verizon iphone rumors included a white model

Verizon stock dives after iPhone announcement, Apple stock soars

Verizon stock did not benefit from the company’s announcement confirming the Verizon iPhone. In fact, Verizon stock fell Tuesday shortly after the Verizon press conference. But Apple stock value, which is partially based on the iPhone, rose 6 percent in the last week driven by Verizon iPhone anticipation. Verizon stock: buy the rumor, sell the
A room full of people waiting for their turn in line at the DMV. launches new online services

There are few things in life as monotonous and frustrating as waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Yet the most unlikely of heroes – – has stepped forward with a sanity-preserving service, reports the Modesto Bee. Driving records are now available online. Don’t stand in line, go online at Bureaucracy
Tom DeLay

Money laundering conviction gets Tom DeLay three years in prison

Disgraced former Congressman Tom DeLay has been sentenced to three years in prison for money laundering. The former House majority leader was found guilty of illegally funneling money from corporate donors to state Republican candidates. Texas law forbids corporate donations to political campaigns. Tom DeLay sentenced to three years Tom DeLay, the former Republican Majority

Feds recommend lower fluoride levels in drinking water

Fluoride levels in drinking water should be lower, according to the federal government. The availability of fluoride from other sources has reduced the amount of fluoride in drinking water necessary to prevent tooth decay. Some children have been getting overexposed to fluoride, which causes spots or streaks to appear on tooth enamel. Optimizing fluoride levels

Tide with Anthrax stories are the latest riff on old wives tale

Consumers beware, because according to a chain email and text message, samples of Tide have anthrax with them. The story goes that terrorists have infused samples of the laundry detergent with anthrax, a deadly disease spreading spore. The anthrax in Tide hoax is just a new take on an old wives tale. Whoever believes Tide
Mac App store

Mac App Store goes live to rain on opening day parade of CES

The Mac App Store opened without the fanfare characteristic of Apple Thursday. The Mac App Store offers about 1,000 Macintosh applications Mac users can instantly purchase and download. The Mac App Store, based on the Apple App Store model, promises to revolutionize software distribution channels. Mac App Store offers steep discounts The Mac App Store
us constitution text read in house chamber

U.S. Constitution text read on House floor to placate Tea Party

The U.S. Constitution text was read in the House of Representatives Thursday as Republicans kicked off the 112th Congress with blatant Tea Party pandering. The GOP-led sideshow was accompanied by controversy and melodrama. Republicans omitted passages of the original U.S. Constitution text, and a birther disrupted the proceedings. Tea Party pandering on display The reading
rolled up dollar bill

Maryland campaign finance law up for major reform

A Maryland Attorney General’s commission issued a report on campaign finance Tuesday. The recommendations include cutting out loopholes that allow for the equivalent of personal loans from big-time donors. Some of these campaign finance reforms must make their way through the legislature before they take effect. Issues within Maryland campaign finance The report issued Tuesday
fda tobacco product review

FDA: Tobacco companies must submit product ingredients for review

Tobacco companies must have all their products reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration in the next 10 weeks. The FDA review of tobacco products exercises the agency’s authority to regulate tobacco granted by a 2009 law. To continue selling them, tobacco companies must submit data about products that have been introduced or altered since

State Legislators for Legal Immigration take aim at anchor babies

In a press conference today, the group State Legislators for Legal Immigration announced new model legislation. This legislation seeks to strip citizenship from children of illegal immigrants. These so-called “anchor babies” are the newest target of the immigration debate. Who are anchor babies? “Anchor babies” is a name given to people who are born in
File photo of Chinese stealth fighter via Chinese Internet.

China flexes muscle with new Chinese stealth fighter

China’s ascendancy as the world’s major economic power has made some people nervous. According to the New York Times, a bit of patriotic saber-rattling in the form of a new Chinese stealth fighter won’t help these people sleep easier. The fifth generation stealth fighter jet labeled J-20 has some wondering about the stealth fighter Chinese
Whipped Cream

National Whipped Cream Day | A new twist for the new year

Today, Jan. 5, is National Whipped Cream Day. National Whipped Cream day may not have huge political or social importance, but it is still worth celebrating. It’s a great day to try out some non-traditional twists to this creamy dessert. The science of National Whipped Cream Day Whipped cream has, for most people, been reduced

Easy ways to update your kitchen for less than $100

It seems whenever company comes over, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. There are easy ways to update your kitchen for a fresh look so you can feel confident in front of those guests. With less than $100 and one day, you can make use of easy ways to update your kitchen no matter

Nationwide heartbreak as Mega Millions winners are in Northwest

The current Mega Millions lottery jackpot is up to $355 million, and there are two winners. It is the second largest jackpot ever observed in the lottery game, which is played in most states. The two confirmed winning tickets were sold in Idaho and in Washington state. One Mega Millions winner in Washington and one
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS eye strain may be dangerous to children

Nintendo has pre-empted a potential issue with the 3DS system – even before the Nintendo 3DS release date. The Nintendo 3DS eye strain issue could stunt the development of children’s eyes. This eye strain issue is not unique to the 3DS system, but Nintendo is the first company to attack it head-on. Nintendo 3DS eye
The logo of the Internal Revenue Service.

Tax filing deadline extended to April 18, 2011

While it is true that there are few things as certain as death and taxes, the tax filing deadline this year has changed based upon a relatively new holiday. Emancipation Day, which was officially adopted as a holiday in the District of Columbia in 2005, will cause the tax filing deadline to be pushed forward