Mixed beans

Better Marriage Blanket toots a useful horn

Let us endeavor to keep any jokes out of discussion of the Better Marriage Blanket.  (I can’t promise I’ll be successful.) The Better Marriage Blanket indeed has a useful purpose, which is to save the nostrils of either or both partners in a loving relationship from suffering during the night because of … let us
Shots of four sets of eyes from different ethnic backgrounds, stacked one atop the other.

Feminist Muslim reform activist argues for racial profiling

Georgetown University journalism professor and feminist Muslim reform activist Asra Q. Nomani believes that it’s time for the United States to be pragmatic when it comes to homeland security, rather than being politically correct. In a recent op-ed piece in The Daily Beast, Nomani argues that racial profiling and religious profiling are the most practical
a three quarter panel shot of the Chevy volt

Will Chevy Volt battery warranty convince electric car skeptics?

The Chevy Volt lithium-ion battery has emerged as the most worrisome part of the electric car General Motors is staking its future on. To inspire confidence among potential buyers of a limited number of Chevy Volts, GM announced Wednesday that the Volt’s lithium-ion battery will be guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes
Apollo 11 Moon Landing Salute

Apollo Landing Back Up Tapes Lost | NASA Refurbishes Old Tapes

Apollo Moon landing tapes missing – possibly found? Certainly some among us remember watching the moon landing on July 20th, 1969. It was one of the most watched moments in all of televisions history. Neil Armstrong descended from the Lunar Module and said those famous words, becoming the first human being to walk on the
Eric Schmidt

Google earnings report comes with big surprises

Google released its quarterly earnings report today, and it contained many surprises. The Google earnings report showed stronger earnings-per-share than expected. The report also included the news that co-founder Larry Page will become the CEO. Q4 Google earnings report In accordance with financial regulations, Google has released its fourth quarter earnings report for 2010. The
A T-shirt parody of the "Enjoy Coke" logo. This shirt reads "Enjoy Capitalism." Part of capitalism is a free market economy that would not restrict the payday loan with unnecessary (or even harmful) rate caps.

UK Office of Fair Trading says no to payday loan rate cap

Payday loan rate cap laws have circulated in various forms through the halls of state-level politics in the U.S. for years. However, not all countries that allow payday lending to serve consumers in need of easy loans are so eager to institute a rate cap that could stifle the natural price controls present within a
drug smuggling passageway

Mexico tunnel discovery a drop in the drug smuggling bucket

The Mexico tunnel isn’t a new public works project from the Department of Transportation. The Mexico tunnel is a marijuana smuggling passageway linking San Diego and Tijuana. The Feds came down on the 1,800-foot long Mexico tunnel this week and seized 30 tons of pot. Mexico tunnel likely dug by drug cartel The Mexico tunnel
The Encylopedia of Scams

Man Goes to Prison for Payday Loan Scheme

A crime of a different color Most of the payday loan related crimes I write about involve petty thieves pointing guns in people’s faces and taking off with a bunch of cash. Today, however, I came across a payday loan crime of a different type. I don’t know if this guy was giving out fax

Short Term Loans and Debt Can Predict Market

Business post-recession Businesses are still looking to short term loans as a way to fund debt. Debt has always been around and most likely, always will be. Just ask John Paulson—he’s a hedge fund manager in New York. Back in 2006 his company was like a lot of other investment companies. It was mired in
LaShawn Merritt is pictured with two other runners.

LaShawn Merritt, gold medalist, fails drug test, faces ban

LaShawn Merritt, the reigning Olympic champion at 400 meters, has failed a drug test and faces a suspension. Merritt could be hit with a two-year ban from competition by U.S.A. Track and Field (USATF) after testing positive for a steriod he said he ingested unwittingly in an erectile dysfunction drug. The unlikelyhood of a 23-year-old
housing market

Housing market: Most in U.S. think now is the time to buy a home

The housing market has been suffering as home sales and home values continue to slide. People aren’t buying houses, but perhaps they would if they could. A recent poll shows that most Americans believe now is a good time to buy a home. Believing in a buyer’s market A lagging housing market has been a
Oceans of time have passed. Oh, to feel that joy of reunion. It is indescribable joy. (Photo: flickr.com)

Jaycee Lee Dugard, 29, Found After 18 Years

Abducted at 11, Reappeared at 29 When a child or children are abducted, life for a parent comes to a halt. Intense worry and thoughts of horror invade the senses, leaving you wondering why someone would do such a horrible thing to little ones so young and trusting. Innocence is a child’s right, and no
viktor bout merchant of death wares

Extradition of Viktor Bout, the Merchant of Death, angers Russia

Viktor Bout, an alleged international arms dealer dubbed the “Merchant of Death,” was extradited to the U.S. from Thailand on Tuesday. Bout, a Russian whose exploits inspired the 2005 movie “Lord of War” starring Nicholas Cage, has been in a Thai jail since his arrest in a 2008 sting. His extradition to face terrorism charges
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert team up to mock Glenn Beck

Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity a plea to moderate majority

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central’s brilliant pop culture raconteurs, staged dueling announcements for public rallies on their cable TV shows Sept. 16. The dueling events, scheduled for the National Mall on Oct. 30, satirize fellow comedian Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally that took place in front of the Lincoln Memorial in August. Stewart
vault at a bank

Banks used free Fed money in financial crisis to profit, not lend

The Federal Reserve loaned billions to big banks at near-zero interest to bail them out during the financial crisis. Those billions were intended to maintain the flow of credit and prop up the economy. Instead of loaning the money to individuals and small businesses, the banks reaped outrageous returns with the money by investing it

Montana I-164 | Payday lending on the ballot

The debate about payday lending and allowable interest rates has reached Montana. Initiative 164, a citizen’s initiative, will be on the ballots that start going out today. If the ballot measure passes, many short-term lenders say it will put them out of business. How lending in Montana is currently regulated The way payday lending and