facebook phone number sharing

Facebook phone number sharing is latest privacy issue debate

Facebook privacy issues became a problem for the social networking site again over the weekend. Facebook tried to trick users into supplying Facebook app developers with phone numbers and addresses as part of standard permissions dialogs. A wave of negative feedback compelled Facebook to suspend the practice shortly after it was implemented. Facebook wants to

Massive Pakistan earthquake in 2011 rumbles border region

In southwestern Pakistan, a very shallow earthquake has hit the Baluchistan province. The Pakistan earthquake 2011 was reported as magnitude 7.4 by the U.S. Geological Survey. Several provinces in and around the earthquake felt the rumble, including border regions of Iran and Afghanistan. 7.4 magnitude Pakistan earthquake 2011 At 1:23 a.m. local time, a magnitude
lawsuit lenders

Lawsuit lenders prey on desperate personal injury plaintiffs

Lawsuit lending involves investing cash in a legal case for a percentage of the proceeds if the plaintiff wins. Lawsuit lending has exploded in the last decade as banks and hedge funds look for lucrative investment alternatives. Lawsuit loans are unregulated in most states and the practice is being called “legal loan-sharking” by consumer advocates.
Papa Doc

Jean Claude Duvalier returns to Haiti but may face arrest

After more than two decades in exile, Jean Claude Duvalier made good on a promise to return to Haiti. Duvalier, or “Baby Doc” is the son of Francois Duvalier, or “Papa Doc,” who ruled Haiti with an iron fist for over twenty years. Crowds gathered and cheered upon his return. Baby Doc Duvalier arrives in
unbanked households

IRS announces tax refund debit cards for unbanked households

The IRS will start sending tax refunds to unbanked taxpayers on debit cards in 2011. Tax refund debit cards will cut the expense of mailing paper checks and allow unbanked taxpayers to get their money faster. The IRS will send a letter next week to taxpayers eligible for a pilot program testing the tax refund
Credit cards

NPSL cards: The credit myth that puts you at risk

Everyone knows about the misleading and predatory credit card practices that characterized the pre-Great Recession personal finance landscape. We know how malicious credit card companies preyed upon vulnerable demographics, making money for themselves and dragging down Americans’ credit in the process. However, many people believe that these practices are largely a thing of the past,
Variation on the Groupon logo.

Groupon spurns Google; IPO could exceed $15 billion

Local business marketing and consumer coupon company Groupon is a rising star in the online retail community. The company has done so well that in November Google offered to buy Groupon for nearly $6 billion. But as the New York Times reports, Google doesn’t always get what it wants. Groupon will soon move forward with
Credit Card

Student loans are income, say credit card companies

The Credit Card reform act of 2009 was supposed to fundamentally change how credit card companies worked. Many aspects of the credit card business have changed. For students, however, student loan debt can be considered as income to pay off debts. Student loans versus credit cards In June of 2010, student loan debt surpassed credit

New prenatal screening test drastically decreases risks

A new testing procedure can greatly cut the risk involved for pregnant women in prenatal screening tests for genetic abnormalities. Screening for developmental abnormalities while a fetus is gestating carries an inherent risk of triggering a miscarriage. The new procedure cuts the risk to near zero. Testing procedure could reduce invasive tests A study from
Gabrielle Giffords

Shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords’ condition improving steadily

Gabrielle Giffords, who was wounded during the Tucson, Ariz., shooting spree, is showing signs of improvement. Still connected to a ventilator, she has shown spontaneous movement and response to verbal communication. Her doctors are confident that she will survive, but the extent of the damage remains to be seen. Gabrielle Giffords steadily improving from near

Snow in Hawaii means 49 out of 50 states have snow

Huge snowstorms are pounding many parts of the country today. The report of snow in Hawaii and a Hawaii winter warning for the state show the effects of La Nina. Approximately 71 percent of the United States is currently covered with snow. Snow in Hawaii at 8,000 feet and Hawaii winter warning Hawaii is a
Wells Fargo

Try secured credit cards to rebuild damaged credit scores

There’s a great tool for rebuilding or establishing credit called secured credit cards. Secured cards work just like traditional cards, except the limit is determined by an upfront deposit that secures the credit. Most major banks offer them. For lousy or nonexistent credit, try secured credit cards Credit cards are one of the most ubiquitous
An older woman, panhandling on a city street.

U.S. wage downturn eclipses that of 1981-82 recession

When it comes to salary, something is better than nothing. However, for the lucky few who do manage to find jobs during this recession, many are finding that what they earn today pales in comparison with what they made before they were unemployed, reports the Wall Street Journal. The nationwide wage downturn is so severe
verizon iphone rumors included a white model

Verizon stock dives after iPhone announcement, Apple stock soars

Verizon stock did not benefit from the company’s announcement confirming the Verizon iPhone. In fact, Verizon stock fell Tuesday shortly after the Verizon press conference. But Apple stock value, which is partially based on the iPhone, rose 6 percent in the last week driven by Verizon iPhone anticipation. Verizon stock: buy the rumor, sell the
A room full of people waiting for their turn in line at the DMV.

DMV.ca.gov launches new online services

There are few things in life as monotonous and frustrating as waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Yet the most unlikely of heroes – dmv.ca.gov – has stepped forward with a sanity-preserving service, reports the Modesto Bee. Driving records are now available online. Don’t stand in line, go online at dmv.ca.gov Bureaucracy
Tom DeLay

Money laundering conviction gets Tom DeLay three years in prison

Disgraced former Congressman Tom DeLay has been sentenced to three years in prison for money laundering. The former House majority leader was found guilty of illegally funneling money from corporate donors to state Republican candidates. Texas law forbids corporate donations to political campaigns. Tom DeLay sentenced to three years Tom DeLay, the former Republican Majority
financial literacy

Financial independence relies on smart spending as much as saving

Unless you win a $380 million Mega Millions jackpot, smart spending is the only way to avoid debt and save for retirement. Becoming financially literate is one of the keys to smart spending. Having the commons sense to realize there is no such thing as “unexpected expenses” is another. Financial literacy and financial independence Most