operation.

New York City carbon emissions

The reduction of carbon emissions has been a goal of New York City for several years. On Earth Day 2007, New York City announced PlaNYC, a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2017. PlaNYC has already reduced carbon emissions to almost 13 percent below 2005 levels. The city is accomplishing this by reducing the carbon emissions of electricity generation and encouraging citizens to reduce their own emissions. By purchasing a street sweeper team of Allianz 4000 vehicles, New York City will be further reducing its carbon footprint.

Are cities the key to carbon reduction?

Though the Cancun climate summit has brought world leaders together in the name of carbon reduction, there is no set plan for the world yet. In the face of lack of action from federal and world governments, cities like New York City are taking the lead with moves like PlaNYC and the Allianz 4000. Many states are starting to adopt climate regulation of their own, with cities passing even more stringent guidelines. Until the federal and world governments take serious action on climate change, it may very well be up to the cities to take action.


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