Mortgage rates rise despite crippled demand for housing

Nationwide mortgage rates are creeping up despite dismal sales and demand. Interest rates on major mortgage products have been rising steadily for the past few months, though the rates are still near record lows. The real estate industry is still embroiled in a quagmire involving foreclosures, and demand is nearing an all time low. Cheap

Demand shrinking among businesses as durable goods prices rise

Weak demand has caused orders of durable goods to fall over the past month. Orders for durable goods, or manufactured goods that last for long periods of time, rose in January, but rising prices may have put a damper on the willingness of businesses to order such goods. However, orders for transportation items such as
Hydroponic growth

Investors considering medical marijuana IPOs

In 30 percent of the United States, medical marijuana is legal, to varying degrees. The industry surrounding medical marijuana can be a very profitable one. Now, two major marijuana industry companies have announced plans for initial public stock offerings. Marijuana related industries There are a variety of industries that have developed around medical marijuana. Businesses