A girl at a 2006 French labor strike makes a cell phone call.

France strikes against pension reform cripple work, travel

France’s pension strikes are significant news on the world stage of late. According to sources, the French senate is preparing to vote on Wednesday on a bill that would raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. A massive protest strike has ensued, which has disrupted industry and transportation, crippling production and making it extremely

Rand Paul and Aqua Buddha | Sacrilegious crime or college prank?

In attack ads and during a debate last night, Rand Paul has been fighting the specter of Aqua Buddha. While he was in college at conservative Baylor University, Paul a the member of NoZe Brotherhood. Some stories include Rand Paul and his friends trying to get a woman to worship “Aqua Buddha.” Rand Paul’s Aqua
a demo of archimedes death ray using magnifying glass

Obama challenges Mythbusters to debunk the Archimedes death ray

President Obama’s “Mythbusters” appearance may seem like an ideal forum to debunk the Republican Pledge to America. Instead, Obama has challenged the Mythbusters to revisit the Archimedes death ray, a legend the Discovery Channel show busted in 2006. Obama’s “Mythbusters” appearance will air Dec. 8 as part of the president’s STEM education campaign to inspire
A sad woman with clinical depression, mood disorders.

What causes mood disorders?

There are many people who suffer from some form of mood disorder such as clinical depression or bipolar disorders. It can make everyday tasks seem daunting and affect the way one perceives all the different facets of life. It could be as simple as thinking people are talking about you or taking advantage of you
New homeowners

Buying a home: How payday loans can help

Are you trying to buy a home and need some extra cash to do it? The last thing you want to do is get a personal loan from a banking institution because every time your credit is checked, it affects your credit score. And anyone working toward repaired credit knows very well to avoid anything
Online chat rooms

Are chat rooms dangerous?

When it comes to chat rooms, one of the best things to remember is that the person you’re chatting with could be a predator with sexual intentions. You may even be tempted to deceive someone on the other end; it could be something as simple as lying about your age. In time you form a
ambani house view of mumbai slums

Ambani house is a $1.8 billion tower overlooking Mumbai slums

Murkesh Ambani, an Indian billionaire, is moving into the largest, most expensive house in the world, built to his specifications. The $1.8 billion, 398,000 square foot tower, dubbed “Antilla” by its ostentatious owner, rises 567 feet above the Mumbai slums. The Ambani house is being derided for claiming it’s an environmentally friendly building and as
A woman in fear.

Are you a victim of living in fear?

In today’s society, there are many factors that can lead people to being afraid and living in fear. The world we live in has many people feeling insecure and not very safe. People turn on the news and hear of rapes, thefts, road rage and murders going on in their own neighborhoods. This can greatly
Unlocking a 4.1 device

Developers release 4.1 unlock for Apple devices

Barely a month after iOS 4.1 was released by Apple, two developers have released  programs that allow Mac users to unlock their 4.1 devices. Both limera1n and greenpois0n are 4.1 unlock or “jailbreak” programs that hack through the security on Apple iOS products, such as iPods, iPads and iPhones. There is controversy about this 4.1
A wrecked school bus half in and half out of a ditch.

Congressional candidate David Harmer says kill public school

As midterm elections approach, the campaign platform for tea party GOP California congressional candidate David Harmer will probably downplay Harmer’s views on public schools, writes Nick Baumann for Mother Jones. Reportedly, Harmer wants to eliminate public schools because he views them as “socialism in education.” Once the slate is clean, America can go back to
Dance Club

Poppers | A dangerous high or a relatively safe club drug?

Alkyl nitrates inhaled for recreational purposes, otherwise known as “poppers” have long been considered a relatively safe recreational drug. Medically used as a antidote to cyanide poising, poppers can refer to a wide range of products, including air fresheners. A new study by French researchers has found that using Poppers may prove not nearly as

Facebook and Microsoft team up with Bing Search

In a joint announcement today, Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Facebook have announced a partnership. Bing will integrate social network search into its personalized results. Microsoft is hoping the Facebook partnership will help it overtake Google. Facebook partnership for Bing Facebook will now be integrating Bing search results and visa-versa. Microsoft and Facebook outlined two
Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools Michelle Rhee at a NOAA conference.

Michelle Rhee resigns in D.C., schools everywhere lose

Michelle Rhee, hard-nosed Chancellor of Washington, D.C., Public Schools, has decided to resign rather than face a new city government that will not support her education reform programs. According to the Boston Globe, Michelle Rhee’s resignation was a “mutual” decision made by herself and newly elected Mayor Vincent Gray. Rhee’s term will be served until

Apple Inc. patents text filtering technology to prevent sexting

Tuesday morning, Apple, Inc. was awarded a patent on its new anti-sexting technology. Intended as a filter to control kids’ and teen’s text-messaging, the program goes beyond just sexting. Apple’s “anti-sexting technology” is built to regulate and control a full range of mobile communications. Anti-sexting technology patent Apple computers has been awarded a U.S. Patent
A smiling woman using a laptop to apply for a payday advance loan.

Should I get payday advance loans?

I was short on money, so I began weighing my options for obtaining some. I ran across payday advance loans and couldn’t help but wonder if it really was the best way to go. So I looked deeper to find out what payday advance loans are really all about, and what I discovered not only

Rogue Burger | Rogue States Burgers forced to move out of DuPont

In a legal debate that has pitted burgers against lawyers, Washington, D.C., burger shop Rogue States Burgers has been forced to shut down. While the debate sounds a bit crazy, the law firm that sued had a case a judge found legitimate. Burger lovers aren’t at a loss, though, as Rogue States Burgers is already
Two men in police uniforms are riding toy motorcycles down a sidewalk.

Recession makes civilian police jobs frighteningly necessary

When police budget cuts and layoffs make responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls impossible, some cities count on an infusion of quick cash to turn the tide. However, as USA Today reports, police agencies on the other side of the tracks are resorting to unconventional measures to fill vacancies. Paid and volunteer civilian police