Consumers are still cautioned to manage finances on their own.

Ways to manage finances in 2010

The government is making changes in the market. It is coming together at the direction of President Obama, who is trying to spur on economic reforms that will protect Americans. During the recession, many things were revealed about the questionable practices of lenders, and now that they are out in the open, things are being

Jeffrey Cox Twitter gaffe slays another career with social media

Jeffrey Cox, formerly a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana, was recently fired for comments he made on social media sites. He said on Twitter that pro-union protesters in Wisconsin should be cleared from the capital with “live ammunition,” and the comment was relayed to his bosses. This is only the latest piece
A man with his fingers on his temple, looking at a paper and stressed over debt.

Plan your debt consolidation carefully for real debt reduction

Debt Consolidation loans could be a good way to simplify your debt. But it’s only the first step on your way to debt relief. Without changing your spending habits, a consolidation loan will only borrow your way away from debt, which makes no sense. Bundling all your debt into one payment makes sense, as it

Bank direct deposit advance versus payday loans

Are banks planning to use the payday loan industry’s tactics? Banks are considering the use of payday advances to supplement the cost of lost overdraft fees totaling $15 billion, due to new rules that regulate how many over draft fees they are allowed to give a person each day. “Effect July 1, the rules will

Brisbane floods set to worsen as Australia is pounded by water

The city of Brisbane is the latest to be affected by the deadly floods sweeping across Australia. The summer in the Southern hemisphere has produced a monsoon season, which has caused flooding in the state of Queensland. It is the worst flooding in living memory. New round of flooding set to hit Brisbane The recent
U.S. Capitol building

Zadroga bill for 9-11 survivors passes House of Representatives

The Zadroga bill has passed the House of Representatives. The bill allocates funds to provide medical care to rescue workers who were on the scene of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Many of the people who responded to the scene inhaled dust fumes, and other particles. The bill is named for James Zadroga, a
my FICO Score - according to TransUnion and WaMu

Budget Busters Designed to Ruin Your Credit

Ruin Your Credit with These Habits… Commercialism is everywhere, and one can’t seem to survive without being expected to run up credit card debt. It’s the “gotta have it now” syndrome, and it is ruining your health. Think you are immune to this syndrome? Let me ask you: do you have at least one credit

Personal Loans Help Adults, But What About Educating Children

The recession and teaching children about money Anne Fillmore of Branson, Missouri said, “I had to take out personal loans to make it through the economy during the recession. I don’t want that for my children.” Now that the recession is over, many parents are reflecting and coming up with the same sentiment. People were
Need a tune up when it comes to home business ideas?

A Few Small Business Ideas

Take the First Start-Up Steps There are so many aspects to this life we live, yet most of us are still stumped when it comes to thinking of legitimate business ideas. While the concept is simple, there are other factors such as competition or finance which may end it before it has begun. But if

Skype IPO | Details revealed, date not yet set

Just one year after spinning off from Ebay, Skype has filed the initial paperwork with the SEC for an initial public offering. The Skype IPO has been long expected, though some surprising numbers were revealed in the filings. After the IPO, the ownership structure of Skype will be complicated — though users are hoping that
post office closings

Thousands of Postal Service closings announced for 2011

The U.S. Postal Service announced Monday that it will close 2,000 locations in 2011. Because a law forbids post office closings to cut budgets, the Postal Service said the closures would technically only affect rural stations and branches. For years, Postal Service losses have totaled billions of dollars, and cost cutting has failed to stymie
A VISA debit card bearing a photo of a cat peering down through a hole in the ceiling.

Calling 888-5-OPTOUT can save you from identity theft

Pre-approved credit offers no doubt litter your mailbox, particularly if you’ve recently had a bankruptcy discharged. The lure of “buy now, pay later” has ensnared many American consumers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By calling 888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688), U.S. consumers can opt out of pre-approved credit card offers with the three major credit
Businessman applying for a loan by phone.

Find a loan by phone with instant approval

Right from the convenience of your phone, you can apply for a loan of up to $1,500 and have instant cash sent your way in almost no time at all. Whether you’re rushing through busy city streets or taking care of business at home, you can apply for a fast loan by phone and take

Citigroup turns emergency loans into profit for taxpayers

After being lent billions in emergency loans, Citigroup may be the model that firms receiving bailouts should follow. Citigroup will end up turning a profit for taxpayers when the Treasury sells its shares. The company stands to have produced a net gain of $12 billion or more for the government. Emergency loans to Citigroup pay off
VHS tape

Blockbuster Video is getting bankruptcy loan modification

Blockbuster Video has filed for bankruptcy, as diminishing returns and mounting debt have put the company out of the reach of any loan modification. The company has been predicted to fail for years. Since the advent of Netflix and Redbox, people have been able to get the DVD of their choice faster, and for less

Anheuser Busch buys Goose Island in quest for world domination

Anheuser Busch, the corporate megabrewing conglomerate, recently purchased Goose Island, a beer brewing company based in Chicago. Anheuser and chief rivals SABMiller and Molson Coors have been buying up microbreweries for years. Macrobreweries dominate the market for beer, prompting cynics to claim corporate America is out to spoil everyone’s fun. Macrobrewing company purchases growing Chicago
Close-up of a solitary lacrosse stick sitting alone on a grassy field. The UVA Lacrosse death has left a great hole that people who knew Yeardley Love will not be able to fill for some time.

UVA Lacrosse death rocks campus community

The recent UVA Lacrosse death has delivered a somber blow to a University of Virginia campus that had been riding a wave of excitement as graduation approaches. The deceased Yeardley Love, 22, was a beloved daughter, friend, teammate and student, reports CBS News. The spiritual keystone of the women’s lacrosse team was looking forward to