Photo of a Great Value brand jar.

Walmart plans a healthy Great Value brand

After months of discussions with Michelle Obama, executives at Walmart have made a promise to make their food healthier. The Great Value brand is going to be reformatted. It will cut down on salt, sugar and trans-fat content. There have been similar promises from other companies. Record-high food prices make the timing of this move
A picture of a page from the U.S. Constitution. Numerous portions have been blacked out (redacted) for satirical effect.

Sept. 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Schools across the United States today are devoting at least a portion of the day to educate students about the Constitution of the United States on this, the 223rd anniversary of the document being signed. Fox News reports that public schools at a variety of levels (from elementary education to university) have been granted federal
Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel (Photo:

“Deadly Doctors” Column Exposes Obamacare (Pt .1)

Policing deadly doctors The battle over health care reform is making monkeys out of people on both sides of the political fence. There are thugs who make it their business to scream, bluster and whine in the most bellicose way possible so that people interested in intelligent debate are drowned out. There are others (even
Multiple posters of smiling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad posted on the side of a building. His cult of personality continues to stand defiantly against the majority of the world when it comes to uses of nuclear power.

Ahmadinejad laughs at U.S. sanctions on potential nukes

When it comes to U.S. sanctions on nuclear weapons, human rights violations or anything else, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has heard it all before. According to Iranian online news website PressTV, Ahmadinejad is prepared to simply “shrug off” any American threats of economic penalty. This time around, it’s over the claim that Iran is developing
Bank owned

Reverse Mortgages 101 | Reverse mortgages and how they work

Most people have seen the commercials pushing reverse mortgages as the path to financial security. Reverse mortgages and how they work can be a bit confusing. Reverse mortgages are a way of selling a home back to the bank over time — but the terms can be a bit confusing. Reverse mortgages and how they
House fire

Unpaid fee means firefighters let house burn in Tennessee

In Tennessee, rural firefighters let a house burn because the homeowner had not paid a $75 fee. While the fact that firefighters let Gene Cranick’s home burn has sparked outrage, it has also sparked discussion on the cost of public services. The debate about firefighters letting a house burn comes down to individual responsibility versus
Payday loans are heavily regulated in the Canadian province of Manitoba. This flies in the face of reason, as 310-LOAN's executive study indicates. (Photo:

Manitoba’s Judgment of Payday Loans Ignores Reason, Commerce

A Reasonable Argument, Rebuffed With Extreme Prejudice Governments both large and small often take it upon themselves to decide what consumers should or shouldn’t be able to do with their own money. Call this the “nanny state” mentality if you will. Regardless, it seems that a population is somewhat less than empowered if the ability
Fingers crossed

Credit cards may be worse for your credit score than you think

One of the rationales behind using credit cards, or at least using them on a semi-regular basis, is that if you use them occasionally and pay the balance immediately, it boosts your credit score. That may be partially true, but it may not actually be that simple. There are ways, in fact, that credit cards
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AstraZeneca Seroquel settlement reached

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has just reached a settlement with the Department of Justice over AstraZeneca Seroquel investigations.  The drug Seroquel, an anti-psychotic medication, has come under fire for being marketed for unapproved purposes.  The drugmaker has agreed to pay the Department of Justice $520 million in restitution.  It will hardly make them think about
Guaranteed Loans and Santa Clause have something in common

Guaranteed Loans: Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On

Are guaranteed loans just wishful thinking? There are no such things as guaranteed loans. (You kind of knew that when you asked.) But if you’re hoping to get cash fast, it’s guaranteed that Personal Money Store can almost always find a lender to grant your wish. There are no guaranteed loans, but payday loans are
Gov. John Lynch

New Hampshire governor vetoes title loan bill

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch vetoed a bill Wednesday that would raise the ceiling title loan lenders can charge. The bill would have allowed up to 25 percent interest charged monthly. The state joins 31 others in disallowing these kinds of loans. Short term loans secured by vehicle titles Title loans are short term loans
Sign posted at a school that reads "Bully-Free Zone." School bullying led to the suicide of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old freshman at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts.

Phoebe Prince tormentors indicted for role in her death

South Hadley, Massachusetts is the nice, comfortable middle-class suburb where Phoebe Prince was driven to commit suicide after incessant taunting, bullying and intimidation from a clique known as the “Mean Girls of South Hadley.” Nine teenagers in total have been indicted by Massachusetts District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel for a series of actions that are believed
Payday loans

Texas lawmakers propose SB 253 and HB 410 to limit payday loans

In Texas, there are more than 3,500 payday lenders. Two new pieces of legislation — Texas SB 253 and Texas HB 410 — have been introduced as a way to limit this short-term lending. Both of these bills seek to redefine “Credit Service Organization” to exclude payday loan stores. The Credit Service Organization exemption Texas

Savings Bonds: Are They the Best for Children’s Futures?

How savings bonds work U.S. Savings Bonds come in a number of types and denominations from $25 to $10,000. Traditionally, bonds were purchased at half their face value and accumulated interest until a maturity date that would make them worth their face value or more. For example, a $50 bond could be purchased for $25

Pregnant Woman Pregnant Again | A Rare Superfetation Case

A son conceived 2 ½ weeks after a daughter Todd and Julia Grovenburg of Arkansas are expecting new additions to their family. However, unlike the vast majority of expectant mothers with two kids on the way, Julia Grovenburg isn’t going to have twins, and the children aren’t going to be at least nine months apart.
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Get small, easy loans with instant decision

Getting small loans shouldn’t have to be an ordeal. That’s why we have made getting easy loans with instant decision a quick, no-hassle experience. Time is of the essence when unexpected money problems, no matter how big or small, come knocking at the door. Online loans with instant decision Applying for loans with instant decision
A montage of finance and retirement-related terms is pictured. With the blizzard of choices out there for finding unclaimed money, makes it easy for retirees to collect forgotten pensions. is protecting pensions across the United States

During a recession, websites like are priceless, particularly for experienced workers and retirees. Leave it to “The Early Show” to clue America in to how to find lost, missing or otherwise unclaimed money. The show recently pointed out to viewers that there is $33 billion in missing money out there, and sites like