Where is our world heading?

Robbed at gunpoint

(Photo: Your Good Buddy/Flickr/CC BY-SA)

Some of the changes we have seen in our world today are greatly affecting the entire population and future generations. Violence, sex, crime, drugs, AIDS, deforestation and pollution of our air and water are just a few of the issues plaguing our lives. Millions of people are feeling the long-lasting effects of these problems.

Do you feel safe?

Do you leave your doors unlocked or feel safe walking in your neighborhood at night? About 35 years ago, many people were comfortable with doing both, but all that has changed. Now, most people lock and dead bolt their doors; more and more homes have an alarm system in place to help them feel safe.
Wearing expensive jewelry or clothing, like leather and mink, is a risk.

Many are in fear of being robbed while pulling money out at ATMs. They are reluctant to carry cash in their wallets anymore. Instead of going to a walk-in payday loan store, many feel safer to request a same-day cash advance loan from the comfort and security of their homes.

Under the influence of drugs

Today’s crime is more violent, and it seems there are more gangs on the streets these days. Many innocent people, including the elderly and children, have been caught in the middle of drug-related occurrences and have been killed or badly wounded. Now drugs are among the main causes of violence and crime. Not only does the drug trade give huge political and economical power to drug lords, it also finances an enormous amount of the crime we see today.

Cocaine is one of the greatest influences on crime and terrorism in the world. Many have come to realize that there is a great payout in crime, and this has changed our world as we once knew it into becoming a more violent and dangerous place to live.

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