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Tax Free Weekend NC | Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Aid for families in need In this recession, people are looking for ways to save money. No matter what rabbit hole they need to dig into, people are counting on pennies saved whenever possible. In places like North Carolina where unemployment has grown at a staggering pace, people need some kind of relief. For instance,
A solider playing "Taps" at Arlington National Cemetery during winter. There's scandal at Arlington National, where graves are apparently mislabeled and at least one grave was doubled up with bodies.

Arlington National Cemetery cannot keep bodies sorted

Running a cemetery is a more difficult business than many people assume, particularly a cemetery of the size and prestige of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Unfortunately, Arlington National Superintendent John Metzler and his deputy Thurman Higginbotham are being replaced after a series of scandalous mixups involving mislabeled graves and at least one service member’s

Financial Aid Helps Offset College Costs

Financial assistance is available from a variety of sources Each year, parents and students search for financial aid resources to help pay for college costs. While it can be overwhelming to think about, particularly when prior financial preparations have not been made, financial aid for college can be a life saver. Financial assistance for college
The Morgan Stanley Building in Time Square, NYC (Image from jimyi, Flickr.com)

The Strategic Default | When Billionaires Walk, Millions Talk

Strategic Default As a corporation, Morgan Stanley can only be termed as gigantic because at the end of the second quarter, they had assets in the area of $213.2 billion. Here was a company that was good enough to meet any of their obligations made by its operating units. Morgan Stanley, however, defied logic by
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Borrowing Money, Buying Houses and Credit Debt Are All Changing

The 2009 recessionary year in review The year 2009 was filled with budget shortfalls, difficulties with borrowing money, and problems with real estate. The recession was difficult on everyone, including both businesses and consumers. Now that the recession has been deemed officially “over” by experts, it is a time for financial cleanup. Though there were
the brown water of a flooding river

Tennessee flooding: Cumberland River swamps Nashville

Tennessee flooding has left at least 11 people dead as parts of the state have been drenched with up to 20 inches of rain over the weekend. Tennessee flood warnings from the National Weather Service continue; however, very little rain is expected for the rest of the week. The Cumberland River swelled to 50 feet
iPhone alarm

iPhone glitch means Daylight Saving Time 2010 alarms will be late

The fall Daylight Saving Time 2010 switch is officially set to begin at 2 a.m. on Nov. 6. As was discovered when Europe’s Daylight Saving Time 2010 switched over, there is an iPhone glitch that doesn’t register the change. If you use your iPhone as an alarm, then you need to take extra steps to

Googlers again needing dictionary for vitriol

For those of us who pay attention these sorts of things, Google Trends and Google Hot Searches can be quite telling.  One of the big searches for Friday, April 2, was the term “vitriol.” Granted, it is sort of an obscure word. Some people put a lot of instant cash in them that their college,
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From Short Term Loans to Hiring, Communication is Key

From Short Term Loans to Hiring, Communication is Key Goals of a business owner From getting a short term loan to hiring new employees, small business owners need to be good communicators. Regardless of what daily task a business owner takes on, he or she has to know how to effectively communicate what is needed,

Pennsylvania Rep. John “Jack” Murtha dead at 77

Democrat Vietnam vet criticized Iraq, rolled pork barrels I noticed that a controversial figure in American politics has died. Jack Murtha, a former Vietnam war veteran who brought a great deal of heat to America’s efforts in Iraq, has rolled his last pork barrel. I don’t mean to be flippant about that last point; he
Eggs ready for a whisk

Whipped Beaten Culinary Works | Cooking, with expletives added

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke — Whipped Beaten Culinary Works has come out with a cookbook that will definitely make your eyes pop. Billing itself as “The Most Hilarious cookbook ever published,” the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works cookbook is the result of a few alcohol-laden evenings of three friends in Chicago. The pictures
Cartoons from the '80s

Childhood cartoons on Facebook | Child abuse needs more than this

In yet another Facebook “cause” blast, users are changing their profile to pictures of cartoon characters. Cartoons from the 80’s and cartoons from the 90’s are proving most popular. This is a move intended to bring awareness to child abuse. Pictures of cartoon characters as profile pictures on Facebook “Change your FB profile picture to

AIG Has “Excellent Chance” to Repay Bailout Money

Will it be enough to restore confidence? Of all the companies the United States government has bailed out during this recession, few have drawn as intense a degree of the public’s ire as American International Group, the company that is commonly known as AIG. Their indiscriminate use of the credit default swap seemingly didn’t include

Chocomize | Custom chocolate with a charitable twist

Chocomize, a company based in Cherry Hill, N.J., is the latest in build-your-own tastyness. Chocomizing will let you choose your chocolate and up to 100 add-ins, and deliver it right to your door in just a few days. The chocolate from Chocomize can be ordered one-at-a-time or in bulk — however you prefer. The appeal
The Pentagon City Metro Station

John Patrick Bedell left an extensive digital archive as JPatrickBedell

Yesterday evening, a man officials believe to be John Patrick Bedell in a business suit and armed with two semi-automatic weapons opened fire on the Pentagon. He was killed in the ensuing gunfight, but John Patrick Bedell leaves behind a digital archive laden with conspiracy theories, anti-government manifestos, and new economy theories based on “information
Rather than being a product of impulse or vanity, payday loans are a reflection of consumers' reaction to a harsh economic climate. (Photo: flickr.com)

Payday Loans and Tax Rebates: How Consumers Handle Shocks

Educated Consumers Use Payday Loans During the Recession There currently exists no definitive study of how payday loans are used. Researchers from both sides of the aisle (pro and anti-payday loan interests) are working on it, however. For now, there are studies like “What Do High-Interest Borrowers Do With Their Tax Rebate?” by Marianne Bertrand
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Shannon Lee Dedrick | Seven month-old Baby Found Under Bed

There’s Never an Excuse Child cruelty is something I do not take too kindly to. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, placing a child in any type of danger is absolutely intolerable. Being a responsible parent requires time and mass amounts of love and effort. Of course, things can get