Credit Cards

Small businesses relying more on credit cards

Contrary to popular belief, there is still credit for small businesses to obtain. Unfortunately, the credit they can obtain isn’t in the form of a business loan from a bank or the Small Business Administration as much anymore.  These days, more small businesses are having to rely on credit cards.  A lot of funding that
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Cartoonist Molly Norris marked for death by Islamic website

Molly Norris is the Seattle cartoonist that instigated “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” Now Norris is marked for death by a Muslim cleric. Norris conceived “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” as a Facebook-fueled protest for free speech in response to Comedy Central censorship of a South Park episode that threatened to depict the prophet Muhammad. The runaway
A rubber chicken.

Appeals court declares FCC indecency rule unconstitutional

It began with a bizarre moment where WNYW/FOX Channel 5 New York anchorman Ernie Anastos exclaimed “Keep f—ing that chicken!” to weatherman Nick Gregory during a live news broadcast. The banter quickly became a viral sensation, and Anastos drew the ire of the FCC and its indecency rule. Family groups rallied alongside the FCC against
wreckage of pan am flight 103

Senator says BP-Libya oil deal linked to Lockerbie bomber release

BP has made billions spilling oil all over the globe. And now a U.S. senator is wondering if BP stands to make billions more from a BP-Libya oil deal after helping set free a terrorist convicted of killing Americans. Suspicions arose after Libyan Abdel Bastet Al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, was released from a Scottish prison
A busted piggy bank has littered the floor with ceramic fragments and spare change.

The economy may be rising, but what about our personal finances?

According to a recent survey by the Washington-based Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP), Americans anticipate that the national economy will be more likely to improve than decline during the next six months. However, as Bloomberg reports, the CFP study also shows that the majority of Americans do not have as much faith
Blond woman smiling, applied for quick loans for people with bad credit.

Easy quick loans for people with bad credit

Have bad or poor credit? No problem. You can apply right now for quick loans for people with bad credit. These loans are specifically designed to help those in need of quick financing who don’t have the  credit score most lenders are looking for. Here you won’t be treated any differently because of a less-than-decent

Changes to student loan programs make repayment easier for some

With the fall semester of 2010 coming up for many college students, recent changes to student loan programs are taking effect. Some of the biggest changes include an alteration of income based repayment standards. This help for graduates with student loan debt will reduce payments on this easy loan for some. New formulas and rules
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Home Run Derby 2010 circles the bases for charity

The midpoint of the 2010 Major League Baseball season is upon us, and that means it’s time for Home Run Derby 2010. While the star-studded exhibition means nothing in the official standings or a player’s final statistics, there is a partnership between Major League Baseball and State Farm insurance – the “Go to Bat” program
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Do not fall for auto loan modification scams asking upfront fees

Ads for auto loan modification scams are all over the Internet. Auto loan modification companies promise to negotiate with lenders to get customers lower car payments — for a hefty upfront fee. But consumer advocates and government regulators say most auto loan modifiers promising lower car payments will take your money and provide little or
Fannie Mae

Federal agency investigating Freddie and Fannie investments

This morning, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that it will be investigating the investments of mortgage companies Freddie and Fannie. The subpoenas issued cover files on the secured loans and bank loan information used in securities purchased by the companies. The FHFA believes that some of the liability for these securities may be with
African American couple looking at stats and comparing a short term loan to an installment loans.

Short term or installment loan: Help for your financial emergency

A short term loan or installment loan gives you an advance on your paycheck and helps you cover expenses till your next payday. Let’s face it; we’ve all needed a little financial help at one time or another. And applying for a payday loan can give you quick and easy access to the funds you
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Why opting out of debit card overdraft coverage is a good idea

If you’re like most people, you have a debit card. By now, you should have gotten a letter from the bank asking you if you would like to continue with the bank’s standard overdraft coverage. This letter is a result of new credit card rules that require banks to ask you if you would rather
a mailbox overflowing with junk mail

Plunging consumer credit spawns deceptive new credit card fees

Consumer credit dropped in May much further than was forecast, with the decline led by significant drop in credit card debt. Credit card delinquencies fell to their lowest rate since 2002. As Americans save more and borrow less, desperate credit card companies are coming up with new ways to gouge customers. New credit card rules
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Get quick loans for people with bad credit

Hard-working individuals in need of short term financing can apply for quick loans for people with bad credit. This type of loan is specifically designed to help those with credit problems. Today’s world revolves so much around credit it seems almost impossible at times to get even the smallest help. Here you won’t be treated

Know your credit score, and take steps to raise the number

To improve your credit score, nothing works better than paying off your credit cards and taking them out of your wallet. Knowing your credit score is the most basic fundamental of credit repair. But it’s even more important to know what affects  your credit score. And even more important than that is knowing what you
solar panels at a solar power plant

Solar plane is latest breakthrough as solar energy gains momentum

In the spirit of the season, as heat waves roast major cities around the world, solar energy is a hot topic. From residential rooftops to power plants to experimental aircraft, solar energy is having its season in the sun. A solar-powered airplane landed Thursday after spending 26 hours aloft. And this week the Obama administration
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo to shut down Finance Division

After acquiring Wachovia Bank and taking heavy losses from subprime mortgages, Wells Fargo has announced that it will be shutting down its Finance Division. This move will chop about 3,800 jobs from the 14,000 person division. Wells Fargo will still offer line-of-credit loans and other financial products — just not through a separate division. Wells