A man poring over his bills contemplates a Post-It note that reads “Pay off credit cards!”

Consumers opting to pay credit cards over mortgages

Debt payment patterns in the U.S. were changed drastically by the recession, and the shift to paying credits cards first, over mortgages, is a perfect example. Traditionally, this had never been the case. Yet when the subprime mortgage crisis put many homeowners underwater, addressing credit card debt seemed the more feasible choice, reports the Huffington
A graduate mortarboard cap and diploma, as well as a male hand that is handcuffed to a stack of money, are visible.

How to remove a co-signer from a student loan

Have you ever agreed to be a co-signer on a friend’s student loan but regretted having done so after the fact? Let’s say you don’t talk to the person anymore, and fear risking a damaged credit rating if they default on the loan. Thankfully, Bankrate reports that all is not lost. There are ways to
For rent

International Monetary Fund calls for changes to mortgage lending

The International Monetary Fund is responsible for overseeing the global financial system. A review of the recent recession by the IMF has led to several recommendations for improving the stability of the global financial system. Top of the list is that the U.S. government should go all in or get out of mortgage finance. Current