Staying in touch with good memories

A happy family

(Photo: jmayer1129/Flickr/CC-BY)

Taking a trip down memory lane regularly helps keep you focused on the good things in life. This is a recommended method for creating even more of those fond memories. You have already created good memories, and staying in touch with them is key. We forget many good memories as we labor through daily living, but there are ways to help you remember them. This fun and easy project will keep your mood up.

Keeping up with good memories

All you need is a computer, scanner and your boxes of photos. If you don’t already have a scanner, they can be purchased very inexpensively at an office supply store. They sometimes get outdated quickly, but they still work great for this. I once picked up a brand new printer/copier/scanner/fax machine for only $40! I didn’t even need a payday loan or cash advance loan, and it still works great for me.

The set up

Start downloading the photos onto your computer. As you are saving them, make sure to store them all in the main file, labeled “My Pictures” or “Pictures.” Once you have downloaded all the photos you want, organize and categorize them into sub-categories and label each folder. It should be a simple drag-and-drop job. Remember, though, to backup the files elsewhere in case your computer crashes. Now comes the really fun part.

Go to Smilebox, Hallmark or any other online card-making site and create an “I love you” or “thinking about you” e-card or print card, using your photos of family and friends. They, too, will love the trip down memory lane, and it will help them stay in touch with all the good memories you’ve shared together.

Screen-saver option

Another option you can consider is to use the photo screen-saver option. This is very easy to set up, and it scrolls through every photo and video in the file you tell it. (This is why you want them all in one major file.) As you are going about your day, you can be reminded of all the wonderful memories in your life.

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