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Professor Alan Gin: San Diego County job decline leveling

In keeping with the national trend of recession, San Diego County’s job outlook isn’t exactly as shiny as a new catamaran. However, as University of San Diego economics professor Alan Gin recently told the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club, San Diego is no longer shedding jobs at a record pace. As the La Mesa Patch reports,
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How to avoid personal finance mistakes that cost a lot of money

A lot of people make financial mistakes by spending money without thinking. Living for today and forgetting about tomorrow can get you in trouble. Of course, nobody is perfect and it’s no fun being a tightwad. But personal financial management will help you avoid big mistakes that hold you back from where you really want
Iced Coffee

Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day 2010 | Not so fast

For years, fans of Dunkin Donuts have looked forward to free iced coffee, and many were excited about Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day 2010. It was a surprise, then, when the Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day 2010 Facebook page lit up with complaints. At about $1.95 for a small, a Dunkin Donuts iced
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Online cash advance

Do you know what an online cash advance is? Do you know the guidelines you must follow in order to get this loan? Most people don’t and aren’t aware of the type of money they can get with this loan. Before you submit your application for an online cash advance, let’s find out how it
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Texas student fined hundreds for one swear word

In one Texas classroom, there is a new punishment for swearing. A student who let loose one swear word has been charged $637. The 17-year old senior was technically ticketed for disorderly conduct and abusive language. Swearing student has to pay $637 in a fine On Oct. 6, 2010, Victoria Mullins swore in front of

The Role of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Introducing the OCC Readers of financial reports are certain to encounter references to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. While not every organization with such an imposing-sounding name has a correspondingly important function to perform, this allegation cannot be made about the OCC. This agency is responsible for chartering and supervising American banks
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Securenext | Quality offshore software development

Finding the right software developer for your project can be an intimidating task, but Securenext is a United States based company that takes all the guesswork out of getting your project done right, on time and within budget. Securenext provides offshore development in PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails, iPhone OS, and more – allowing you
Cass Sunstein, the man who would replace Van Jones and could have been the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs if Republican senators had listened to all the information. (Photo:

Cass Sunstein | Obama’s New Green Czar?

The right pot is calling the left kettle black So much of what the right-wing media has to say about President Obama’s collection of personal advisers – “czars” – tends to take on an attack mentality. Countless talking heads from Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to the FOX News speaker of the moment compares each
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How to Reduce Monthly Variable Expenses

Don’t get caught off guard Everyone has some variable expenses in their budgets, and if you are not careful, an unexpectedly large electricity or gas bill can really break your budget. Payday loans can help in this situation, but the secret to staying on top of your budget is to reduce your variable expenses wherever
Night view of the Goldman Sachs building on the harbor front at Paulus Hook in, Jersey City, N.J.

Goldman Sachs takes aim at Senate report

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the securities firm Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., once described as a “financial snake pit, rife with greed, conflicts of interest and wrongdoing,” is preparing to strike back. The Wall Street Journal reports that the firm plans to counter the Senate’s financial crisis subcommittee’s 639-page report, which alleges that Goldman Sachs sought
firesheep sidejacking on open wireless network

Firesheep Firefox extension: sidejacking made easy makes a point

Firesheep is a Firefox extension that captures user names and passwords of anyone using the same open wireless network. Firesheep’s developer released the extension to demonstrate how exposed people are on open networks when they log into social network sites that employ cookies for user authentication. The good news is that certain Firefox extensions are
Hard workers can find quick help with online payday advance lenders.

A wide network of online payday advance lenders

The easiest way to find payday advance lenders is through the power of the Internet. Its power is unlimited. It has opened hidden doors to many monetary options, evolving with global demand. Within just a short time of its existence, the Internet has provided a powerful platform for job seekers, starting entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and

Save Cash Now That Your Retirement Is Funded

Maxing out retirement-fund contributions Many thrifty people are searching for investment options for cash now that they’ve made the maximum allowed retirement-fund contributions. Financial experts have been saying it for years — “invest your money for retirement” — and a new survey shows that a growing number of people are listening. These people are now

Avoid Personal Loans and Debt by Staying Healthy

Healthcare Insurance Costs Sky High Healthcare insurance was never cheap to begin with and has always been a strain on personal finances. With the cost of living now on the rise, many people are forced to take out personal loans to meet their expenses, including healthcare insurance. Rather than taking a loan to add to
Jimmy McMillan

Rent is Too Damn High party candidate Jimmy McMillan steals show

Jimmy McMillan is creating an online sensation. Last night, at the New York governor debate he upstaged front runners Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino. McMillan is running on the Rent is Too Damn High party ticket. Though Cuomo and Paladino are the most likely candidates to make it to office, the spotlight was stolen at
Young children of various races, singing together in a classroom. Children with Williams syndrome don't show racial biases, according to studies.

Williams syndrome: On being hypersocial and racially blind

If your young child doesn’t have any racial biases, it could be that they possess a rare genetic disorder called Williams syndrome, reports the New York Daily News. Behavioral therapists indicate that most of us develop a preference for people of our own ethnic group by the time we’re three years old. Whether this falls
illegal foreclosure documents in court

Growing foreclosure scandal raises call for nationwide moratorium

Evidence of illegal foreclosure practices have forced three major lenders to freeze evictions and foreclosure proceedings in 23 states. Wednesday the Justice Department announced it will investigate reports that some of the nation’s biggest mortgage lenders submitted illegal foreclosure documents to the courts. On Capitol Hill, House Democrats accused financial firms involved in the foreclosure