A portrait of Senator Robert Byrd

Carte Goodwin Senate appointment unlocks unemployment extension

Carte Goodwin, an aide to West Virgina governor Joe Manchin, was appointed by Manchin to fill the seat left vacant by the June 28 death of Democratic Senator Robert Byrd. Unemployed Americans whose benefits have expired will have a new hero in Goodwin. As Byrd’s successor, he is expected to provide the vote that finally
Alex Jones

The Obama Deception: Follow the money — both ways

A 2009 film by talk-show host and director Alex Jones, “The Obama Deception,” is a two-hour DVD that has recently been re-released on YouTube. “The Obama Deception” claims to track the lies within the U.S. Government and plans of the “New World Order.” Some have called “The Obama Deception” a movie of ultimate truth, and
Man in a long-sleeved blue shirt smiling.

Online payday loans in the middle of nowhere

Online payday loans made my short-term money troubles go extinct. In this unpredictable journey called “my life,” I am constantly being thrown unexpected financial curve balls. When I decided to take my younger brother on a road trip to see the Dinosaur National Monument in our home state of Colorado, we ended up needing a

Senate Ethics Committee investigates VIP loans

Several Washington D.C. lawmakers have been caught up in an ethics investigation over VIP cash loans given to their staffs. These “VIP” or “sweetheart” loans were all made by Countrywide, which was recently purchased by Bank of America. These VIP cash advances may end up causing ethical or legal problems for a few senators. Countrywide’s