filing for unemployment benefits

Jobless claims trend downward, but unemployment rate still stuck

Finding good news when it comes to the U.S. unemployment rate requires extremely low expectations. Jobless claims rose last week, but not as much as economists expected. Employment has been growing steadily as the number of people filing for unemployment insurance has held steady, but not enough to budge the 9.6 percent U.S. unemployment rate.
Charlie Rangel

House panel recommends censure for Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel was convicted by his peers of severe ethics violations, and a censure has been recommended. Censure is the sternest of reprimands in Congress. He may be the first Congressman to be censured in some time. Rangel recommended to receive a censure Not long ago, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) went on trial for committing ethics
401 Trail in Colorado.

Find fun trails and enjoy the ride

Almost anywhere you go there are resources that can help you find fun trails to explore. There are many bike trails to consider, and if you aren’t into biking, you can hike them, instead. There are websites with GPS coordinates and maps to help you find your way. There are many groups of people who
Google's corporate office front.

Googletown: A company town for Google employees

It’s been rumored for some time, but according to various sources, the mini-metropolis Googletown is slated for construction. While “Googletown” may not be the official name, the city should prove to be yet another way that Google keeps its best and brightest close to the office so they can innovate on cue. Googletown: Built in
Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski wins rare write-in victory in Alaska Senate race

Ballots from the Alaska Senate election are nearly counted, and Lisa Murkowski is the clear winner. A lawsuit filed by Joe Miller contests some of the ballots, but the lawsuit will likely amount to nothing. Murkowski already has a clear lead and will take the Alaska Senate seat. Lisa Murkowksi’s write-in victory a rare occurrence
A preschool-aged girl gives the camera a “Dad, you can't be serious” look.

Even 3-year-olds think being thin is in

According to Live Science, a recent Pepperdine University study indicates that girls as young as 3 years old are already worried about watching their weight. Being thin is something in which girls are “emotionally invested,” claims the study, even at preschool age. Experts in child wellness and psychology find the study results troubling, as body
Identity theft

Protect your money and identity from scammers

Even in the light of all the warnings and mass publicity regarding scam protection, scamming has continued to be a major problem today. The more light and publicity that shines on these illegal acts in order to protect the public, the more clever these scammers get in their schemes. If you want to stay out
stoning the devil

Muslim holidays: Pilgrims gather for stoning of the devil Nov. 16

A look at Muslim holidays can reveal a lot about the cultural differences between Islam and the West. A major Muslim holiday called Eid al-Adha began on Nov. 16 and is celebrated for three days. While a western holiday such as Christmas celebrates consumer spending and other forms of excess, Eid al-Adha celebrates the “stoning
Minority student protest display at UC Berkeley.

Illegal immigrants get in-state tuition rate in California

The Los Angeles Times reports that the California Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that illegal immigrants who graduate from state high schools will be eligible to receive in-state tuition rates at California universities. Immigrant activists call the decision a victory. Yet legal residents who have lost their jobs or benefits during California’s budget crisis are
A couple buying their first home.

New home buyers: Only $100 down for HUD homes?

Only $100 down for a HUD home? Have you seen any signs like that? I saw several and inquired asked my Realtor friend, who has been in the business for 25 years. These are the repossessed homes that banks no longer want to sit on. Banks are more than willing to work with you in
Turkey Sandwich

Turkey recall | 2,600 pounds may cause listeriosis

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a turkey recall has been instituted. Relatively small in scope, the New Braunfels Smokehouse turkey recall covers 2,600 pounds of ready-to-eat turkey. A potentially fatal bacteria called listeriosis may have contaminated the turkey. Turkey recall affects 2,600 pounds There are 2,600 pounds of turkey affected by the 2010 turkey recall.
Honeybaked Ham

Honeybaked Ham | Coupons, reservations and recipes

During the holiday season, Honeybaked Ham sees a significant spike in business. This year, Honeybaked Ham is offering a coupon for $9 off its signature product. Honeybaked Ham is also offering a full Thanksgiving meal, though you do have to “reserve” your ham, turkey or full meal. Honeybaked Ham coupon Honeybaked Ham is offering a
google gives out weighty raise in 2011

Google raise an attempt to fend off talent raids from rivals

A Google raise of 10 percent for all its employees was announced last week. In addition to the raise, Google is giving its entire staff a $1,000 Christmas bonus. Tech insiders say the Google raise and bonus is an attempt to fight off employee defections to Google rivals such as Facebook. Google’s $1-billion raise The
Make A Wish

Make A Wish Foundation | Help make a wish come true!

Make A Wish Foundation is a wonderful place where dreams really do come true. With your help, the Make A Wish Foundation strives to help children from 2-and-a-half to 18 years who have life threatening medical conditions. The foundation has and continues to make a wish come true — every 40 minutes! There are many
Feeding America donations

Feeding America | Donations go a long way

Imagine having to choose between feeding your children dinner and paying the utility bill to keep the lights turned on. If payday loans were out of the picture, would you go to the grocery store or use the little cash you do have left to see a doctor for an illness? Unfathomable? Well, not for
Capitol Hill

National debt panel recommendations are not surprising

A national debt panel has just released findings concerning recommendations for reducing the national debt. The conclusions should be no surprise. The largest national expenditures are for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and defense. Those are the programs which are recommended for trimming. The United States won’t be the first nation to undergo austerity measures. National

Small loans for bad credit in higher demand than mortgage loans

Demand for bank loans for housing is very low, even though rates are at the lowest in decades. It’s great for those with perfect credit scores, but small loans until payday may be the only credit available for a lot of people for some time. Demand for mortgage loans drops The bottom fell out of