A public domain file photo portrait of Austan Goolsbee, who was approved by the Senate to chair the Obama administration's White House Council of Economic Advisers.

Senate confirms Austan Goolsbee as economic council chair

President Obama has taken a political beating from all sides over how he has dealt with the economy. In the recent jobs speech he delivered in Cleveland, he appeared to be somewhat disconnected when it comes to understanding “the plight of the middle class,” as Arianna Huffington puts it. Obama said “Not everything we’ve done
electronic cigarettes risky as tobacco

Agency says e-cigs need FDA approval as drug delivery devices

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, have been called the future of smoking. The Food and Drug Administration wants to show a group of electronic cigarette companies what that entails. The FDA has issued a warning to five electronic cigarette companies for making unproven claims that e-cigs will help people quit smoking. Some of the e-cigarette companies
A close-up of bedbug fecal matter and discarded exoskeletons on the side of a mattress.

Bite bedbugs back with the facts (Pt. 2)

A look into bedbugs, how expensive they can be and what the average person should and shouldn’t do to get rid of them certainly wouldn’t be complete without some numbers. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. 3. There’s no proof that bedbugs spread disease Various medical experts state that there is
A group of people holding up signs during a rally.

U.S. basic labor suffers due to aggressive tech industry staffing

The labor sector is defined by all civilians classified as employed and unemployed. The employed are those who work for pay, for themselves or someone else, or who work 15 hours or more as unpaid workers in a family-operated business. Furthermore, included among the employed are those who were temporarily absent from work for reasons
a synopsis of the apple flash feud

Truce in Apple/Flash feud called with open app approval process

The Apple/Flash feud that began last spring appears to have run its course. Apple shocked the app developer world Thursday when it announced that the company is relaxing controversial restrictions on the tools developers are allowed to use to create iPhone and iPad apps. Apple added an aftershock to its announcement, saying that it would
A foot model displaying one of Lindsay Phillips' Switchflops products.

Switchflops: A high school art project turned big business

As summer comes to rest beneath the first wave of autumn leaves, most casual footwear enthusiasts abandon their old vanilla flip flops. But Lindsay Phillips, 25, had a different, more fashionable idea. Back when she was 16 and in high school in Tampa, Fla., Phillips designed flip flops with interchangeable straps for fashionable flair as
tax refund checks are being phased out by tax refund debit cards

Tax refund cards will help the unbanked get their money faster

Tax refunds for people without bank accounts are becoming a problem in the era of electronic banking and tax filing. The Treasury Department thinks tax refund debit cards could be the solution. People without bank accounts, the so-called “unbanked” or “underbanked,” don’t benefit from the electronic funds transfer of a tax refund to a bank
Oil rig platform

Vermillion oil rig explosion hits Gulf of Mexico drilling site

An oil rig explosion has occurred at a platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Only one person was injured, and no fatalities occurred. The cause of the blast is not yet known. The oil rig explosion took place close to Vermillion Bay, on the coast of Louisiana. The rig, owned by Mariner Energy, is several
Earl and Danielle

Hurricane Earl path heads straight for East Coast

The tropical storm that has come to be called Hurricane Earl has been watched closely since it began gathering force in the Caribbean. Earl was first a Category Three hurricane and is now a Category Four storm. The Hurricane Earl path has been closely watched to determine how likely it is to hit the United

Consumers shedding debt from credit cards

Some of the good news about the recession is that many Americans are wanting to tighten their belts and get rid of debt. Many are adjusting their budgets so that a little fast cash can get applied toward debt, especially toward one of the most common and expensive sources of debt. Fewer people are using
Granny Smith

Apple announcement: There is a new iPod Touch 4G

Every time news of an upcoming Apple announcement hits the wires, the internet gets all abuzz. Is there already a new iPhone? Or is Apple merging with Google and changing the name of the new company to Skynet? An announcement from Apple was scheduled for today, and Apple aficionados began to speculate. Apple has unveiled
A blonde woman using a laptop to apply for bad credit loans online.

Skip the hassle and apply for bad credit loans online

If you need to borrow money but are worried about a less-than-decent credit score, apply for bad credit loans directly online. These loans are designed for people just like you who are struggling to make ends meet on bad or poor credit. The loans can be quickly and easily obtained, typically without having to first