Marriage: Falling in love again

A happy coupleMarriage is defined in several forms, aspects and beliefs. Marriage is an institution that recognizes and unites cultures and traditions. With this comprehensive meaning of marriage, there are still many couples who forget the real essence of this intended lifelong bond. Center for Disease Control recently released a detailed study on the national marriage and divorce rates. Based on National Vital Statistics reports, there were 306.8 million Americans who got a divorce in 2009. This number was higher than the previous year.

Marriages coming apart

The Center for Disease Control’s study showed certain causative factors attributing to the growing nullification of marriage. Some couples are so busy with their work and financial obligations in the family they slowly begin to neglect each other. Some break their promises of loyalty while others become physically and emotionally abused by their significant others.

Securing a marriage

Sometimes, marriage is accompanied with sadness and difficulties. Past events are important features of our lives. It is advisable to reminisce over romantic events, instead of the traumatic ones. There could be a certain point in a married life where we begin to regret the current situation, perhaps due to many responsibilities in the household. It is effective to communicate these sentiments in a calm and straightforward manner. Honesty is still the best policy. Unfortunately, we all have our flaws; both parties should accept each other – even disgusting, humiliating mannerisms or routines. Choice is a basic human right. We choose our partner. It is not purely on fate so, whoever it is, it’s always our decision. A famous writer said, “True love can only happen after you’ve fallen out of love, when you begin choosing to love, even if you don’t feel like doing it.”

Falling in love again

Boredom can cause devastation in married couples. Adventure is one way to rekindle the flame of passion. There is no absolute rule on how to maintain a loving, sweet and cozy environment within a marriage. But it is worthwhile to consider the possibilities of falling in love again with our spouse, rather than resorting immediately to divorce. Marriage involves effort. Love stays forever — if we constantly work on it. Sometimes couples seek the help of marriage counselors to work things out, even if it requires some form of quick financing, such as a payday loan or an installment loan. Before you make the decision to divorce, consider your options.


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