2011 Toyota Sienna recalled due to brake light problem

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A 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE 2.

The 2011 Toyota Sienna is being recalled due to a brake light problem. (CC BY/IFCAR/Wikipedia)

Just when Toyota thought it was out of the recall jungle, the (faulty) break lights started flashing. The embattled automaker has reported that there will be a recall of 94,000 2011 Toyota Sienna vehicles because of a problem involving the brake light switch bracket. All Toyota Sienna vehicles in question were produced before November 2010.

Toyota stomps on the Sienna recall

According to a Toyota press release, the Sienna recall was made necessary by the positioning of the brake light switch bracket in relation to the parking brake pedal. When fully deployed, the parking brake can come into physical contact with the brake light switch bracket and cause the switch to bend and possibly malfunction. Specifically, the brake lights can remain on even if the brakes aren’t being deployed, and if the damage is significant enough, Toyota indicates that the brakes could actually become partially engaged because of the warped bracket. Then brake drag can occur, which can eventually impair overall braking performance.

At this time, Toyota has stated that the company is not aware of any accidents or injuries that have resulted from the brake light switch bracket problem, although the potential for impaired braking could easily cause such trouble, given time.

How 2011 Toyota Sienna owners will be contacted

Toyota has plans under way to notify Toyota Sienna drivers affected by the recall to via first-class mail beginning in mid-January 2011. The communication will include instructions for how Sienna drivers should proceed. This information will also be made available via the recall section of Toyota’s website.

By late February, Sienna owners facing recall will be contacted again via first-class mail with information regarding replacement parts for the brake light switching bracket. Sienna owners will also be advised to make an installation appointment at their local Toyota dealer. There will be no charge for this service, which will include the installation of a switching bracket that takes the positioning of the parking brake pedal into better account.

Contact Toyota for more information

Any 2011 Toyota Sienna owners with more questions regarding the Sienna recall may contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331 or visit www.toyota.com/recall.




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