Things you ought to know about Cash Advances

Let’s start from the beginning Similar to almost any loan, there are particular issues a customer ought to realize prior to starting the process of taking any kind of cash advance. Therefore, we should start out in the beginning. Precisely what is a Cash advance? A cash advance is usually a short-term loan which is
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Statehood|HR 2499 calls for a Puerto Rico vote UPDATE

UPDATE – April 28 – The U.S. House of Representatives has passed HR 2499, the bill calling for a vote on Puerto Rico statehood. HR 2499 passed 223-169 and now moves on to be considered by the Senate. The U.S. Natural Resources Committee has moved to bring HR 2499, a bill regarding Puerto Rico statehood,
Payday Loans have the green light when it comes to going where the financial need is greatest. Access to conventional credit plays a large role. (Photo:

Payday Loans: Going Where the Need is Greatest

Fed Study Shows Payday Loan and Related Outlets Cluster Payday loans are an inescapable landmark in America’s modern economic landscape. The popularity of the short term loan product has grown significantly since the early 1990s, and it’s no wonder. Giving consumers the ability to absorb financial shocks in the short term – enabling them to

Columbia University drug bust: five students arrested

Five students were arrested Tuesday as part of the massive Columbia University drug bust. The young suspects said nothing as they were handcuffed and taken into custody early that morning. They are being charged for selling thousands of dollars worth of drugs out of dorm rooms and fraternity houses. Suspects in the Columbia University drug
Rocket Launch

Two Federal Reserve banks want higher rates on emergency loans

Throughout the recession, the Federal Reserve has kept overall interest rates hovering near zero, in order to keep deflation or further inflation from taking place. The 12 regional Federal Reserve Bank directors recently met, and one of the items for discussion was concerning the discount rate on emergency loans. A discount rate is basically the
If you need credit repair help, make sure you know who you are working with.

Credit Repair Scams are on the Rise

Credit Repair History Credit repair services started out with an honorable mission: to help people get out of debt and live the American Dream. They were originally designed to help people get back on track financially, while repairing the damage done due to a variety of circumstances that ruined their credit in the first place.

Paul Shirley on Haiti: “I won’t give them a cent”

Free speech is a double-edged sword One of the great things about living in America is that we have the right to free speech. Everyone – including athletes – can blog about their political opinions without having to fear a masked hit squad coming to their door in the middle of the night. Such is
laptop users risk toasted skin syndrome

Heavy laptop users risk toasted skin syndrome from intense heat

“Toasted skin syndrome” is the latest hazard to be revealed for video game addicts and assorted computer geeks. Toasted skin syndrome, a condition usually suffered by foundry workers or glass blowers, is mottled discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to heat. A case involving a boy who developed toasted skin syndrome playing video games on a

The best and worst organic grocery buys

Organic produce can be very expensive. With recent reports showing that groceries are getting even more expensive, many are wondering whether organic produce is worth the cost. U.S. Department of Agriculture tests show that some produce is worth it and some not so much. Understanding the cost of organic There are several different organic certifications
Photo of Bill Gates

Millions of Microsoft shares dumped by Bill Gates in 2010

Bill Gates has been dipping into his vast reservoir of Microsoft stock and dumping shares for cash. Gates has unloaded such a big chunk of his Microsoft holdings that other Microsoft shareholders could question the value of their investment. Gates no doubt would rather place his bets on a faster horse as Microsoft declines from
Erick Erickson, Ted Kennedy, healthcare reform bill

Pundit blames Ted Kennedy for healthcare reform bill woes

Why bring Ted Kennedy into this? It’s amazing how far political pundits will go to talk a  little trash. Today, Erick Erickson, founder of the conservative blog RedState, said on CNN that it’s the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s fault, basically, that the healthcare reform bill is in danger of not passing. According to Politico: “If
USA Today is Gannett's largest newspaper.

Gannett Layoffs Could Claim Thousands of Jobs

Another round of Gannett layoffs coming After several large rounds of layoffs in the past couple of years, Gannett layoffs will continue. The nation’s largest newspaper company will eliminate up to 4,500 jobs sometime in the next few days, reports the Wall Street Journal. However, the number of layoffs has been reported by some news sources as

Coconut Crab | Egad!

I’d give payday loans to keep these things away! Occasionally, if you watch Google Trends, people search for things that are sort of interesting, like zoology – which is a form of knowledge.  (You don’t see it often – most of the time Trends searches are about some less than intelligent event concerning so called
man needs personal installment loans for broken car

Personal Installment Loans

A lot of people end up needing personal installment loans or paydayloans. You know how this feels. You’re living, barely, from one paycheck to the next. You know that you need to fix your car, yet you continue to drive it and drive it. Then one morning as you’re headed to work, it happens: your

Stock Market Progression Signals Recovery

Great gains move on to more stable investments The New York Stock Exchange is the barometer that most people go by to gauge the health of the economy. The NYSE also served as the barometer for the recovery of the economy. Beginning last March, the recovery began in earnest according to the numbers on the
Jimmy John's

Jimmy Johns offers one dollar customer appreciation subs

In Chicago and northern Illinois, sandwich shop Jimmy John’s is offering $1 sub sandwiches. Jimmy John’s is famous for their home-baked bread and super fast delivery. With expansion and franchising exploding in recent years, the company is celebrating its success with these low-cost sandwiches in and around the state where the business started. The Jimmy