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What the cell phone effect means to Election 2010

According to studies by the Pew Research Center, there is a “cell phone effect” that should prompt voters to question the validity of early Election 2010 results. As the New York Times puts it, about a quarter of American adults use mobile phones exclusively. Because many pollsters don’t call cell phones, results can be off
Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii games are losing popularity

When it comes to motion-controlled video games, Nintendo Wii has almost the entire market to itself. However, numbers are showing that consumers are slowly moving away from the Wii system to rival game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Truth is, Nintendo Wii, one of the most influential video game systems in the 21st century, is

Haiti confirms cholera outbreak has killed 168, so far

North of Port-au-Price, Haiti, officials have confirmed a cholera outbreak. With more than 1,500 people infected, the outbreak is huge. The outbreak is blamed on the slow recovery from January’s earthquake. Cholera outbreak proves deadly For almost a week, medical officials in Haiti have been waiting for confirmation on a disease outbreak in Saint-Marc. The
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Housing prices decline, but home sales are rising

Nationwide home prices are declining, but home sales are beginning to rise. The past year has been volatile for real estate, but more people have been consulting with loan lenders to purchase a home. The low prices are thought to be the reason for the spike in purchases. Wealthy and investors buying houses again Figures
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Three Questions You Should Ask About Payday Advances

Three Questions You Should Ask About Payday Advances Where should I get a payday loan? There are hundreds of companies out there that specialize in short term loans, payday advances, and fast cash. When you need quick cash, it is important to remember that not every lender is the same. Remember to ask these three

Striking a Bargain May Be Easier than You Think

Retailers need money, too It may sound crazy, but consumers do have an advantage in today’s retail market. Everyone is looking to make some money and retailers are no exception. According to a recent article on The Motley Fool, if you are out shopping for a particular consumer item, it is definitely to your advantage
The bespectacled and –some would say – baby face of Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer. What makes a career politician like this flip his lid and shout "Baby killer!" at a colleague while the House is in session?

Randy Neugebauer cries BABY KILLER over health care bill

If he indeed reflects the will of his constituents, Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer may have just become the poster baby for why Texas should go ahead and secede from the Union: to hide public officials like Randy Neugebauer from view. Neugebauer, who has since admitted to shouting “Baby killer!” before members of the House after

Mortgage Loans Equal Personal Loans to the Rich

How the rich find loans The rich have known for years that personal loans can come in the form of mortgages. For example, grocery-store billionaire Ron Burkle has known the secret of finding funding for years. He currently has about $56 million in loans against two properties. High-end home borrowers are growing in the market
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Margarita Recipe | Drinks, pizza and more for Cinco de Mayo

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – and getting the perfect margarita recipe can be just the first step. The right cocktail margarita recipe is cool, refreshing and very tasty. But what if that margarita recipe isn’t quite your style? Not to worry, the perfect margarita recipe doesn’t have to mean
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Race To The Top | Only two states win Round 1

As a part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a new education program called Race To The Top was created. With more than $4 billion available for school districts, Race To The Top laid out a point system for schools that wanted a cut of the funds. There are two rounds of funding,
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U.S. auto sales up thanks to new models and pent-up demand

U.S. auto sales in 2011 will be strong if January is any indication. U.S. automakers usually expect a slow January, but this year, year-over-year sales for the month were strong. The U.S. auto industry finished 2010 with strong sales and industry experts forecast a sustained upward trend in U.S. auto sales for 2011. Back to

New dietary guidelines published by federal government

The new pamphlet of Dietary Guidelines has been published by the U.S. Government. Every five years, the federal government publishes a new set of suggestions on what Americans should eat including what should be cut back on. The effect is not expected to be dramatic. Government publishes new dietary guidelines The federal government has just
US Federal Reserve, Washington, DC,

Will Federal Reserve Regulate Personal Loans and Credit Cards?

Will the Federal Reserve become the new financial regulator? President Obama is looking for ways to revamp policies concerning personal loans and credit cards. One proposal is to designate the Federal Reserve as regulator of the banking system as a whole. The Reserve would take on the responsibility of policing large firms, the demise of
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Cut your holiday stress with a payday loan

A payday loan can help in many different ways. The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year, and considering the recent recession, this year is going to be no exception. People across the U.S. are trying to find ways to stay caught up on their bills and still have extra cash
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New rules on credit scores taking effect this year

There are a new set of rules taking effect this year concerning credit scores. The financial reform bill, or the Dodd Frank financial reform act, changed federal laws regarding reporting of credit scores. If a person is applying for any large loans in the future, these are good things to know. Change in credit scores
Greek rioters

Greek riots paralyze Athens

The city of Athens has been shocked by a violent outbreak of Greek riots in which three have been left dead as protesters and police clash.  The Greek riots are believed to be caused by recent economic measures meant by the Greek government to curb spending and gain a better grip on the country’s spending
Wildland fire in Boulder

Boulder fire prompts evacuation of 1,700 residents

A large fire in Boulder, Colo., is forcing residents and businesses to evacuate. There are two fires that total about 20 acres. There will be power outages as firefighters set back burns to control the fires. Wildland fires cause evacuation The two Boulder fires that are burning outside the Colorado city are causing severe problems.