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Federal budget passes; fewer troops need military payday loans

The United States Congress recently passed the federal budget for fiscal year 2011 after a long standoff. Among concerns about a possible government shutdown were that military service personnel would have to resort to payday loans and other financial means if a deal could not be made. Thankfully, the shutdown was avoided. Shutdown could have
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Surprise China rate hike reveals country worried about inflation

The first China interest rate hike since 2007 caught analysts by surprise and knocked  world markets off-kilter. The Chinese government offered no explanation, but consensus among experts is China has recognized the need to stem inflation in its economy. Fears that the China rate hike could drag on global recovery sent stock markets in Europe
Black Friday shopping

Black Friday 2010 ads already leaking | Harbor Freight first

Though Halloween is still weeks away, and Thanksgiving is even further, hardcore shoppers are already planning their Black Friday 2010. Harbor Freight is the first store to have its Black Friday ad released. The Harbor Freight Black Friday ad is exciting for people planning to buy tools, plus it marks the beginning of this year’s
Ghost town

Advance America stock tumbles after store closures

After the Arizona ban on payday lending went into effect, and new legislation is being passed in Colorado, Advance America announced it was closing more than 100 store locations nationwide.  One of the nation’s largest payday lenders, and one of the few that grew large enough to be publicly traded, is shutting down 122 stores
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Millions of dead fish join dead birds phenomenon

Two incidents of large numbers of dead fish have been reported in the last week. One incident was reported in Arkansas about the same time as hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky, and another massive fish die-off has been reported in Maryland. Massive numbers of dead fish washing ashore Two recent incidents of
Cutting Shears

Personal loans rise as credit cards fall

During economic recessions, you expect people to tighten their belts and cut down on their use of credit, of any form.  It is certainly true that some tightening has happened, but it isn’t as much as you’d think.  It is instead the case that some forms of consumer credit are being used more, while others

Facebook Sells, Set Up Your Network Now

First things first: Get Facebook friends I am sure everyone has noticed all of the Facebook profiles popping up that are solely for the purpose of selling something. As you can probably imagine, people see through those pretty quickly. When a company poses as a person and tries to get Twitter followers and Facebook friends
Iditarod Sled Dogs

2010 Iditarod : Running with history

It’s only been around since 1973, but the Iditarod dog sled race is one yearly sporting event that has been steeped in history. Alaskan natives have used teams of dogs to run the long, snowy trails for hundreds of years. The Iditarod race, with nearly 1,149 miles of mountains, forests, and seaside trails, is a
citizenship oath after passing us citizenship test

U.S. citizenship test would challenge many U.S. citizens to pass

The U.S. citizenship test is a step immigrants must take when they apply to become “naturalized.” For years, the U.S. citizenship test has been compiled from a list of  standard questions on topics that most people are expected to learn in elementary school. Whether many U.S. citizens by birth and certain political candidates could pass
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California Approves Energy Standards for Televisions

Plasma power restrictions in place Always a trailblazer for green policies, California today approved a policy that will put in place efficiency regulations for televisions. These regulations have become necessary thanks to liquid-crystal display and plasma high-definition TVs, which use more than three times as much power as their old-fashioned counterparts. Energy standards have been
Rick Scott, multi-millionaire lover or Medicare fraud (Photo:

Rick Scott: Multimillionaire, Mastermind of Town Hall Riots

The $1.7 billion man If you’re wondering who is primarily responsible for organizing the barbaric efforts to sabotage the Democratic town halls across the nation, wonder no longer. The man’s name is Rick Scott, and he is in charge of the Web site Conservatives For Patients Rights. He is a multimillionaire ex-hospital CEO whose company
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New York Mets sued by Bernie Madoff trustee Irving Picard

The New York Mets have been used to coming in second when it comes to the race for New York City baseball fans’ hearts. However, when it comes to profiting from Ponzi schemes, ESPN reports that the New York Mets – as well as team owner Fred Wilpon and family – have been finishing first.
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Are payday loan debt trap impossible to prove?

It is almost impossible to prove that such a thing exists as a payday loan debt trap. Like many social issues, the truth is a lot more complex than many would like to admit. For instance, it is true that a lot of people who borrow money from payday lenders take out multiple loans. However,

Secured Credit Cards Can Help Reestablish Credit

Secured credit cards can improve credit ratings A secured credit card is a good way to reestablish credit. Even for those who do not have a bad credit history, a secured credit card can be a safe way to control spending and avoid bad debt. Knowing exactly what these cards are and how they work
Unemployment money

Federal government might defer interest on unemployment loans

Though it still needs to go several rounds through Congress, the president has submitted his budget. One line-item has many states taking a second look at their budgets. States that took out federal loans to pay for unemployment may be able to defer interest for another few years. Unemployment insurance loans In order to pay
Top secret information slated to be released via Wikileaks.

Military info exposed again by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has been put on the map for exposing military secrets, specifically involving the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the site is at it again. WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization founded by human rights campaigners, journalists and the general public, is about to expose an estimated 400,000 documents on the war in Iraq that are
Check out where the jobs will be.

Specialists in Short Term Loans, Health Care and Compliance

The future job market Specialists in short term loans, finances and money in general, are set for the next decade, or so says a recent study of the hottest jobs around. According to the study, Financial Examiners and Compliance Officers should be the nation’s two hottest career choices in the next 10 years. The Labor