Whole Foods

Private, low-interest loans offered to small farms

For small food producers, finding financing can be tough. Small farms often have high costs and low profit margins, which makes getting loans difficult at best. Some private businesses, however, are getting into the farm-loan business. Whole Foods Market offering $4 million In 2007, Whole Foods Market started the Local Producer Loan Program. This program

Try Freelance Writing for Extra Cash

Get paid to write for internet companies Times are hard and people are losing jobs left and right. If you could use some extra cash, why not try writing freelance on the internet? Yes, there are actually internet companies that will pay you $10 to $25 per article, provided your writing meets certain criteria. As
bp russian oil deal approved by putin

BP/Russia oil deal touted by Putin, doubted by US Congress

A BP/Russia oil deal was announced Friday that is being billed as a “global strategic alliance.” The $ 7.8 billion Russia/BP oil deal is a stock swap between BP and Rosneft, which is owned by the Russian Government. Facing up to $21 billion in fines for causing the worst oil spill in U.S. history, BP
Duct Tape

Rand Paul makes gaffe on Rachel Maddow

The recent winner of the Kentucky Republican primary for the upcoming Senate elections, Rand Paul, the son of famous libertarian Ron Paul, has gone and put his foot in his mouth.  To be fair, his meaning was somewhat lost in the shuffle.  He was in an interview with Rachel Maddow, and he appeared to imply
dugway proving ground

Dugway Proving Ground locked down during VX nerve agent scare

A missing vial of VX nerve agent sparked an emergency Wednesday at Dugway Proving Ground, a U.S. military weapons testing facility in Utah. The VX nerve agent was later found, but not before Dugway Proving Ground was locked down overnight. A stockpile of VX nerve agent, the most toxic weapon of mass destruction synthesized by

Sarah Palin Resigns, Uses Son Trig as a Tool

Preparing for 2012 presidential run? I don’t suppose this is surprising, ultimately. Most people figured that the Republicans would want that Sarah Palin moxie on the presidential ticket again (if nothing else), and her move today to resign from the governorship of Alaska may just be the sign that she’s going through with it. Now,
Portrait of the 1773 "Boston Tea Party"

Tax refunds and tax fraud are increasing

The amount of the average tax refund has been steadily increasing over the years, and so is the number of cases of tax fraud. The Internal Revenue Service has seen a rise in the number of fraudulent deductions taken on income tax returns. More people are trying to catch the government napping to scare up
an image of the sun filtered to show roiling detail on the surface

Massive solar flare will ignite big northern lights show Aug. 4

A solar tsunami is what many people are calling a solar flare that will hit Earth late Tuesday night. The solar flare was a huge explosion on the surface of the sun that sent a wave of ionized particles directly toward us. A solar tsunami is the giant circular wave rippling across the surface of

State university tuition hikes to lead to more student debt

Budgets are getting squeezed in practically every state in the U.S. In an increasingly conservative fiscal climate, one of the biggest items on the chopping block nationwide is education funding, which is leading to drastically less funding for state universities. The cost of higher education is likely to get higher as many universities will need
a montage of hundreds of faces on a black background

BP Facebook boycott and BP Twitter: PR setback won’t hurt profits

A “boycott BP” movement driven by social media is gathering steam as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010 continues unabated. Humorists are also using social media to affect BP’s reputation with bogus a BP Twitter account. And BP oil leak parody products like satirical T-shirts are selling like hotcakes. But even though
Obama health care plan

The Obama health care plan, changes explained

Obama’s health care plan is ready The Obama health care plan, in its most recent incarnation, is now available for all to see on the White House web site. Of course, it’s a very lengthy document and some parts are a little hard to understand, so I have composed a summary focusing on the parts
"Liars and commies and czars, oh my!" reads one Tea Party Patriot's sign. What will the passage of the health care bill portend for America? Should we be signaling a Code Red?

Code Red | Tea Party Patriots fire up Kill the Bill engines

The United States Senate is quickly approaching a vote on the current rendition of the health care bill, and tensions are reaching the boiling point. According to Talk Radio News Service, Tea Party Patriots staged a “Code Red” rally in Washington, D.C. in which Republican speakers like Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann assured their faithful that

An Easy Payday Loan is Hard to Beat

Solve money problems with an Easy Payday Loan Money can be such a problem when there isn’t enough of it. If you live on a budget — and really, how many people don’t? – sometimes it doesn’t take much to break it. Incurring uninsured medical expenses or catching up on bills after a few months

Three Peculiar, But Real, Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

Earning extra cash during a recession With the economy in the doldrums and the holiday season fast approaching, many people are looking for ways to make a little extra money on the side. While decreasing spending and taking on extra work are the most logical actions to take, this is often not enough for many
home for sale

Mortgages face tough competition from home buyers paying cash

The depressed housing market is attracting more people who buy homes with cash. In turn, home buyers who need a mortgage are finding it tough to compete with cash buyers. Yet mortgage buyers can match up better against cash by being better prepared when they make an offer. Cold, hard cash is king Deals made
closeup of chicken nuggets

Video of Melodi Dushane McNugget rampage becomes public record

Earlier this year, Melodi Dushane went on a drive-through rampage that was caught on tape. The tape of the attack, in which Melodi Dushane punched two workers and broke the drive-through window, became public record today. The video, posted below, shows an admittedly drunk Melodi Dushane freaking out over the lack of Chicken McNuggets. Melodi
cleaning house

Keeping a clean home: Tips the whole family can use

It is increasingly getting harder to keep a clean home under today’s onslaught of garbage in our cities. Even though the government tries to keep our streets clean, trash is still strewn about our streets carelessly. Beyond the rubbish are unwanted pests such as cockroaches and rats, and all these are known to cause sicknesses.