Going Green While Reducing Debt

Green Debt Reduction

Reducing debt is at the forefront of most people’s minds, as is saving money. Anyone who has ever needed emergency cash or a short-term personal loan, knows the importance of both of these. In order to reduce debt, budgeting is necessary and so is reducing the amount of money spent on household costs. If people are able to save money while, at the same time, save the environment, shouldn’t everyone do so?

Five Green Debt Reduction Tips:

Green Debt Reduction Tip Number One – Change Household Lighting

Most people have heard of energy-efficient light bulbs and are using them. However, not everyone has considered the high cost of chandeliers and other multi-bulb lighting fixtures, which are common in most homes. Each bulb in these fixtures costs money every time they are lit. Instead, those who are serious about debt reduction and going green may want to consider changing to single-light fixtures. If style is an issue, shop around for pendulum lighting designs, which offer single-bulb solutions without sacrificing style.

Green Debt Reduction Tip Number Two – Waterless or Composting Toilets

While this debt reduction suggestion may sound a bit odd, those who are using waterless or composting toilets to save on their home water bills swear that they are worth it. These type of toilet fixtures are affordable, easy to install, require very little maintenance, do not require water and are actually quite sanitary to use. They are mostly available online or at chain home remodeling stores.

Green Debt Reduction Tip Number Three – Unplug Unused Appliances

Believe it or not, microwave ovens, water coolers, DVD players, computers and other electrical gadgets all continue to use energy even when they are not turned on. Therefore, money-conscious individuals looking to reduce debt while going green have found that unplugging unused equipment saves big on monthly utility debt and helps to save the environment.

Green Debt Reduction Tip Number Four – Redo Insulation

The insulation in most homes allow carbon emissions into the earth’s atmosphere at a very high rate. This is because insulation that was installed years ago was not created with a large focus on saving the environment. However, alternatives now exist, which will reduce home energy costs while allowing far fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Green Debt Reduction Tip Number Five – Downsize

Those with spare bedrooms, bathrooms and other space not regularly used may want to consider moving to a smaller residence. Doing so will significantly lower heating and cooling costs, as there is less space needing temperature control. Of course, downsizing will also most probably lower monthly rent or mortgage payments, as well. Debt reduction often means sacrifice and if several hundred dollars per month can be saved, just by living in a smaller space, most people find this advice to be worthwhile.

You can help–right in  your own home!

Debt reduction strategies like these have proven to be very helpful for individuals who are determined to save money while saving the environment. While most debt reduction strategies stress the importance of cutting excessive spending on luxuries, few people realize the savings to be found right inside of their own homes. As well, saving money generally tends to be for personal motives, but as more people realize the importance of efforts to save the earth, the strategies shared here will become more commonplace in homes all over the world.

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