Imagine life without Google – is it still possible?


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I often hear people say “Google it” as if Google is something one cannot do without. Of course, this may seem slightly dipping in exaggeration, but yet I have experienced it to be true at times. I wonder what life would be like without the computer and Internet. Would we be counting the days by the number of full moons, deciphering stone tablets and bartering silk sheets for bushels of barley?

Internet origin

According to Wikipedia, Charles Babbage originated the concept of a programmable computer. He is credited for inventing the first mechanical computer that eventually led to more complex designs. About 111 years after his death, the idea of a global network was formed from internetworking. An abbreviation of internetworking, Internet, was adopted from the first Request for Comments published on the Transmission Control Program protocol in December 1974 by Vinton Cerf, Yogen Dalal and Carl Sunshine.

Google functions

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded a search engine in September of 1998 called Google, Inc. Marziah Karch from Guide writes, “Google is one of the five most popular websites in the world. It is a web search engine that lets you find other sites on the web based on keyword searches. Google also provides specialized searches through blogs, catalogs, videos, news items and more. Google provides Internet services that let you create blogs, send e-mail and publish web pages. Google has social networking tools, organization tools and chat tools, services for mobile devices, and even Google branded merchandise.”

This makes almost anything just a click away. Business, communication and education have become incredibly convenient and efficient. The world and lives in general have never been explored at so broadly and yet at such close range, thanks to the Internet and search engines like Google. From instant payday loans online and no-hassle payday installment loans to your favorite toy on eBay, you can find almost anything you want in almost no time at all.

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