Unlocking a 4.1 device

Developers release 4.1 unlock for Apple devices

Barely a month after iOS 4.1 was released by Apple, two developers have released  programs that allow Mac users to unlock their 4.1 devices. Both limera1n and greenpois0n are 4.1 unlock or “jailbreak” programs that hack through the security on Apple iOS products, such as iPods, iPads and iPhones. There is controversy about this 4.1
A wrecked school bus half in and half out of a ditch.

Congressional candidate David Harmer says kill public school

As midterm elections approach, the campaign platform for tea party GOP California congressional candidate David Harmer will probably downplay Harmer’s views on public schools, writes Nick Baumann for Mother Jones. Reportedly, Harmer wants to eliminate public schools because he views them as “socialism in education.” Once the slate is clean, America can go back to
Dance Club

Poppers | A dangerous high or a relatively safe club drug?

Alkyl nitrates inhaled for recreational purposes, otherwise known as “poppers” have long been considered a relatively safe recreational drug. Medically used as a antidote to cyanide poising, poppers can refer to a wide range of products, including air fresheners. A new study by French researchers has found that using Poppers may prove not nearly as
Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools Michelle Rhee at a NOAA conference.

Michelle Rhee resigns in D.C., schools everywhere lose

Michelle Rhee, hard-nosed Chancellor of Washington, D.C., Public Schools, has decided to resign rather than face a new city government that will not support her education reform programs. According to the Boston Globe, Michelle Rhee’s resignation was a “mutual” decision made by herself and newly elected Mayor Vincent Gray. Rhee’s term will be served until

Apple Inc. patents text filtering technology to prevent sexting

Tuesday morning, Apple, Inc. was awarded a patent on its new anti-sexting technology. Intended as a filter to control kids’ and teen’s text-messaging, the program goes beyond just sexting. Apple’s “anti-sexting technology” is built to regulate and control a full range of mobile communications. Anti-sexting technology patent Apple computers has been awarded a U.S. Patent
A smiling woman using a laptop to apply for a payday advance loan.

Should I get payday advance loans?

I was short on money, so I began weighing my options for obtaining some. I ran across payday advance loans and couldn’t help but wonder if it really was the best way to go. So I looked deeper to find out what payday advance loans are really all about, and what I discovered not only
artificial intelligence drives google car, not hands on wheel

The Google car uses artificial intelligence to drive itself

The Google car is an artificially intelligent vehicle that drives itself. It’s actually an extensively modified Toyota Prius loaded with sensors and software that has logged thousands of miles with humans along for the ride. The Google car is just one of many Google projects outside its core business making headlines, such as the Google
Poverty and Poor

Hunger: A widespread challenge, even in U.S.

We are all aware that hunger exists in poverty stricken lands. However, lack of food is becoming a more and more challenging problem even in large cities these days. Many are worried what the future will look like regarding this problem. Hunger affects all Many people don’t even think of the possibility that our food

Short term loans have been part of society throughout history

Despite objections from critics, short term loans have been part of human society for a long time. Short term loan lenders have always existed. They aren’t likely to be going anywhere, either. There have been many calls made for usury caps, just like in the good old days. The thing is that the good old
U.S. Airways

Philadelphia Airport flight evacuated, no bomb found

This morning at the Philadelphia airport, a flight headed for Bermuda was evacuated. A baggage handler who was not showing ID disappeared when questioned. No other flights into or out of the Philadelphia airport were affected by the incident. Evacuation at the Philadelphia airport U.S. Airways Flight 1070 was scheduled to leave the Philadelphia airport
A photo of Virginia Democratic 1st Congressional District candidate Krystal Ball at a political rally.

Krystal Ball photos called political dirty pool by candidate

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia Democrat and 1st Congressional District candidate Krystal Ball, 28, has “an image problem.” Widespread Krystal Ball photos of her dressed as a bad Santa are apparently too much for incumbent Republican opponent Robert Wittman to ignore. Wittman claims his camp had nothing to do with releasing the photos. Krystal

Verizon iPhone rumors spurred by Verizon LTE announcement

Once again, rumors of a Verizon-network iPhone have been reported following Verizon’s announcement that it is developing faster new networks called LTE 4G networks. This time, it is the Wall Street Journal reporting that a Verizon iPhone is immanent. Verizon and Apple, though, have both made no comment. In other words, keep waiting. Verizon iPhone
reigning in consumer spending

Bad credit installment loans can be simpler than you think

When opening my new bank account, I was told, “If there’s not enough money in your account during a debit card transaction, you have two options: One, we can decline your card or two; we can pick up the tab.” The woman’s perky voice and excitement made it seem like no big deal. But I
Statue of a robed figure carrying the scales of justice.

Molly Wei is innocent in Rutgers suicide case, say her lawyers

The recent horrific case of the Rutgers University student suicide continues to catch the attention of the media as the New Jersey campus mourns the loss of a sensitive, artistic classmate. According to the Associated Press, the lawyers representing Molly Wei – she and fellow student Dharun Ravi are alleged to have pushed a fellow
Spokane Tree Service

Dayne’s Tree Care | Best tree trimming service in Spokane

Ever wonder what kind of person climbs 100 feet in the air to trim the tree in your yard? Dayne’s Tree Care in Spokane, Washington, is owned and operated by Dayne Klündt. He grew up in the tree business. Even when very young you could often find him on job sites with his father Terry
Unemployment line

Banning payday advance loans is not a good idea

There are a lot of people who would like to ban any and all payday advance loans. Social crusades, no matter how noble the impulse, almost always have consequences that are worse than the original issue. Banning cash advance lending will not have the positive effects that people think. More checks get bounced and overdraft
McDonalds Monopoly

McDonalds Monopoly 2010 kicks off October 5

The newest McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 game officially begins on October 5. The newest McDonald’s Monopoly game integrates Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and the McDonald’s website. Each game piece of McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 will have a “second chance” to win one of the prizes online. $200 million in McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 prizes According to McDonald’s and Hasboro,