Bank of America

Nevada Attorney General sues Bank of America over foreclosures

Though Congress and state officials are investigating Bank of America foreclosures, Nevada has taken an extra step. The Nevada Attorney General has filed suit against BoA for “deceptive practices.” This lawsuit alleges that the short term loans BoA promised as mortgage modifications simply were not offered. Nevada loan modifications The Nevada Attorney General has filed
second generation apple tv

New Apple TV takes off with 1 million sold in fourth quarter 2010

Apple TV, once called merely a “hobby” by Steve Jobs, has become a serious pursuit for Apple. Apple announced Tuesday that it will reach fourth quarter sales of 1 million second generation Apple TV units this week. Future Apple TV sales may be helped by news that some notoriously slow Apple TV downloads could be

Bank of America cuts off WikiLeaks ahead of bank document release

Bank of America cut off WikiLeaks from receiving any payments from the organization. B of A has joined a host of other companies to do likewise. Some believe that finance companies are doing so ahead of a WikiLeaks release of bank documents in 2011. WikiLeaks cut off from receiving payment from Bank of America A
Tim Geithner

Installment loans from bailouts may not be that expensive

In the financial crisis of the last few years, billions of dollars in installment loans to huge firms were lent in bailouts. Many have preached loudly about the waste involved and corporate favoritism. However, it may not cost as much as some think. Rage at installment loans to big business In 2008, the financial world
The California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, photographed during the daytime.

Californians deserve a balanced payday loans argument

As mainstream media is quick to assert, the APR charged for California payday loans is typically somewhere between 300 and 400 percent. If San Diego installment loans were actually 12-month loans, those figures would indeed be frightening when compared with traditional bank and credit union loans. However, some California personal loan customers don’t have the
File photo of incumbent New York Gov. David Paterson.

New York Gov. David Paterson fined $62,125 for baseball tickets

New York Gov. David Paterson’s time in office has been checkered by scandal and embarrassment. Fred Armisen’s spoof of the legally blind politician on “Saturday Night Live” has stuck to New York’s governor like a scarlet letter, similar to what Tina Fey did for Sarah Palin. Talk of Paterson’s drug use and infidelity have been
lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse tonight will be quite the sight

In the evening of Monday, Dec. 20, there will be a lunar eclipse. It will be the only lunar eclipse for the year, and it occurs the day before the winter solstice. Eye protection is not required during the window of time it will be visible. Lunar eclipse tonight in North and South America A
end of free and open internet

FCC net neutrality vote could end era of free and open Internet

A proposal establishing rules on net neutrality will be voted on by the Federal Communications Commission on Dec. 21. At issue are pay to play rules giving Internet service providers the power to charge higher prices for more bandwidth. The FCC net neutrality vote seeks a middle ground that prevents outright blocking of content but
another foreclosure, more to come

Administration: Principal reduction keeps foreclosures in check

A battle over principal reduction as a way to keep underwater mortgages and foreclosures from increasing is being waged in Washington. The Obama administration is trying to convince Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to join a program that reduces the balance of underwater mortgage loans. Experts say the program won’t work unless Fannie and Freddie

Tax bill passes Congress and extends Bush tax cuts

The tax bill that has been the subject of a fair amount of partisan bickering has been passed by Congress. The bill extends cuts in taxes instituted during the Bush administration, thus they’re commonly referred to as the Bush tax cuts. The bill was passed by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats. House of Representatives

Free Shipping Day precedes Christmas shipping deadlines 2010

For the thousands of people not traveling this season, Free Shipping Day is a chance to save money. Free Shipping Day is a day for free shipping that arrives by Christmas from thousands of online retailers. With Christmas shipping deadlines for 2010 looming close, today is the day to get shipping. Free Shipping Day 2010
The downtown San Diego skyline, photographed at night.

San Diego Small Business Micro Revolving Loans boost companies

Running a small business from one day to the next during a recession is enough to give anyone fits, considering the challenges in place in a large city like San Diego, where competition for funding is fierce. Thankfully, the City of San Diego has developed a Small Business Micro Revolving Loan Fund (SBMRLF) which, like
Credit Cards

New Fed exhibits proactive approach on credit cards

The Great Recession occurred largely as a result of unsafe lending practices that allowed consumers to exceed their means and drag the nation’s economy down with their personal finances. The extent to which this occurred could have perhaps been decreased if more proactive federal regulation had taken place. It appears as if the Federal Reserve
Happy Meal

Parent sues McDonald’s | Happy Meal toys make it hard to say no

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, California mother Monet Parham is suing McDonald’s. With support from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this lawsuit alleges that McDonalds unfairly markets to children. The lawsuit, which may become a class-action, pits parental responsibility against government regulation. Monet Parham’s lawsuit against McDonald’s In San Fransisco, Monet
“The Middle Class Beatdown: Decline of the American Dream” - a cartoon by Cory M. Grenier depicting a Republican lawmaker kicking the American people to the curb.

$1 trillion-plus omnibus spending bill riles GOP senators

It’s time to work out the numbers for the new fiscal year, and Democratic senators have brought a $1 trillion omnibus spending bill to the floor that has Republicans seeing red, reports College News. The 1,924-page spending bill asks for $1.27 trillion to fund various federal programs. But what Senate Republicans found particularly stunning are
President Removes Iraq Sanctions - Joint Press Availability with President Bush and President Aznar of Spain in the Cross-Hall.

UN Security Council lifts Iraq sanctions

In 2003, President George W. Bush suspended U.S. sanctions against the old Iraq regime of Saddam Hussein. At that time, Bush attempted to convince the U.N. Security Council to follow suit, but he was unsuccessful. Seven years later, reports BBC News, the U.N. has voted to eradicate the majority of Iraq sanctions that had been
oil spill gulf of mexico 2010

Justice Department files oil spill lawsuit against BP and others

The Justice Department is suing BP for its role in the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The lawsuit cites the Oil Pollution Act and the Clean Water Act in demanding that BP and eight other companies be held liable for all oil spill costs. The suit states that a total assessment