a customer walking into sams club with a cart

Small business loans adapt to survive credit crisis at Sams Club

Small business lending is adapting to survive. Small business loans have been an endangered species during the credit crisis, a stubborn legacy of the financial meltdown, housing crisis and Great Recession. But small business credit is making a comeback in unconventional ways, even as a miserly banking industry holds back the U.S. economy as it
oil skimming near port arthur texas

Tar balls hit Texas beaches as weather disrupts oil spill cleanup

Tar balls have reached Texas beaches, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010 has fouled the shoreline of every gulf state. Driven by winds from Hurricane Alex, the BP oil spill is spreading as bad weather continued to hamper cleanup efforts. Tar balls have also reached Louisiana’s Lake Ponchetrain as oil creeps
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Federal student loan move ends taxpayer gravy train for big banks

Getting government loans for college changed radically on July 1. All federally guaranteed student loans are now issued directly through the Department of Education. The change was part of the health care reform bill passed in March that had bank lobbyists kicking and screaming. The government has removed banks as the middleman for federally guaranteed
Professional team of people look to payday loans for help.

Payday loans online are still the best quick cash option

In today’s tight credit market, payday loans, installment loans and other forms of affordable short-term credit have become an important financial alternative. That fact isn’t going to change anytime soon. Yet while people need it more, short-term credit is under assault by politicians — even as banks bankrolling their campaigns refuse to come up with
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Scammers use Apple App Store hack to steal money, boost rankings

Apple App Store users are battling an app farm infestation. The App Store is being hacked by Apple App scammers who hack private iTunes accounts to make purchases of bogus apps. The hacks steal money from iTunes accounts and boost the App Store rankings of the bogus apps. Greedy scammer blows App Store cover The
Sacramento capital building

California state employees offered low cost loan options

In the state of California, where a state budget has yet to be passed, state employees are facing a huge pay cut. The governor has asked that until a budget is passed, all employees have their pay cut to minimum wage. Some banks and credit unions are offering a quick payday to these employees, including
electrical towers and power lines

Apple claims that iPhone software update will fix antenna issues

The Apple iPhone 4 antenna reception drama continued Friday. The company announced that the iPhone 4 antenna issue will be remedied with an iPhone software update. Apparently there’s no reception problem at all, according to Apple. Defective software resulted in an inaccurate representation of signal strength. The screen shows too many bars in areas with
An agonized young boy slumped over in his chair, covering his ears.

Autistic kids subjected to shock treatment at Mass. school

The Boston-area special needs school Judge Rotenberg Center enrolls students ages 3 to adult, all of whom are either autistic kids or are struggling with severe emotional, behavioral or psychiatric disorders. Those students who display undesirable behavior, reports ABC News, are subjected to a treatment which the United Nations is calling “torture.” Judge Rotenberg students,
oil spill cleanup workers

BP looks for short-term loan to cover costs in oil spill cleanup

A short-term loan comes in handy for a lot of people for unexpected expenses such as car repair, a crown at the dentist or a traffic ticket. But when you’re the culprit in the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a short-term loan comes in handy — in spades. Oil giant BP is
President Obama photographed with Mexican President Felipe Calderon during a 2009 visit to New Mexico. Obama is hoping immigration reform won't be thrown onto the back burner again.

President Obama wants immigration reform now

Now that the dust has begun to settle on the Arizona immigration law, President Obama doesn’t want immigration issues to be swept into a corner because some Republicans lack the will to take action. The Associated Press reports that in a recent speech at American University, President Obama called the immigration stance of 11 Republican
Health care

Healthcare.gov launches insurance solution finder

As a part of the changes mandated by the new health insurance reform bill, healthcare.gov launched today. The healthcare.gov site is a search engine and advice website that focuses on health insurance options of everyone in the country. The website will help individuals save money, but even more so in the next few years. The