Is criticism hard for you to take?

A shadow image of two men in a criticizing debate.

How do you respond to criticism? (Thinkstock)

Many of us at one time or another have been a victim of criticism. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Sometimes a person may criticize others to put himself or herself in a better light. However, for the most part, criticism comes from a person who cares about you. Perhaps your husband says something about your cooking, your wife says you should wear a different tie with that suit, a friend says something about your child’s welfare. Sometimes criticism comes in a more correctional manner, like from a boss or a loving parent.

How do you respond to criticism?

No matter the case, how do you respond to criticism? Do you take offense and become agitated, or do you accept it as constructive? It can be hard to accept criticism because often our first reaction is to become emotional and think it is none of their business. Still, others may lose their self-confidence and feel they don’t do anything right.

Make improvements

You may not like it when someone criticizes you, and that is a normal way to feel. You can learn to accept criticism, however, without overreacting. You can work on improving some ways that may help lessen the impact criticism has on you. The effects may not be completely removed, but we can better learn to give the benefit of the doubt and try to understand why someone is giving their opinion, as others can see things about ourselves that we cannot.

Do we criticize ourselves?

We may be very critical of ourselves, so when we hear something negative we become overly sensitive about it.Noting what someone says may help us work on personal improvements. If the one pointing out something about you is upset, try to stay calm as this disarms the person and opens the way for better communication.

Learn to accept it

Remember that how we react to criticism can help when we deliver it ourselves. Some people may criticize you if you have short term money problems and need assistance through a bad credit payday loan or a short term loan from time to time. Whatever your reasons are, learn how to accept criticism without letting it get to you.

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