Making Money Online: Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing? With the current financial crisis and increased unemployment, many people have explored the various possibilities of making money online in an effort to subsidize their incomes. Those looking for online money-making possibilities have inevitably come across the concept of affiliate marketing. This is essentially the idea of promoting an online business
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Black Friday shopping ideas 2010

Before you go hunting for the best door-busters on Black Friday 2010, do some research. If you want the best deals, you’re going to have to plan ahead and create a game plan for the year’s biggest shopping event. Here are some Black Friday shopping tips to help you get the most out of this
Affiliate Choice Theme

Affiliate Choice free WordPress theme installation instructions

The Affiliate Choice theme is designed to help you maximize conversions on your affiliate website. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your site, and you’ll be up and running quickly. First, if you need to install WordPress on your own domain, start with the instructions on or your hosting provider. Many hosting providers
David Paterson

David Paterson drops reelection bid

NY Governor David Paterson will not seek another term Governor of New York State, David Paterson has announced that he will not seek another term as Governor of New York.  Paterson took over the office of previous governor Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer resigned from office in the wake of a scandal where he had been caught
a synopsis of the apple flash feud

Truce in Apple/Flash feud called with open app approval process

The Apple/Flash feud that began last spring appears to have run its course. Apple shocked the app developer world Thursday when it announced that the company is relaxing controversial restrictions on the tools developers are allowed to use to create iPhone and iPad apps. Apple added an aftershock to its announcement, saying that it would

Roth IRA may not be best decision for fast cash in retirement

Why to convert back Many people looking for fast cash converted their IRAs into Roth IRAs. The move may have been a quick one and now some consumers are rethinking the decision. The value of a Roth IRA can be considerably lower than its former value due to the conversion and the taxes that can
Yeonpyeong Island

North Korea bombs South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island

In a very sharp escalation of tensions, North Korea has attacked South Korea. Both North and South Korea confirm that Yeonpyeong Island was shelled this morning, though there is debate over which country shot first. At least 16 people, including civilians, have been injured in the skirmish, and several buildings continue to burn. Yeonpyeong Island

Unemployment Claims Spike

Same story, different week Last week, new unemployment claims increased for the second week in a row, reaching their highest point since November 2009.  At the same time, shipments and new orders of durable goods were weak as the economy continued to struggle toward recovery. For people without jobs — especially those who weren’t able
a galaxy harbors millions of planets that could harbor extraterrestrial life

Mazlan Othman as U.N. space alien ambassador is sci-fi

News that the United Nations is poised to appoint an alien ambassador spread like wildfire over the Internet Sunday. Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, head of the U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs, was reportedly in line for the job. Othman is on the record saying that, should it happen, humans need a coordinated response

How To Go About Organizing Your Bills

Bills, Bills, Bills You see them every day, and you hate to open them. What more exciting news could they possibly bring than reminding you of your obligation? Don’t they realize there is a recession going on? Do they think you have extra cash lying around? Rather than looking at them like the 800-pound ogre
Ted Kennedy campaigning in 1962 (Photo:

Sen. Ted Kennedy, 77, Dies After Brain Cancer Battle

One of the “most accomplished Americans” in history Those were the words of President Barack Obama from his eulogy for Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, the last surviving brother in what the Associated Press (at calls “an enduring political dynasty.” Democratic Senator Kennedy died due to complications caused by brain cancer. He was 77

Consumers In Search of Debt Relief Need to Stop Being Lazy

Consumers and laziness Many consumers today are looking for debt relief. Without knowing it, however, they have the solutions to many of their problems right in front of them. Due to the recession, now is not the time to be lazy about change or being proactive. Here are some things that need to be addressed

The Five Golden Rules of Financial Planning

The benefits of financial planning include stress reduction, wealth building and earning a high credit score. There’s an old adage that when a person fails to plan, they essentially plan to fail. Truer words were never spoken, particularly when it comes to planning for a sound financial future. The following five golden rules of financial

Cash advance Loans Can Help Fund Accurate Appraisals

The New Appraisal Dilemma Now that Americans are getting back to buying and selling real estate, many are willing to use  cash advance loans to fund various unexpected costs. One of the biggest concerns for any home seller is their appraisal. Although the price of a home can be based on the market assessment value,

Demand shrinking among businesses as durable goods prices rise

Weak demand has caused orders of durable goods to fall over the past month. Orders for durable goods, or manufactured goods that last for long periods of time, rose in January, but rising prices may have put a damper on the willingness of businesses to order such goods. However, orders for transportation items such as
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Apple TV rumors hit the grapevine the week after Google TV demo

Apple TV has been around since about four years before Google dominated tech headlines last month with the Google TV demo at Google I/O. The enthusiastic response to the Google TV demo apparently was a wake-up call for an Apple TV update. Barely a week after Google TV was announced, rumors about a new and
A photograph modeling what has happened to some infants in drop-side cribs. The side panel slides down and causes strangulation. Depicted here is an infant doll.

Drop-side cribs banned by U.S. government

For generations, thousands of U.S. parents put their infants in drop-side cribs because they were cheap and gave parents easy access to their child. But as the Associated Press reports, the era of drop-side cribs has officially come to an end. After the deaths of more than 30 infants and toddlers since 2000 and millions