Close-up photo of a mass of plastic bottle waste found in an ocean garbage patch. Added for artistic effect is an image of the Earth, sinking in the waste. The planet is surrounded by a red halo, representative of the planet's blood. Remember, plastic is non-biodegradable.

Ocean garbage patch discovered in the Atlantic

As if one legacy to human waste and carelessness weren’t enough – witness the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s largest garbage dump – now an ocean garbage patch has been discovered in the Atlantic, reports Red Orbit. Specifically, it’s in the Sargasso Sea, between Bermuda and the Azores Islands, but those kinds of semantics
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Get easy installment loans for bad credit

People everywhere can use installment loans for bad credit. Hard working consumers, who find themselves in financial problems unexpectedly, have a much more difficult time getting the help they need because of bad credit. Rest assured, however, there are places you can go to obtain short term loans easily without having to worry about a
Millions of Americans who cant find work could benefit from the unemploment extension vote.

Unemployment Extension Vote Will Decide Fate of Millions

Unemployment extension vote to come The unemployment extension vote that took place Tuesday cleared the way for the unemployment extension bill to make its way through Congress. The House has passed the bill, which would allow unemployed workers to collect benefits for an additional 13 weeks beyond what is already allotted. Originally, the bill specified
Don't go with blinders on when you need money this recession. Payday loans pay. (Photo:

Loans are Hard to Come By, But Payday Loans Still Pay Out

Changing Lending Policies Payday loans are still helping people fund expenses as most other loans are tightening up their application processes. According to the Federal Reserve, the last three months have seen banks making qualification for loans harder than ever in response to the struggling market. A Federal survey showed that 50 percent of banks have
A man applying for bad credit loans online to pay off a past due bill.

Bad credit loans online: One application is all you need

Looking for bad credit loans online? You’ve come to the right place. With just one short application, we will help you find the lender that’s right for your specific needs. Complete the online application form, and we’ll sort through our wide network of direct lenders to pair you with the best. The entire process is
Living between the plus and the minus sign can be nerve wracking. If help is needed, installment loans can deliver.

Installment Loans for Fertility and Adoption

A Growing Credit Market Exists for Prospective Parents For those wishing to bring children into the world and/or raise them, one of the most heartbreaking of conditions is being unable to conceive due to infertility or financially unable to adopt. The former condition invites a series of potential medical cures, all of them very expensive.
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EU banker bonuses capped by European Parliament

The global economic crisis was caused in no small part by the shenanigans of the banking and investment industries, so the European Parliament has voted 625-28 in favor of EU banker bonuses being capped as soon as possible. Excessive pension payouts will also fall under new guidelines. The Associated Press reports that any short-term cash

Home Buyers Have New Options for Borrowing Money

Banks and credit unions Home loans were once the exclusive business of banks. Just a few short years ago credit unions joined the fray and banks were no longer the only option when it came to borrowing money for a home purchase. Together, banks and credit unions offered competitive options when it came to mortgage
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Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion merges in cold snap

Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion is required for the rest of the world to comprehend temperature in the U.S., unless the thermometer hits 40 below zero. At 40 below zero, the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales converge for one brief degree. On Jan. 21 the temperature at International Falls, Minn., fell well below the Fahrenheit
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A double dip recession is possible

Some economists look for the most positive signs, and others look for the most negative signs. Recent economic data has given some experts reason to think that a double dip recession, where economic activity plunges, ticks up slightly, then plunges again before stabilizing, is beginning to look more likely. The forecast for doom and gloom

Working for money now isn’t as fulfilling as it once was

Making money now is coming with a hefty dose of dissatisfaction. New surveys are showing that job satisfaction hit an all-time low last year. According to the Conference Board, only about 45 percent of employees in the country are content with their current jobs. The recession is mostly to blame for the negative feelings toward
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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Picks Safest Vehicles

27 vehicles make Top Safety Picks list The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come out with its annual list of Top Safety Picks. Eight SUVs and 19 cars have been given Top Safety Pick awards for 2010. People who want to make sure they’re getting the safest cars before filling out a personal loan
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Apple announcement: There is a new iPod Touch 4G

Every time news of an upcoming Apple announcement hits the wires, the internet gets all abuzz. Is there already a new iPhone? Or is Apple merging with Google and changing the name of the new company to Skynet? An announcement from Apple was scheduled for today, and Apple aficionados began to speculate. Apple has unveiled

Canceling Student-Loan Debt

Is it possible to cancel a student loan debt? Yes, in rare instances, it is possible to cancel a student loan debt. For most borrowers, however, cancellation is not an option, although loan deferments or forbearances may be available and can be very helpful. Student loans can be much larger and harder to pay off

Billionaire Sees Big Problems in China

China enjoyed a year of staggering growth in its GNP and on its stock exchange board in 2009. Most economists believe 2010 will bring more of the same for the Chinese economy, for it seems as though getting money now is not much of a considerable issue for them. The Chinese government has poured $586
culprit according to FCIC

FCIC report on financial crisis sparks routine partisan bickering

When the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report was issued Wednesday, partisan bickering was the big story. The FCIC report concluded that the financial crisis was ultimately the federal government’s fault, and it could have been avoided. The FCIC report was endorsed by six Democratic members of the commission, while the four Republicans disagreed with its