A nonplussed man suffers the existential agony of dealing with mortgage and other financial papers.

CFPB to make simpler mortgage disclosure forms a priority

In 1975, Congress passed the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which required mortgage lenders to fully report all public loan data. While this and other consumer-friendly provisions relating to mortgages have been in effect for more than 30 years, the recent U.S. subprime mortgage crisis illustrated that additional regulation may be necessary. Hence, the soon-to-be-activated Consumer
bp oil spill contaminates beach

Fraudulent lawyers tie up payment of BP oil spill claims

The U.S. government ordered BP to set aside a $20 billion oil spill fund in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. A year later, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, intended for nursing businesses and individuals affected by Gulf oil spill back to economic health, has paid out only a fraction of the money. Claimants
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Credit card use declining as more people turn to cash

Use of credit cards is beginning to trail off as more people start preferring to use cash. Fewer people are willing to go into debt and less willing to borrow money for purchases by using a credit card. Card use has been declining for some time, and higher interest rates and fees make credit cards

Four easy ways to get more money for what you are selling

Be it real estate or a piece of electronics on Craigslist, everyone wants to get as much money as possible for items being sold. In the sea of online ads, getting that best price can feel practically impossible. A few simple things, however, can help ensure you get more money when you sell. 1. Pay