Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel to leave the White House

There has been a lot of speculation over the future of Rahm Emanuel. Rahm Emanuel, the fiery White House Chief of Staff, is likely going to quit his post. He will be leaving the White House to run for mayor of Chicago. The current mayor is finishing out his term and won’t seek reelection. Since
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Photograph of a call center job advertisement posted on a building in Bangalore, India.

GOP Senators block anti-outsourcing bill

Unemployment continues to run rampant in America and reports of a hiring thaw have been somewhat exaggerated. This news has failed to derail the partisan train, however. The Washington Post reports that Senate Republicans have managed to block a Democratic bill that would penalize U.S. companies for outsourcing jobs. Motion to debate the anti-outsourcing bill
missile firing from a nuclear weapons site

Author says UFO sightings over nuclear sites a message to mankind

UFOs tampering with nuclear weapons is a crazy idea. But a group of former Air Force personnel swear that  UFOs have been keeping an eye on mankind’s nuclear arsenal for the past 60 years. UFO researcher and author Robert Hastings brought together a group of UFO eyewitnesses to the National Press Club Monday, where they
University of Texas-Austin

University of Texas locked down | UT shooting Tuesday

On the University of Texas-Austin campus this morning, there was a shooting. One, possibly two gunmen entered the Perry-Castaneda library and began shooting. The only reported injury from the UT shooting was the self-inflicted gunshot that killed the University of Texas shooter. Due to the UT shooting, the University of Texas-Austin campus and some surrounding
southwest airlines, new color scheme for airtran planes

Is the AirTran/Southwest merger good or bad for consumers?

AirTran has been purchased by Southwest Airlines for $1.42 billion in a deal that merges two of the largest discount airlines in the U.S. southwest’s acquisition of AirTran enables the airline to expand to key eastern hubs and sets it up to compete with major international carriers. The deal caught travel experts off guard. Some
second look program small business lending

Second look programs may be loosening lending standards

Wall Street banks have been taking the heat for starting a credit crunch in the aftermath of the financial crisis. While major U.S. financial institutions received billions in government bailouts, they’ve been refusing to make loans. Last December President Obama met with bank executives at the White House and urged them to find new ways
A neon bar sign advertising Budweiser beer. A lizard is seated atop the logo, which is a reference to a past advertising campaign where three different frogs croaked out "Bud-wei-ser."

Get free Budweiser beer on Sept. 29 at National Happy Hour

When Adolphus Busch introduced the Budweiser “Bohemian-style” pale lager in 1876, it quickly became a hit in America. According to a 2008 report the St. Louis Business Journal, beers by the Busch family corporation Anheuser-Busch held a 50.9 percent market share for all beers sold in the United States. Later that same year, however, Anheuser-Busch
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Photo of some Similac baby formula.

Parents bug out over Similac recall 2010

The expression “breast is best” when it comes to infant nutrition is extremely accurate. Sadly, the fast-paced world in which many American families live make breastfeeding an afterthought. The alternate food source of choice is of course infant formula, which has spawned a titanic industry. This is why news such as that of the Similac
Drawing of a person floating.

Christine O’Donnell makes surprising witchcraft confession

If Republican Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has her way, she’ll serve Delaware despite all the controversy hovering over her head. Reports indicate that O’Donnell lied about the nature of her college degree status. The born-again Protestant has taken a bath in the washtub of public opinion over her publicly revealed views against masturbation.
renting with bad credit

Renting with bad credit requires a strategy for success

Renting with bad credit is a challenge a great number of people are facing these days, thanks to the housing crisis, mortgage lending meltdowns, unemployment, foreclosures, etc. Circumstances beyond their control have put many people in the bad credit doghouse. But a decent place to live, or simply a roof over one’s head, is a
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Photo of the NFL wall of fame.

Restraining order separates Shannon Sharpe and Michele Bundy

Reports from sources including Sports by Brooks indicate that former NFL great Shannon Sharpe has stepped down from his co-host position on the CBS sports program “NFL Today.” Michele Bundy, a woman media sources insinuate is Shannon Sharpe’s girlfriend, was granted a temporary restraining order in Fulton County Superior County of Atlanta to protect her
Photo of a Wi-fi signal.

Free and open white space promises Wi-Fi revolution

The television broadcast spectrum contains unlicensed areas that are going unused. Those areas are called “white space.” For the purpose of advancing wireless network technology, the Federal Communications Commission plans to make white space available for public wireless consumption. White space for wireless is being called “white-fi” and “Wi-Fi on steroids.” Dead zones could be
drew brees face of financial football

Financial Football: Personal finance for rookies from Drew Brees

Financial Football 2.0 is a video game developed by Visa Inc. and endorsed by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Financial Football is available online to play for free. Players control the action on offense and defense by answering multiple choice questions about personal finance. Brees said he learned about personal finance the hard way