google books settlement

Google Books ruling based on copyright and antitrust concerns

Google’s ambitious plan to digitize the world’s books was derailed by a New York federal judge. A $125 million settlement reached between Google and groups representing authors and publishers was rejected, mainly because of copyright and antitrust issues raised by Google’s rivals. Authors and publishers, which have become allies of Google in the case, said

Scoot Coupe | New Transportation Technology

Scoot Coupe combines motorcycle, car I have seen a vehicle that crossed a plane and a car before. The maker called it more of a “roadable aircraft” than a flying car. Today, I came across the Scoot Coupe, which is basically a combination motorcycle and car, but it’s really more of a motorcycle with bucket
Photo of reusable shopping bags.

Heavy metal poisoning could come from re-usable shopping bags

The consumer advocacy group Consumer Freedom has released a new report about re-usable shopping bags. The report identifies re-usable plastic bags as a lead exposure risk. This risk is especially pertinent because some cities are banning single-use bags. Lead found in re-usable shopping bags In December of 2010, Consumer Freedom, an advocacy group, collected re-usable
The ASEAN Organization

ASEAN and its role in border disputes among members

The structural alterations brought about by the end of the Cold War have renewed attention on regionalism and a reconsideration of the role of regional security organizations in supporting international peace and security. A number of factors account for this new enthusiasm. Among them is the fact that in the post-Cold War era, regional relations
Turkey for Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: Dinner menu ideas

Every year I struggle with the questions of what to make for Thanksgiving dinner. I either have too many ideas or I can’t come up with enough. So this year I have compiled a list of ideas for Thanksgiving dinner to help others put together their ideas of a perfect dinner, with or without a
Exterior of brick home with arched entryway

Can the housing market stand on its own?

After April, the housing market will be largely on its own. The Federal Reserve’s $1.25 trillion program of buying up mortgage-backed securities ends this month and the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit ends in April. The Obama administration’s emergency money program to provide debt relief for up to 4 million households by restructuring distressed mortgages has
tea party movement

Tea Party wins House for Republicans but costs party the Senate

The Tea Party turned out to be a double-edged sword for Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections. The Republican establishment was able to glom on to the movement’s grass roots enthusiasm. But several comically unqualified Tea Party candidates ruined a chance for Republicans to take control of the Senate. Tea Party’s gift to the GOP
Wells Fargo

Getting a payday loan instead of an overdraft fee saves money

It might seem inconceivable that Americans could save money by borrowing a payday loan sometimes. Industry critics usually have good intentions. However, something often goes unmentioned while the cash advance industry is raked over the coals. If an average person gets a payday loan to keep from going into overdraft, that person saves money. An
National Pasta Month

Celebrate National Pasta Month in style

October is National Pasta Month, and there is practically no reason to not celebrate. Pasta take many forms outside of your basic spaghetti, and the harvest months are the perfect time to explore your options. Pasta can be as healthy or indulgent as you want to make it, so use October to try a little

Home Sellers Should Use Small Personal Loans to Fund Shortfalls

Many people trying to sell their homes end up having to use small personal loans to fund shortfalls. The main post-recessionary reason people have shortfalls is due to the loss of value on their property. Although the recession has been deemed officially “over” by experts, the market is far from returning to normal. The problem
A cell phone with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft Kin | Microsoft Pink devices finally revealed

For several months, the project code-named Microsoft Pink has been leaking out in bits and pieces – today, the speculation ended when the Microsoft Kin was announced. The Microsoft Kin will have two versions – creatively named Kin One and Kin Two – with slightly different feature sets. Both Microsoft Kin phones will focus on

Publix ice cream recall | Mistake in release distracts from risk

The FDA and Publix Super Markets have announced an ice cream recall. The Publix ice cream recall is due to an undeclared allergen. The big news of this recall, however, is that the FDA is in need of a proofreader. Publix ice cream recall The Publix ice cream recall affects only five states – Florida,
Dad pays the bills

Nearly 60 percent of parents help support adult children

A new study shows that 59 percent of parents are still providing financial support to their adult children who are not students. The study suggests that the recession is preventing them from leaving home. In some cases, it is forcing those who have left to move back — so called “boomerang kids.” The study, called
Soldiers conducting counter insurgency operations.

Insurgency and the enemy within

Insurgent units are known for guerrilla tactics. They usually employ surprising and unconventional warfare. They slowly increase the losses on a foreign force, but more importantly, they sap at their enemies’ will. Their long-term goal is not to attain a military victory, but rather a political one. The armed conflict is a mere avenue to
target of the pentagon shooter

Pentagon shooter suspected of firing on Marine Corps museum again

Bullet holes were found at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Va., for the second time in two weeks on Friday. Investigators have linked shots fired at the Pentagon and two other Marine Corps buildings in the past two weeks to the same weapon and expect the same for the latest shooting. Security has been

National Mustard Day: Celebrating the spicy

For most people in America, mustard comes in a few limited flavors. National Mustard Day, Aug. 7, is a great excuse to expand your mustard horizons. You can go all out and make your own mustard, or you could try using mustard in a new way. The basics of mustard There are four major types