Payday Loans are Growing in Popularity

A new staple in American budgeting Payday loans are quickly becoming a staple in American budgeting. Although there was a time when these types of loans were considered only useful to low-income families in emergencies, that idea is quickly becoming outdated. In today’s recession, people of all economic brackets are hard-hit by the struggling economy
Poverty and hunger are widespread in the streets of Gode, Ethiopia, where the 746th Air Expeditionary Wing delivered humanitarian supplies on Friday, March 24, 2006. The humanitarian effort is part of the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa - Flex mission. (U.S. Air Force photo/Maj. Ann P. Knabe)

One billion people cannot afford health care, says WHO

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1 billion people cannot afford any form of paid health  care whatsoever. Not only that, reports Reuters, but paying for healthcare pushes about 100 million people into poverty each year. Nations that cannot afford health care must increase efficiency The WHO’s global report on health care pays particular
Picture of Detroit skyline

Severe budget problems could get all Detroit teachers laid off

Every single public school teacher employed by the city of Detroit is being laid off, as well as all administrators. Starting July 29, no educator employed by the Motor City will have a job because of the deeply troubled finances of the city. People have been fleeing Detroit steadily for the past decade. Motor City
You can get Personal installment loans with bad credit easily.

Personal installment loans with bad credit

The benefits of personal installment loans with bad credit are certain. It is inevitable that good, hardworking people will need paydayloans in this tough economy — especially people with bad credit. Personal Installment Loans With Bad Credit Are Easy to Get The economy will recover and credit will flow again. At that time, you may

Job Opportunities for Workers in Need of Payday Cash

Unemployed workers look for jobs Millions of unemployed workers are searching for ways to bring in payday cash. The unemployment rate remains high and job creation is still in the beginning stages. Although the government is proposing more tax breaks for companies willing to start hiring, the laws are not likely to go into effect
The Teamsters Union logo with a picture of cannabis leaves superimposed on top.

Marijuana growers unionizing under Teamsters banner

Organized labor is feeling the effects of the recession and needs to bolster its membership ranks. The Teamsters Union is no exception, and the union is looking with expectant eye toward what is proving to be a growth industry in America. According to the Associated Press, the industry that has Teamsters high on possibility is
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Toby Gerhart NFL Draft projections don’t match his resume

Toby Gerhart NFL Draft projections have him being selected in the second or third round. But not everyone agrees with the NFL Draft experts. Conventional NFL wisdom says Gerhart, who led the nation in rushing yards and touchdowns playing for Stanford in 2009, isn’t fast enough or elusive enough to make big money now at
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Click Above To Check Out The Free Property Look Up Calculator Now! The housing bubble has burst, and things are difficult for scores of homeowners nationwide. According to, a direct result of the real estate market crash is that up to 60 percent of America’s taxable property may be over-assessed. Owners of such over-valued

Need new bug spray/cancer treatment? Try scorpion venom.

So many things are expensive these days If you need to control pests in your yard or home (and marital counseling doesn’t do the trick), you have to buy pesticide. That can be costly, although not as much as counseling. If your health begins to fail – let’s say you develop brain cancer – then
Sure, Mom, no problem. Youll love my new place.

Quick Loans Solve Big Problems

Get started on big projects with Quick Loans Everything was going along just fine until the phone rang. Payday is only three days away, the bills are paid, and there’s food in the fridge. Normally it wouldn’t matter that you spent your last fifty bucks out with your friends last night. But that was your
unethical finance

What is the real story behind a WikiLeaks Bank of America dump?

In the latest WikiLeaks news, Bank of America is rumored to be the next target. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been stoking high drama by threatening the release of files from a big bank without saying which one. Analysts wonder if anything new will be revealed and one said it’s financial regulators, not bank executives,
ct scan for lung cancer screening

CT scan for lung cancer screening dramatically reduces death rate

Lung cancer kills more Americans than any other cancer combined. Medical experts say the best way to avoid lung cancer is to either never smoke cigarettes or stop smoking them. However, for people at risk for lung cancer, getting an expensive CT scan instead of a cheap chest x-ray has been found to dramatically increase
Photo of Joe Arpaio

Justice Department faces off in court against Joe Arpaio

Controversy has been brewing in Arizona for quite some time. The issue over SB1070, which allows officers to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect might be illegal, is still unsettled, as the Obama administration has challenged the constitutional grounds of the law. The feud between the Grand Canyon State and the federal government

Legal spat over financial protection bureau continues

Congressional lawmakers continue to fight over the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB, which is intended to have regulatory jurisdiction over consumer finance, is supposed to start operations in July. So far, the rules over what it is allowed to do have not been established and it has no director. Republicans trying
An unsavory young man is fanning the dollars and (perhaps) looking forward to taking advantage of Florida's unemployed via a spoof of

Cybersquatter still spoofing FluidNow for a quick payday

When you enter the URL for FluidNow, you reasonably expect that your browser will take you to that exact site, rather than to an alternate site that threatens to create a quick payday for a devious cybersquatter by siphoning off your money or otherwise infecting your computer with malware that could capture your credit card
fed swipe fee limits

New Fed proposal takes aim at excessive debit card swipe fees

Capping debit card swipe fees at 12 cents a transaction is part of a proposal submitted by the Federal Reserve on Thursday. The Fed is proposing the swipe fee cap and other curbs on debit card abuse by banks to comply with the financial reform bill. As expected, merchants support the measure and major credit