Debtors Anonymous Helps Compulsive Spenders

When a Payday Loan Isn’t the Only Help That’s Needed

Do you know someone with a shopping addiction?

Debtors Anonymous may be the solution many compulsive spenders are searching for. The frequent need for payday loans, bad credit and the inability to save money are all warning signs of compulsive spending. While the need for short-term loans and bad credit can also be attributed to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or divorce, for many, they are also symptoms of a larger issue. It is because of these issues that Debtors Anonymous was created.

Control Spending Using Twelve Steps

Functioning as a twelve step program in the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous provides tools and support to help those with serious spending issues regain control over their lives, once again. With chapters all over the United States, including online meetings, many people have turned to them to stop cycles of bad debt and poor spending control.

Participation is Free and Groups are Widely Available

With Debtors Anonymous, membership is completely anonymous, as their name implies. Further, membership is not required for participation, nor are fees ever charged. Individual chapters are operated through committed volunteers who have experienced the perils of debt and, having survived their individual ordeals, are serious about helping others along the same path to debt-free living.

Shame-Free Help

Individuals who have tried following the debt reduction strategies detailed on this site and elsewhere are encouraged to take an honest look at themselves and determine whether or not they can truly manage to overcome debt without additional support. If the answer to this question is no, perhaps a group environment where support is given, accountability is expected and strategies are shared may help. There should be no shame in reaching out to Debtors Anonymous or other supportive programs. Although severe debt is known to cause intense stress, true shame comes with knowing that help is needed and that it is available, but avoiding it anyway.

Further, if debt is causing shame, excessive stress, depression or contributing to abusive behaviors, it is precisely these individuals who may need the help provided by a debt support group. Also, those who find themselves avoiding creditors or who are facing absolute financial ruin are encouraged to consider the possibility of what a helpful organization like Debtors Anonymous may be able to provide.

Assessing Spending Habits

A need for payday loans, alone, is not an indication of a serious mental or emotional problem. Neither is bad credit. Personal loans are a way to access fast cash when a serious need for it catches one off guard or when slight overspending has caused a temporary shortage of cash. At one time or another, almost everyone has experienced similar financial setbacks. However, those who find that they are seldom able to make it through a month without requesting a personal loan, either from a payday loan company or another individual, as well as those who find that they cannot stop spending money on miscellaneous unnecessary items – even when they know that they are strapped for cash – are precisely those for whom meetings provided by Debtors Anonymous are recommended.

No Excuses

There is no need to struggle with debt and overspending. Sure, many find themselves faced with these dilemmas, but usually find relief through a short-term loan or cash advance. In an economy where many are without jobs or have been faced with drastic financial hardships, a shortage of cash isn’t abnormal by any stretch of the imagination. Individuals who make a decent salary, but who find that they are still submerged in debt due to their own poor spending habits may find that Debtors Anonymous can help and should not delay accessing their services any longer.

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