Good Budgeting Eliminates Need for Costly Online Installment Loans

There are many kinds of online installment loans, and these include bad credit installment loans for people with low-to-medium credit scores. Loans can prove to be lifesavers when financial emergencies arise, but they often carry high interest rates. Over time, the extra money that you spend servicing your debt can easily generate severe financial difficulties,

Bounced Check Fees Exceed Cash Advance Loan Fees by Billions

Bank overdraft fees have begun drawing more opposition than cash advance loan fees because these unexpected costs often trap consumers in cycles of debt. According to an article posted at, overdraft fees often lead to additional bounced checks, and the costs multiply out of control. Many consumers face impossible challenges to cover these costs.

CFPB Aims to Eliminate the so-called Payday Loan Debt Trap

The payday loan industry actively tries to trap people in cycles of debt that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is attempting to eliminate, according to a recent article posted at A payday loan is typically a short-term loan of between $100 and $500 that consumers can easily obtain when they need small amounts of

Overdraft Fees of up to 17,000 Percent Make Online Installment Loans Look Cheap

A recent analysis conducted by CNNMoney and SNL Financial found that three of America’s largest banks, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, made more than $6 billion from just overdraft and ATM fees last year. The excessiveness of the fees caused so much frustration throughout the country that they became an issue during

So-Called Holiday Loans are Simply Payday Loans Under a Different Name

The holidays are a stressful financial time for many people. During the Christmas season, expenses start to escalate due to the need to pay for travel, parties and gifts. When unplanned expenses put a strain on the budget, Christmas loans may become a tempting option. However, these so-called Christmas loans are simply payday loans under

Online Cash Advance Loans Rife with Fraud, FTC Warns

Cash advance loans advertising quick money is a temptation for those who are experiencing a cash shortage. However, online cash advance loans are rife with fraud, FTC warns. According to the Federal Trade Commission, lenders don’t always follow regulations. They violate the law by lying about fees and by requiring cash advance borrowers to give

A Payday Loan Make the Holidays Even More Expensive

If money is tight during the holidays, then using a payday loan to cover Christmas costs is tempting since the lending option gives borrowers access to hundreds of dollars. However, payday loans make the holidays even more expensive. High fees cause the interest rates for payday loans to escalate to outrageous levels, increasing the price

Pawn Shops Offer a Cheaper Alternative than a Payday Loan

Pawn shops tend to get a bad rap. These businesses are often lumped into the same category as payday loan and auto title loan lenders. However, pawn shops are a cheaper alternative than payday loans. Pawn shops operate by giving people loans with personal property as collateral. Many shops allow loan borrowers to repurchase their