How to Make Money on Twitter – Part One

How to Use Twitter as a Fast Cash Opportunity

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Just a few years ago, twitter was something people did with their thumbs when bored. Today, it still involves using your fingers, but engaging in Twitter connects you to a world of people with similar interests. For those in debt or who are involved in a charitable effort and frantically searching for ways of making fast cash, why not consider the opportunities literally at your fingertips via social networking?

The following are a few possible ways of making fast cash on Twitter:

Promote a Business or Service

This one is obvious, but if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to start. Everyone from your neighborhood Avon lady to Bill Gates is using Twitter to promote their business. People engage in social networking with others based on their common interests. Now, we all know that, in business, what you’re selling first to the public is yourself. So, since you’ve already been successful in selling yourself, making friends and building a following, why not take the next step in inviting your online networks to do business with you?

Sell Your Stuff

Look around your house and consider that any gently used items you’re not using anymore can be sold to someone else. When you find yourself in debt and in need of fast cash, think of Twitter as your own personal garage sale site and offer these useful wares to your followers.

Get Paid to Tweet

A lot of business owners would like to advertise on Twitter, but don’t have the time to engage in social networking. Therefore, smart entrepreneurs have taken to paying others, who are savvy at social networking, to tweet about their special sales, discounts, new products, special events, etc. Rates for this service may vary according to the amount of people following you or if you have to establish a separate account and build a following for each particular client, but the payoff can be big if you work hard at it. While having one client pay for this service may not produce enough fast cash to get you out of debt, if you extend this service to multiple clients, you just may be able to get the cash you need while building a new business niche.

Sponsored Tweets

It is rumored that Kim Kardashian charges up to $10,000 for sponsored tweets running in her timeline. Now, while you probably don’t have the following that Ms. Kardashian does and, therefore, cannot charge nearly what she and other celebrities do for sponsored tweets, you can still benefit from sponsored tweets. Internet companies, like exist for the sole purpose of connecting you with businesses willing to pay you for the opportunity to advertise to your followers.

In part two of How to Make Money on Twitter, you will learn more on how to use social networking to make fast cash, but you’ll also learn how to use sites like Twitter to save money when you need to tighten your budget or raise money for charity. Individuals who are serious about making fast cash on the Internet to get out of debt can do so with these tips and other creative social networking ideas that are applied with serious effort.

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