Student loans

Death may not end student loan obligations

In the United States, students in college have racked up more than $885 billion in student loan debt. While students are on the hook for the majority of that debt, some families are facing heart-wrenching decisions. Some families are being held responsible for student debt even after the student dies. The student loan market Student
Natural gas

Allentown, Pennsylvania, natural gas explosion damages 24 homes

At least one person is dead and another five missing in Allentown, Penn. A natural gas explosion rocked a neighborhood at 10:45 p.m. local time Wednesday, Feb. 9. At least one full row of six houses was destroyed, and another 16 homes were badly damaged. Allentown, Penn., natural gas explosion The causes for the natural
u.s. oil imports

Pirates hijack one-fifth of daily U.S. oil imports in one attack

Pirates plundered a gigantic treasure Thursday in the form of a supertanker hauling $200 million worth of crude oil. The supertanker Irene SL, en route to the U.S., was hijacked off the coast of Oman. The seizure of the Irene SL is the second in two days in the region and maritime authorities are saying
Bank of America

Bad mortgage nightmare could cost banks $60 billion

The repackaging of mortgages into securities, for many investors, ended up being a bad deal. The bad deal, however, could end up being banks’ responsibility. A clause written into many of the securities could mean banks have to spend $60 billion to re-buy mortgages gone bad. Security clauses for mortgage securities When banks packaged, sold
Super Bowl tickets

Art Schlichter: Super Bowl ticket probe finds millions in fraud

Art Schlichter is a former Baltimore Colts quarterback who is making a career of fraud. The admitted gambling addict reportedly stole millions in order to place bets on the Super Bowl. The Art Schlichter Super Bowl ticket probe will likely result in criminal charges. Art Schlichter Super Bowl ticket probe Art Schlichter has allegedly had

Flu vaccine kills all strains in early tests

In a limited human trial at Oxford, a flu vaccine that kills all strains of the disease was tested. The new flu vaccine works by increasing T-cells instead of developing antibodies. Researchers hope to eliminate the seasonal flu vaccine with this new breakthrough. How the seasonal flu vaccine works The seasonal flu vaccine is developed
apophis collision course

NASA: Russian claims of Apophis collision with Earth exaggerated

Apophis is the “doomsday asteroid” that Russian astronomers predict will collide with Earth in 2036. The Russians said when Apophis makes a routine pass close to Earth in 2029, it could fly through a “gravitational keyhole” that will put it on a collision course in a later orbit. NASA dismissed the probability of an Apophis/Earth
Marble statue of the impish love bandit, Cupid.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Proflowers codes and more

Monday, Feb. 14, is Valentine’s Day. If you’re still searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, look no further. With a pinch of thoughtfulness, a sprinkle of practicality and a torrent of romance, you can find great Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her, from flowers to sweets and more. If you use your imagination, you
Bank of America

Bank of America to stop offering reverse mortgages

Tuesday morning, Feb. 8, Bank of America announced it will no longer write reverse mortgages. The reverse mortgage business has dropped off significantly in the last year. A rising number of reverse mortgages are also ending up in technical default. Bank of America and reverse mortgages Bank of America first started offering reverse mortgages in

Link discovered between marijuana use and mental illness

New research has found a link between a greater likelihood of mental illness and using marijuana. A review of more than 80 studies found that pot use was linked to mental illness such as schizophrenia or other psychosis developing faster in patients prone to mental illnesses. It appears a new generation of “Reefer Madness” has
File photo of the character Sgt. Schultz from “Hogan's Heroes.”

Internet land rush may lead to .nazi, .gay and .god domains

The masses have pushed the .com domain name to the limit. Now the Internet domain name system devised by the the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is preparing for some competition from a battery of subject-specific domains like .love, .god, .gay and .nazi. These and other colorful domain names may be headed
Photo of brain activity of adhd kids.

ADHD diet study data doubted by pediatricians

Diet treatments for ADHD as an alternative to medication have raised hope as well as controversy. Researchers in the Netherlands published a study Thursday on the subject. They found that diet had an impact on some children as far as improving their ADHD condition. But attention deficit hyperactivity disorder experts question the study and say
Photo of a blackout.

Does Obama actually trigger blackouts?

Blizzards have led to rolling blackouts in some Texas cities as a means of conserving precious energy. However, according to provocateur talk-show host Alex Jones on his website Infowars, this “climate apocalypse” comes straight from the top. President Obama allegedly triggers the blackouts of lights, the coal industry, the Internet (via a “kill switch”) and
super bowl betting

Las Vegas sports book takes a bath on Super Bowl betting

In the Super Bowl betting arena this year, the house didn’t win. Las Vegas bookmakers took a bath when the favored Green Bay Packers won by a decisive margin. It is expected to be the worst loss for Las Vegas bookies on the Super Bowl since 1993. Super Bowl doomsday for Vegas casinos Super Bowl
Disney carousel death

Disney carousel death one of three major injuries in 4th quarter

As a part of their quarterly injury report, Disney has reported a carousel death. The Disney carousel death was one of three major injuries at the park in October, November and December. All three injuries were to park visitors over the age of 71. Disney carousel death due to heart condition In December 2010, a
Photo of iPhones

Verizon plans on throttling heavy data users

The Verizon iPhone is finally on the market, officially. The first reports from customers are that Verizon service is pretty good, if a bit slow. Verizon has officially stated it will follow a policy that is sure to be unpopular: data throttling. Reports of the Verizon iPhone have come out Feb. 3 the iPhone was
small business credit

Plenty of small business credit available but few takers

Lack of small business credit has been cited as a primary factor holding back economic recovery. The Obama administration has been implementing policies to increase the amount of money available to small businesses and encourage banks to lend to these companies. However, a recent survey shows that access to small business credit is high, while