Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS eye strain may be dangerous to children

Nintendo has pre-empted a potential issue with the 3DS system – even before the Nintendo 3DS release date. The Nintendo 3DS eye strain issue could stunt the development of children’s eyes. This eye strain issue is not unique to the 3DS system, but Nintendo is the first company to attack it head-on. Nintendo 3DS eye
healthy blood cells

New cancer blood test could revolutionize diagnosis and treatment

A new cancer blood test sensitive enough to detect a single cancer cell is being prepared for the health care marketplace. The new cancer blood test could make early detection of cancer easier. The blood test could also help accurately determine whether cancer treatments are working and show whether patients become cancer-free. A breakthrough in
The logo of the Internal Revenue Service.

Tax filing deadline extended to April 18, 2011

While it is true that there are few things as certain as death and taxes, the tax filing deadline this year has changed based upon a relatively new holiday. Emancipation Day, which was officially adopted as a holiday in the District of Columbia in 2005, will cause the tax filing deadline to be pushed forward
borders bankruptcy

Borders on the brink of bankruptcy as printed book sales plunge

Borders, the national book chain, has been feeling the pinch of the new digital paradigm. As book sales have fallen, Borders has been losing money for years. The brick and mortar book retailer appeared to be on the brink of extinction as it delayed payments to publishers last week. Borders pleas to publishers for a

Largest loan lenders may settle with attorneys general quickly

The largest loan lenders may be the first to settle with various state attorneys general. All 50 states are investigating foreclosure practices and procedures of various banks and loan companies. The findings indicate not everyone has played by the rules. Quick settlement may be forthcoming from large loan lenders As every state attorney general is

2011 W-4 form | Not required, but recommended

Now that it is 2011, the federal government has issued a new set of tax forms. The 2011 W-4 form has been issued and does not include major changes. The government does recommend that you review the 2011 W-4, but filling out a new one is not required. The changes on the 2011 W-4 form

More flocks of dead birds show up in Louisiana

Thousands of dead birds dropped from the sky in Arkansas on New Year’s, and a similar incident involving dead birds in Louisiana followed days later. Fewer blackbirds dropped from the sky in Louisiana, but similar incidents taking place so soon after one another is disturbing. Further testing will determine the cause. Dead birds in Louisiana