Technology and crime | An evolution of criminal deeds


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Technology has been the fulcrum of human knowledge and civilization’s progression. Every epoch in history has been significantly defined by technology. In fact, technology is the fruit of the human drive for knowledge. It is the culmination of man’s brilliance and ingenuity. Technology has paved a new, improved way to obtain quick financing when needed, through an installment loan or a low-rate personal loan, among other forms. It has given people significant power and advantage compared to every other creature on the planet. Humans’ use of technology has given people the power to determine their own future, opening a wide array of possibilities.

The bane of technology

Along with the boon of technology comes its bane. It has been placed into inexperienced and unrestrained hands, giving them power beyond comprehension. Technology has provided so much for people, but it in turn has heaped upon humanity, pain, malevolence, conflict and death. From this, we can be certain that technology can yield both good and bad. It all depends on its use and application. This is the social issue of the 21st century — how much use of technology is too much.

Evolution of crime

Recently, a Russian prisoner orchestrated a theft from his jail cell using a mobile phone. Technology’s empowering effect also means it can be employed in crimes. Technology makes it easier to carry out criminal deeds. Crimes have evolved with the progression of technology. New technology brings with it new ways of committing crimes. This extensively challenges the government in terms of law enforcement and crime prevention.

Government measures

Government, law enforcement agencies and crime prevention units struggle to contain crimes. These are affected further by the extensive use of technology in modern age. Usually, commission of crimes using technology often is not differentiated by those without, and it is sometimes punished similarly. This situation only heightens the use of technology in criminal undertakings. Tougher measures are required when common day appliances become means by which laws are violated, rights hampered and law and order jeopardized.


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