alzheimer's cases

New research: More than half of Alzheimer’s cases misdiagnosed

Alzheimer’s disease is easily misdiagnosed, and that happens quite often, according to new research. Nearly half of the subjects with Alzheimer’s diagnoses examined in a study didn’t have the degree of brain lesions commonly associated with the disease. Researchers said an expected increase in Alzheimer’s cases and advances in treatment makes it critical that doctors

Mortgage modification programs under fire from Republicans

The federal mortgage modification program is fast becoming a target for criticism as a failed program. Congressional Republicans have announced intentions on scrapping federal mortgage relief programs, which have been dismal failures. Foreclosures on failing mortgages  have slowed, but procedural issues are hampering the foreclosure processes nationwide. Failed mortgage relief programs prime target for spending
Before and after plastic surgery photos of a 55-year-old Parry-Romberg syndrome sufferer. The disorder is in an advanced stage.

Surgery saves girl’s face from Parry-Romberg syndrome

Without surgery , 11-year-old Christine Honeycutt would have been resigned to a life of dramatic deformation and serious neurological trouble. Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called Parry-Romberg syndrome, the left side of Honeycutt’s face stopped growing when she was 5 years old. Yet reconstructive microvascular surgery has greatly helped, reports CNN. The thin gray
china censors linkedin

Chinese censorship of LinkedIn could affect proposed IPO

China has blocked access to LinkedIn amid a wave of calls for a Chinese “Jasmine Revolution.” LinkedIn became inaccessible in China after a user on the the career networking site posted messages inspired by protests in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled authoritarian regimes. Chinese censorship comes at a bad time for LinkedIn because its plans