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Same Sex Marriage Legislation Causes Spurt in Personal Loans

Same Sex Marriage Legislation Causes Spurt in Personal Loans Skeletons Out of the Closet When the legislation approving same sex marriages was signed in Maryland and Virginia, businesses of the region hoped to gain some of the money by couples looking to tie the knot, who are expected to come from other states where these
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Baby woolly mammoth clone expected to arrive within six years

A woolly mammoth clone could be born within six years if an international team of scientists reaches its goal. The scientists will attempt to grow a mammoth clone with cells taken from the carcass of a baby mammoth found preserved in Russian permafrost. Previous attempts to clone a mammoth have failed, but researchers are betting
Statues of men waiting in a Depression-era breadline that are part of the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C.

United States income gap at its widest since the Great Depression

Setting aside the idealism of the Declaration of Independence, we know it to be true that not all men, women and children are created equal. According to a recent piece in Slate, America is in the middle of a “Great Divergence,” a time when the income gap between the haves and the have-nots is as
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Yes, you really can get fast cash loans

Yes, you really can get fast day loans or short term loans. If you have struggled with less than perfect credit, another late payment on your credit report is the last thing you want. Luckily, even if you have bad credit and you need cash fast, there really are such things as same day loans,
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Unemployment Extension Made Official November 5, 2009

Unemployment benefits extended 13 weeks The unemployment extension, passed November 5, 2009, was included in a bill with the homebuyer tax credit, and now millions of Americans can continue to collect benefits. The homebuyer tax credit was extended to 2010 in April. The unemployment extension means workers whose unemployment insurance was set to run out
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Payday Loans No Faxing Required | Help in Distressing Situations

No faxing, fast credit checks in most cases Payday loans of the no faxing kind are a very beneficial lending product for people who depend solely on their paycheck for almost all of their monthly expenditures. Unless you are a billionaire or were born into a royalty, you’ll likely be in the class that lives

Man dies in a tortilla mixing machine in Brooklyn

It was an accident that seems more like it belongs on “Bones.” A man in Brooklyn died in a tortilla mixing machine. The 22-year old was pronounced dead on the scene. Man dies in tortilla mixing machine In Brooklyn, N.Y., a young man died while at work at the Tortilleria Chinantla in Williamsburg. Police were
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Start Your Application For Up To $1,000 Below Bad credit can sneak up on you Many types of people can use an online cash advance, including people with bad credit. People’s credit can be damaged because of large, unexpected expenses, like medical bills. Even people who are good with money can end up with bad credit because of accidents
Dell was first to bring us Netbooks.

Coming to America: Dell Mini 3 Smartphone

Dell Mini 3 jumps into the game Techies and gadget lovers must feel like their heads are going to explode this week — and the Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t even started yet! This week Google has shaken up the smartphone market big time with the release of Nexus One. The new gadget, which Google is

Cut down daily coffee expenses | Frappuccino recipe

Cutting your daily expenses can seem tough, at best. You’ve heard of a thousand ways to cut out the unnecessary treats, but there are some things — like coffee — that you just can’t give up. However, you really can reduce your expenses by mixing your own coffee-based beverages, and it will be even better
30-year fixed-rate mortgage

30-year fixed-rate mortgage tied to demise of Fannie and Freddie

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage could be history if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go away. Ridding taxpayers of the burden to prop up Fannie and Freddie is a goal supported by both Democrats and Republicans. But the demise of Fannie and Freddie will likely make getting a mortgage a luxury for a majority of Americans.

Dating on a Budget

Living within your means can be very romantic Dating on a budget takes creativity, but it can be meaningful and fun. Just because you need a loan till payday or a little cash advance, doesn’t mean that your love life has to suffer. You can still enjoy romantic, unforgettable dates when you are tight on
Ernst & Young building in New York's Time Square.

State of New York sues Ernst & Young for civil fraud

The questionable practices of U.S. investment and accounting houses continue to be exposed, thanks to the vigilance of officials like New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. According to the Wall Street Journal, Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against Ernst & Young for alleged civil fraud. Ernst & Young is being accused of helping Lehman Brothers
For National Grammar Day, an image of the George W. Bush's face surrounded by the slogan "I judge you when  you use poor grammar."

National Grammar Day 2010 | A plea to Internet users

Today is National Grammar Day, and in 2010 I think it is important to focus on digital communication. Although MySpace, Facebook and other social networks have created a world where more people than ever see the things we write, people seem to put less care into those things. Just for today, for National Grammar Day,
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Lenders Settling Debt on Credit Cards with Consumers

Settling Debt A new study is showing that many lending companies are settling debts on delinquent credit cards. As a new way of mitigating losses, many credit card companies are settling cards for notably less than the total amounts owed. Edward McClelland, a writer in Chicago, is a consumer who had an outstanding balance of