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Pimco moves market with short position on U.S. government debt

As the federal deficit grows, the world’s largest bond trader is betting politicians will fail to prevent a U.S. debt crisis. The Pimco Total Return Fund has taken a short position on U.S. government debt in the form of Treasury bonds. Analysts are saying that Pimco has gotten out of bonds because the company expects
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Investing basics and how NOT to invest

People invest because they want to create wealth. Day traders may savor the adrenaline rush, but profit is the purpose. In order to invest effectively, however, it pays to know some basics. It also pays to know how not to invest. Invest in a 401(k) Experts advise getting started with a 401(k) plan from your
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Student loan debt expected to hit more than $1 trillion in 2011

More students are going to college, and most of them are going into debt. Student loan debt outpaced credit card debt in 2010 and is expected to pass $1 trillion in 2011. Student loans, long considered a “good debt,” may morph into a bad debt for graduates faced with decades of payments. Student loan debt