A female model.

Attractive models solicit bone marrow donors in Massachusetts

The power of a pretty face and attractive presentation can start wars, as Helen did for the Trojan War. They can also help solicit bone marrow donations, as University of Massachusetts Memorial Health Care Inc. has discovered. A recent campaign placed attractive models in malls, at sporting events and in other places where a sales

Leon Walker charged with felony hacking for reading wife’s e-mail

Leon Walker of Rochester Hills, Mich., is facing felony charges under an anti-hacking statute. Walker hacked into his wife’s Gmail account to check up on her. His defense, however, is that it wasn’t hacking, and it was to protect their child. Leon Walker’s alleged crime Leon Walker was arrested and will be tried on Feb.
financial goals

Ensure your happy new year with a year-end financial checklist

Now is the time to get your personal finances in order. A new year is a good occasion for tying up loose ends on your financial checklist. Get off to a good start in 2011 by taking care of tax issues and re-evaluating your financial priorities. What to put on your year-end financial checklist Take
Water cooler

Avoid work rumors | 4 ways to keep out of the rumor mill

Spending 40 hours a week or more at work can feel like you’ve got a second family. With that much time, taking steps to avoid work rumors can be important. Here are four ways to avoid work rumors with your co-workers. Avoid work rumors with e-mail It has happened to all of us – typing
Penn Station

MTA in NYC, NJ Transit and LIRR snowfall disruptions

In the Northeast, huge snowfall totals are snarling business and traffic across multiple states. The website for the New York City MTA, which manages transit in and around New York City, has been practically shut down. New Jersey transit is trying to keep major routes online. The Long Island Rail Road, LIRR, is mostly offline,