Military leaks in modern times

Top secret files

Information is the lifeblood of modern society. (Thinkstock)

In the age of computers, the Internet, extensive use of mobile phones and other portable advanced communications devices, keeping secrets is an ever-growing challenge. This, along with armed services, is a major concern today, as the armed services ability to serve as a potent defense of a state as well as their capacity to wage war heavily depends on information. To be effective they must have more information than the enemy. This has become perhaps the most urgent issue faced by armed services globally.

Absence of security

The lack of security opens the modern state to attack. Attacks could be indirect through proliferation of information. Imagine terrorists gaining access to restricted information regarding the military or the industrial secrets of a state’s economy, which could then be used to directly assault the state or undermine its stability. Due to the growing avenue for distribution of information, restricting its circulation has become difficult, especially information of a classified nature. Many have stumbled upon information while performing simple tasks online, like requesting installment loans for bad credit or emergency no fax cash advances and performing miscellaneous Internet searches.

Information age warfare

Warfare throughout human history has been determined primarily by the technology of the time. In the 21st century, which is known as the “information age,” information was a dangerous weapon. Therefore, the access to information could be the main concern of the military and the prime target of the enemy. In recent news, military institutions in the U.S. are preparing to deal with the anticipated release of restricted documents on the war in Iraq by the WikiLeaks website.

Security issues

There is a growing movement demanding greater disclosure on the part of the military in terms of its operations and activities. Perhaps the public has the right to know, but this right will be catered to at the expense of national security. This is the kind of undesirable trade-off that would exist. In fact, countries expend much effort and resources dealing with leaks and the consequences they have on security.



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