Christmas Tree

Somali teen arrested for attempted Christmas Tree bombing

A Somali-born teenager, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, has been arrested for allegedly trying to bomb a Christmas tree lighting event in Portland, Ore. Mahomud, 19, is a naturalized citizen of the United States. He was discovered by the FBI, who arrested him in a sting operation. Christmas tree bombing suspect stung by FBI Mohamed Osman Mohamud
A typical fast food stand on Blackpool promenade.

Five budgeting tips that help cut the cost of convenience

Instant gratification may feel good, but the truth is that the cost of convenience is killing budgets everywhere. Whether it’s a matter of “keeping up with the Joneses” or partaking in smaller daily indulgences, impulse spending can challenge the best budgets, particularly during a recession. With a little help from Wise Bread, here are five
Laughing in the snow.

A holiday loan for your holiday needs

A fast holiday loan can help in many ways. If you’re like most people during this time of the year, you are in need of some extra cash. Among many reasons, you may need the money to pay off unexpected bills or take advantage of unbeatable holiday store prices. But where can a person go
Fiji Water

Fiji Water production bottled by Fijian government

The Fijian government has caused production of Fiji Water to shut down. A drastic hike in taxes on extraction of the water from Fiji for use in bottled water products was announced, causing the shutdown. Fiji Water has been implicated in corruption. Fiji Water shuts down to avoid drowning in taxes The government of Fiji
Atheist Billboard

Atheist billboard about Christmas ignites controversy

A new atheist billboard installed near the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey is causing major controversy. Sponsored by the American Atheist Alliance, the billboard is just one of many. The freedom of speech debate around this billboard is heated. Atheist billboard ‘celebrates’ Christmas The billboard recently erected next to the Lincoln Tunnel is sponsored by
The U.S. Capitol building, photographed at night.

Obama announces two-year federal pay freeze

On Monday, President Obama announced that in order to tame the massive federal deficit, plans have been created to institute a two-year federal pay freeze. It is projected that this move will save the U.S. $28 billion within five years and $60 billion over the the next decade. The federal pay freeze would affect all
December Holidays 2010

List of December holidays 2010

December is a month of celebrations and holidays. The list of December holidays for 2010 includes much more than just the standard holidays. For most everyone, there is something to celebrate in December holidays for 2010. Month-long December holidays 2010 The December Holidays for 2010 include several month-long celebrations. December is Universal Human Rights Month,
Chevy Volt

Various car of the year awards slant to green vehicles

Various cars are being dubbed Car of the Year by various agencies, foundations and publications. No real consensus actually exists for what constitutes a true car of the year, but that doesn’t stop awards from being bestowed. This year seems heavily tipped in favor of green vehicles. Volt named Car of the Year The two