Photo of brain activity of adhd kids.

ADHD diet study data doubted by pediatricians

Diet treatments for ADHD as an alternative to medication have raised hope as well as controversy. Researchers in the Netherlands published a study Thursday on the subject. They found that diet had an impact on some children as far as improving their ADHD condition. But attention deficit hyperactivity disorder experts question the study and say
Photo of a blackout.

Does Obama actually trigger blackouts?

Blizzards have led to rolling blackouts in some Texas cities as a means of conserving precious energy. However, according to provocateur talk-show host Alex Jones on his website Infowars, this “climate apocalypse” comes straight from the top. President Obama allegedly triggers the blackouts of lights, the coal industry, the Internet (via a “kill switch”) and
super bowl betting

Las Vegas sports book takes a bath on Super Bowl betting

In the Super Bowl betting arena this year, the house didn’t win. Las Vegas bookmakers took a bath when the favored Green Bay Packers won by a decisive margin. It is expected to be the worst loss for Las Vegas bookies on the Super Bowl since 1993. Super Bowl doomsday for Vegas casinos Super Bowl
Disney carousel death

Disney carousel death one of three major injuries in 4th quarter

As a part of their quarterly injury report, Disney has reported a carousel death. The Disney carousel death was one of three major injuries at the park in October, November and December. All three injuries were to park visitors over the age of 71. Disney carousel death due to heart condition In December 2010, a
Photo of iPhones

Verizon plans on throttling heavy data users

The Verizon iPhone is finally on the market, officially. The first reports from customers are that Verizon service is pretty good, if a bit slow. Verizon has officially stated it will follow a policy that is sure to be unpopular: data throttling. Reports of the Verizon iPhone have come out Feb. 3 the iPhone was
small business credit

Plenty of small business credit available but few takers

Lack of small business credit has been cited as a primary factor holding back economic recovery. The Obama administration has been implementing policies to increase the amount of money available to small businesses and encourage banks to lend to these companies. However, a recent survey shows that access to small business credit is high, while
reagan republicans

Reagan Republicans would not vote for the Gipper at gunpoint

If Ronald Reagan were still alive, he would celebrate his 100th birthday Sunday, Feb. 6. Since Reagan left office in 1989, he has come to be venerated as a saint by conservative Republicans. But while so-called “Reagan Republicans” revise Reagan’s record to support their political beliefs, “the Gipper,” who died in 2004 at 93, couldn’t
An intentionally blurry photograph of a sandwich board sign that reads “The Best Jobs in Town.”

U.S. unemployment sinks to 9 percent, spin doctors rejoice

Forbes reports that January unemployment figures paint what some people consider to be a rosy picture. A decline to 9 percent unemployment has been hailed as “the fastest pace in half a century,” and people say they’re finding work. However, this data conflicts with a recent business survey reflecting weak job growth in January, hinting

Wild oysters extinct in many areas

The scientific journal BioScience released a scary finding this week: Oysters may be extinct. This declaration of extinct oysters has many worried. Oysters can be farmed, but wild oyster beds play an important part in their ecosystems. Oysters extinct in many areas Oyster reefs, the areas of the ocean where oysters tend to congregate and

Louisiana state employees likely forgoing pay raises

In Louisiana, state employees may be facing a limit on annual pay raises. This would be the second year of pay freezes in the state. Employee advocates, however, are calling this move the equivalent of a payday loan for the state. Louisiana state pay raises The state of Louisiana is facing a $1.6 billion budget

Bellagio Casino arrest: Judge’s son stole $1.5 million in chips

The story of the Bellagio Casino robbery, in which a man walked out with $1.5 million in chips, already sounded like it came out of a movie. Now, the added twist of the Bellagio Casino arrest makes it seem even more “Ocean’s 11.” A 29-year-old, Anthony Carleo, the son of a municipal judge, has been
Speed limit

Baltimore doubling down on speed cameras

In Baltimore, Maryland, city lawmakers are considering adding more speed cameras. These automated speed traps have been reducing speeding but not accidents. Even if the city does add more tickets, these cameras are not making money for the city. Baltimore speed cameras In Baltimore, Md., the city council set up several speed traps in “high

Blackout of Egypt internet cost millions in lost revenue

The five-day blackout in Egypt of internet connection made the entire nation go dark. Social networking sites and communications were lost, but the crackdown on communications by the government cost something more. It is estimated that Egypt lost up to $90 million in revenue. Millions lost as government shuts down Egypt’s internet The reason the
repeal health care reform

Senate passes 1099 repeal, rejects health care repeal as expected

The 1099 repeal amendment that was approved by the Senate Wednesday was a no-brainer. Repeal of the 1099 rule, an onerous administrative burden for small businesses, was the single aspect of health care reform upon which both sides of the aisle agreed. But a bill to repeal heath care reform pushed by Republicans failed in

Fannie and Freddie raising mortgage loan lenders risk fees

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced a raise in the risk fees they will charge mortgage loan lenders. The mortgage insurance houses are charging lenders more to buy the loans and sell them to investors. Higher costs for obtaining loans may be passed on to borrowers. Fees charged to mortgage loan lenders to rise

How Candlemas and Imbolic became Punxsutawney Phil’s Day

Feb. 2 is a day for celebration around the world, for a wide variety of reasons. In some traditions, it is Candlemas or Imbolic – the midway point between winter solstice and vernal equinox. For others, Punxsutawney Phil’s 2011 appearance has marked an early spring on its way. History of Candlemas In the “wheel of
New York street sign at Wall Street and Broad. U.S. flags are visible in the background.

Wall Street pay rises to record levels

Total compensation and benefits for publicly traded Wall Street banks and securities firms hit a record of $135 billion in 2010, a 5.7 percent increase over 2009, reports the Wall Street Journal. While more salary is deferred than before, the increase in base Wall Street pay more than compensates. Wall Street salaries a ‘Get Out