A group of college students.

Find a scholarship: Save money and challenge yourself

You want your kids to go to college, and yet, for many, the cost can be incredibly prohibitive. However, anyone with a little determination can find lots of ways to get college tuition paid for by scholarships. Why do so many scholarships go unused? Well, it is mostly because people assume that they have to
Family meal

Family meals improve grades for children, prevent substance abuse

If you are too busy to have family meals and, instead, allow your children to grab their food and run for their rooms, you might pay for it later with every kind of problem most parents try to avoid with their kids. A study done by National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at

Judge Jack Camp guilty of doing drugs with Sherry Ann Ramos

As a part of a plea deal negotiated with prosecutors, Senior U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp Jr. has pleaded guilty to drug charges. The judge has admitted to giving Sherry Ann Ramos money to buy drugs. The judge faces four years in federal prison for these charges. Federal Judge Jack Camp Jr. A former
the battlefield site of the Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg Address by Lincoln rallied a weary nation to fight on

The Gettysburg Address was given by President Abraham Lincoln 147 years ago today on Nov. 19, 1863. Lincoln gave the speech at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, which is considered the turning point of the Civil War, when the Union army destroyed an invading Confederate force from July 1-3, 1863. When he gave
Smiling couple

Let no credit check installment loans see you through!

Has something come up that has put you in need of some quick cash? No credit check installment loans can see you through those unexpected situations that catch us by surprise. These online loans do not affect your credit score, and they allow you to choose the repayment plan that fits your budget. You can
Kid's Cooking

Thanksgiving recipes for kids | Getting the whole family involved

Thanksgiving Day can be a big production that brings family together. With a serious lack of Thanksgiving recipes for kids, though, getting the whole family involved can feel tough. There are Thanksgiving recipes for kids of all ages that you can use to get them involved and interested — and keep everyone happy. Thanksgiving recipes
Julian Assange of WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks head Julian Assange running from sex crime accusations

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has been reportedly seeking asylum in Switzerland, a country that international fugitives rely on for its neutrality. Assange is looking for a safe place to resume leaking after Swedish authorities issued an international arrest warrant Thursday charging him with sexual assault. Meanwhile, with Assange in hiding, some former WikiLeaks volunteers are

Unemployment extension fails to pass the House

This afternoon, the House of Representatives failed to pass an unemployment extension. The unemployment extension would have added an extra 12 weeks to benefits. If Congress takes no action by Nov. 30, hundreds of thousands of people’s benefits will expire. Unemployment extension basics The unemployment extension bill that the House failed to pass today would
filing for unemployment benefits

Jobless claims trend downward, but unemployment rate still stuck

Finding good news when it comes to the U.S. unemployment rate requires extremely low expectations. Jobless claims rose last week, but not as much as economists expected. Employment has been growing steadily as the number of people filing for unemployment insurance has held steady, but not enough to budge the 9.6 percent U.S. unemployment rate.
Charlie Rangel

House panel recommends censure for Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel was convicted by his peers of severe ethics violations, and a censure has been recommended. Censure is the sternest of reprimands in Congress. He may be the first Congressman to be censured in some time. Rangel recommended to receive a censure Not long ago, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) went on trial for committing ethics
401 Trail in Colorado.

Find fun trails and enjoy the ride

Almost anywhere you go there are resources that can help you find fun trails to explore. There are many bike trails to consider, and if you aren’t into biking, you can hike them, instead. There are websites with GPS coordinates and maps to help you find your way. There are many groups of people who
Google's corporate office front.

Googletown: A company town for Google employees

It’s been rumored for some time, but according to various sources, the mini-metropolis Googletown is slated for construction. While “Googletown” may not be the official name, the city should prove to be yet another way that Google keeps its best and brightest close to the office so they can innovate on cue. Googletown: Built in
Native wildflowers

Planting native wildflowers: Best time is late fall, early winter

Native wildflowers are an excellent choice for any gardener. They are compatible with the climate, which makes them easy to care for. If you have always wanted to plant native wildflowers and still haven’t done it, now is the time for you to take action. You don’t even need a bad credit loan to get
Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski wins rare write-in victory in Alaska Senate race

Ballots from the Alaska Senate election are nearly counted, and Lisa Murkowski is the clear winner. A lawsuit filed by Joe Miller contests some of the ballots, but the lawsuit will likely amount to nothing. Murkowski already has a clear lead and will take the Alaska Senate seat. Lisa Murkowksi’s write-in victory a rare occurrence
A preschool-aged girl gives the camera a “Dad, you can't be serious” look.

Even 3-year-olds think being thin is in

According to Live Science, a recent Pepperdine University study indicates that girls as young as 3 years old are already worried about watching their weight. Being thin is something in which girls are “emotionally invested,” claims the study, even at preschool age. Experts in child wellness and psychology find the study results troubling, as body
Identity theft

Protect your money and identity from scammers

Even in the light of all the warnings and mass publicity regarding scam protection, scamming has continued to be a major problem today. The more light and publicity that shines on these illegal acts in order to protect the public, the more clever these scammers get in their schemes. If you want to stay out
leonid meteor shower 2010

Leonid meteor shower 2010: when to watch, where to look

The Leonid meteor shower 2010 has been intensifying for a week now and reaches its peak Wednesday, Nov. 17. The best time to catch the Leonid meteor shower in the U.S. will be a few hours before dawn on Thurs., Nov. 18 when you can expect to see about a dozen meteors per hour. The