Google Buzz

Google Buzz settlement will fund internet privacy efforts

In an e-mail sent to all Google Buzz users today, Google announced the preliminary approval of its Buzz settlement. The buzz about Google Buzz was that user’s privacy was systematically violated. The $8.5 million settlement does not pay out to Buzz users, but will be used to promote internet privacy. Google Buzz raised privacy concerns
2010 election results

2010 election results | Tracking the results of the 2010 vote

Election day 2010 is still going strong, but the 2010 election results are coming in soon. With everything from marijuana legalization to control of the legislature up for grabs, 2010 election results could mean huge changes. Though the final results could take days, some 2010 election results could be called in a matter of hours.
The human society

Expression and values in society today

Society is built with a certain structure and on a system of beliefs that controls and limits individuals. Society, after all, is the response to the human need for an order. This is the origin of values, norms and laws. A set of values are identified and held as the greatest ideals of the human

SCVNGR goes global, unleashes zombie horde on businesses

SCVNGR, an online service that is part social network, part game and part advertising platform, has expanded. Using Google’s locations API, SCVNGR will be offering its services worldwide. This new worldwide SCVNGR will offer a wide variety of services, including spreading a zombie horde. SCVNGR integrates locations into gaming SCVNGR is a service that uses
A pile of money.

Groups urge UK government to place rate caps on short-term credit

Groups such as the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) and campaign organizations such as End Legal Loan Sharking are pressuring the British government to crack down on the short-term consumer credit market, reports This is Money U.K. A lower interest rate cap on “doorstep lenders and payday loan firms” is currently being pursued in proposed

California ballot, Prop 19 results pending

The voting results won’t be in for some time, but Prop 19 in California is being watched. The measure, Proposition 19, would dramatically decriminalize recreational use and growth of marijuana. The proposed measure has created a lot of controversy, as many say the dangers outweigh possible benefits. Others think criminalizing marijuana has done more harm

Holiday loans | Avoid stress during the holidays

I have always loved the holidays, but this year is complicated. After months of unemployment, I finally found employment. I don’t make as much as I used to, but at least I have a job. There hasn’t been time to budget for the holidays and now, guess what, the holidays are here and I need
Patrick Swayze died from pancreatic cancer at 57

Pancreatic cancer awareness month marks gains in early detection

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month. Pancreatic cancer is uncommon, but its diagnosis is commonly a death sentence. The disease that claimed actor Patrick Swayze’s life was thought to kill quickly, but new research suggests that pancreatic cancer spreads slowly over years and there have been recent breakthroughs in early detection and treatment. Fighting pancreatic
Jack Abramoff

Small loan lenders could hardly afford to buy elections

Any industry can make campaign contributions, even small loans lenders like payday advance lenders. However, according to some people any campaign contribution is tantamount to bribery. For instance, any elected official that is opposed to capping or banning payday loans is automatically assumed to have been bought off. The hitch is that as an industry,